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    One day I found myself wondering,what would it be like to try and narrate everything in the D2 universe I suppose. Since there's a lack of pretty effects and casting spells is done by swinging thier arms forward. Maybe I could just for shiz and giggles recreate the story to give the plot a bit of life. I has no idea how well I did,but maybe someone will enjoy this.

    The hero of Tristram
    Storm Clouds billowed over the terror stricken city of Tristram. Its people had lost all hope in the wake of the reawakened evils of old. Their cattle,horses, and other various livestock were restlessly violent and the neighboring kingdom of WestMarch has Quarantined its people.In the center of the settlement stood a towering symbol of hope;the Zakirum Church. Now this Gothic structure of light stood menacingly over the distressed people, doused with the blood a legion of newborns. The statues of Archangels that once brought these people peace now were warped beyond recognition.This once vibrant settlement of trade was engulfed by a boundless shadow.

    Just when all hope was lost, one lone paladin marched fearlessly into Tristram. The flood of evergrowing evil broke upon him like rushing water as he dispatched the butcher and Harpie Queen. On the sixth day,of the sixth month, and in the sixth hour; this champion marched towards the source of the evil. Although his presence had brought hope back to the afflicted peoples, there was no children playing merrily in the streets, no bakers producing bread,and no smithy left working in their shops. Few people acknowledged his presence and even fewer stood by his side as he marched across the stone roads.

    The door to the catacombs was his destination, one that had claimed many lives in its construction. This normal looking door gave off a presence of unfathomable evil. A normal bystander would collapse and a trained warrior would feel their chest start to implode upon itself. This passage way could kill an unsuspecting victim within minutes if they were left unattended.
    Decard cain: Are you sure that you want to venture into the abyss?
    Hero: Aye, I will weather any evil to release these peoples from the grasp of Diablo.
    Decard cain: You must know that you can still leave young squire, you will be needed elsewhere after we fall.
    Hero: Do not fret kind sage. You of all people must know that this evil will escape these borders and cause unfathomable horrors. I must go.
    Decard cain: May the light be with you.

    The Elderly sage was flanked by two priests of the Zakirum Church. They held their palms out while muttering an incomprehensible tongue;one that had died long ago. A pale crimson aura pervaded their palms while intricate patterns of runes illuminated a seemingly normal door. As if they were possessed by the very demons they sought to quell,each man planted their palm on a specific pattern with unholy speed and dexterity. What you must know is that magic created by the Vizjerei are based in an ancient language. These inscriptions are passed on from generation to generation using a universal set of 100 runes. Each is distorted to cause confusion and each pattern must be inscribed with intricate rituals. Should the caster fail to time their actions just right, the whole spell could fail,but not all seals are complicated. Some are simple locks while others require the combined effort of many to unlock;this is to ensure the safety of a palace's main gate.

    After an exasperated cough, Decard warned the young paladin one last time.

    Decard cain: Once you step forth into the belly of the beast, there's no turning back.
    Me: Aye.
    Without any warning, a familiar voice broke the solemn atmosphere.
    Emilia: Where do you think you're going?

    There stood a ranger whose legendary acts of bravery are known throughout the world. Her clothing exhibits the wear and tear if a warrior,but the seductive nature of her feminine curves were not unabated.Her hair was up in its usual loose bun and her eyes exuded an unwavering confidence that could quell your deepest fears. I was lucky to have her as a companion because it was a paladin's job to support the group,but there was no one to support him I suppose.With little more than a nod, the trio of spell casters opened the way for the two brave duo.
    The very air we breathed was tainted by the stench of death. In this narrow corridor leading into a vast underground burial ground, one could see skeletons of the deceased built into the very structure. The sense of terror was progressively growing in strength,but this only served as a guide for the duo. If they followed the impulse to run,they could avoid getting lost in the vast underground labyrinth.

    Upon reaching the first of many open areas, one could see dim light produced by torches scantly illuminating the dome passageway. As the duo ventured ever further, one could hear the scurrying of an demon. They were surprised that they were being let off relatively easy,but I suppose they knew there was no point.Their master was waiting to skewer us himself,but their luck would not hold out for long. The very demons who follow Diablo had once banished him from hell in Rebellion,but many still showed reverence to the abomination.

    There was a ripping sound and the pitter patter of shifting feet. In the dim light, one could see the a pack of feral ghouls tugging their hapless victim. The ghouls stood hunched over,most were no taller than a child. Each was armed with a a variety of close quarter combat weapons such as maces,axes,and pikes. There were visible cavities showing through their torn attire; revealing tainted organs,bones, and their flesh. Their jaws had a protruding underbite, one that was aligned with the teeth of a wolf. Their eyes were glazed over with a crimson red iris and hair was wildly long.

    Gorthanc the Impaler: Lord Diablo foretold of your arrival young paladin.
    Hero: Let me pass you goblin, we both know you have no business with us.
    Gorthanc the Impaler: My my,such an irritable tone from one who should never lose their cool. Where are my manners young squire, did you want a bite of what do you feeble people call it;Dinner?
    The leader signaled the pack to throw the corpse forward in an sadistic,but sarcastic fashion.
    Hero:Now you stoop to mockery?
    Gorthanc the Impaler: I admire your ability to hold your tongue boy, many would have added how vile or twisted I was. However, I cannot let you pass.

    With that, his horde rushed without warming, with their constant prattling. They thrusted their weapons recklessly at the duo,but the paladin was prepared. He muttered one word," Conviction". In that moment, a blinding light escape the solider, one that was alluring and menacing at once. To his enemies, they would lose their sight momentarily;while his allies got a glimpse at a shining warrior.

    Hero: Well don't just stand there, fight!

    With blinding speed and unmatched precision,the duo dispatched the horde of underlings. Their swords cut into their bodies with such fluidity,that you could scarcely hear the crunch of the bones.As they neared Gorthanc, he muttered an ancient tongue of necromancy. If you don't know what necromancy is, it is often synonymous with the torturing the souls of the deceased. In this case, a demon was creating an infinite loop by resurrecting the same tortured souls; each time decaying the soul's integrity even further.

    Without a single word, the ranger dealed with the beasts. Constantly bringing them down with a flurry of swift acrobatic movements. Meanwhile, the paladin exchanged blows with the master. As the paladin swung his blade, Gorthanc parried him using his staff and slashing with his nimble tulwar. The young paladin would immediately use his steel plated targe. There was a pattern that our hero quickly sniffed out as the two continued to exchange blows,so he exploited this weakness. Gorthanc parried the sword,but the paladin uttered a short incantation," I am the vindicator of light,a fortress of good,and the embodiment of all that is righteous. Hear my cry Tyreal and grant me strength!" His targe took a uniform shape that struck fear into the hearts of their enemies; an elongated cross took shape over the shield. Its top became sloped and everything within the domain of the shield became devoid of matter. With this, the tulwar slipped into the Holy shield while the thrust of the shield continued forward to crack the head of the ghoul.

    Not only did the light from the shield burn with the ferocity of the sun,but paladins are known for having unmatched strength. Not even the elite guard of hell would exchange blows with a paladin in a fair fight.

    Gorthanc coughed once before he realized his demise was imminent.
    Gorthanc the Impaler: Do you real think you can..stop Lord Diablo?
    Hero: Without a doubt.

    As the duo made their way to the final chamber,the sinister impulse to kill end thy self grew with every step. They were without a doubt on a collision course with death,but not before they dealt with the remnants of the Harpie Queen's army. The harpie was a succubus of sorts, a demon that evoked an inexorable lust within the afflicted. Should the victim manage to overcome it,they would be subject to their sinister tactics that specifically targeted spell casters. This is because a trained warrior,sorcerer, and priest could overcome the lust,but this ability diminishes greatly with fatigue.

    Harpie general: What's wrong handsome?
    Hero: We didn't come to play you wretched demon. Let us pass or suffer the consequences of your master.
    Harpie: What master foolish mortal? You killed her a fortnight ago, now we are simply here as mercenaries. Diablo has promised all the human slaves we could ever want in exchange for our allegiance. It's not our fault that he is in such a decrepit state.
    Something happened expectantly at that moment. One of the harpies started to twist and contort, pleading for help before her voice changed.The reason for this was simple,Diablo was using her as an intermediary.
    Diablo: Do not mock me you wretched wenches. Whether or not you have sworn your allegiance to me, your pitiful rag tag army of demons stand no chance against me.
    Harpie General: Please forgive me Lord Diablo, I will let them through!

    With that, the duo finally crossed into the corridor leading to the Lord of Terror himself. The corridor's temperature dropped dramatically. The walls resembled an ocean of ghouls who billowed as one being. The impulse to end thy self was so tempting that even Emilia's confidence faded as they stepped into the chamber of Diablo.

    The chamber it self was a plateau that was surrounded by a pool of blood. One that was rather fresh, swarming with insects and the occasional limb or bit of flesh. The Ceiling towered over the room which allowed for the piling of corpses.

    Hero: Emilia! are you alright?
    Emilia: Don't worry about me, I will be fine.

    The truth of the matter is, she wasn't going to be alright. Her heart rate was failing,he breathing was labored, and her eyes began to glaze over involuntarily. So the hero placed Seraph's Hym around in her grasp. The amulet was passed down from his family's bloodline for generations,perhaps even centuries. It's very touch brought the woman back from the brink,but it only gave her the strength to lie there helplessly.

    Emilia: What about you?
    Hero: What about me my dear?
    Emilia: Don't play the fool with me you heathen!

    With little more than a kiss to the forehead, the paladin stood up and ignored his beloved's words. The strain on his body was great indeed, his muscles began to buckle under. The impulse to die was great,but with one swift slash of his sword;he overcame it.

    Hero: You won't break me you demon!

    Unfortunately for those who are possessed by Diablo, none ever live to tell the tale. There stood a shell of the former king Leoric, began to twist and contort. Whenever one is possess by the lord of terror,they slowly are purged while Diablo gains their strength,as if he were a sponge of sorts. The decrepit man hunched over as spikes began to jut from the elderly man's back. After a brief light, their stood a bipedal reptile whose scales shined into in the dim light. His mouth lined with razor sharp teeth and his body was widely built. The very ground where the beast stood became took the semblance his various victims.

    The young paladin began to bridge the gap of the two when when the sound of that incomprehensible tongue began to fill the room. Runes began to materialize around the demons forearms with unmatched speed. There was no way that even an army of sorcerers could conjure this much,which explained the Prime Evil's power. They never uttered their own spells which allowed them to fight hands free.

    At the climax of the sequence, he recognized the elemental rune for lightning appear before vanishing once more into a sea of patterns. The young paladin stood his ground to utter the appropriate incantation for "Resistance to Lightning",which caused an aura to engulf the two warriors.

    From the Beast's arms came a deceptive crimson lightning. As it clashed with the warrior of light, it broke upon him like water to the towering dam. Yet, he felt himself being shoved by the attack.The pressure exhibited by the stream of lightning caused the warrior's arms feel as if his very body was going to break. Yet it was not over because he had one last trump card," I call to thee Tyreal,grant me the strength of the elements themselves. Take what you will,but allowed me to harness the power of lightning,ice,and fire!". It is an unfortunate side effect of the Paladin's arsenal,that he should have to sacrifice his life force to attack. Ancient lore has it, that the very Archangel who granted the Church great power designated them to be guardians. The last thing a warrior of justice, a force for good, and vindicator of all that is holy should ever do was abuse their power.

    As a result, the young paladin coughed up blood that stained the sword, an action that almost seemed to be manipulated by others. Nonetheless,the blade started to exhibit the cracking of lightning, the bellowing of a great flame, and the silence of ice.

    With little more than a swing of his mighty blade,the stream of lightning fell apart and dispersed. The toll was heavy though, the cost of this power shortened the life of Tristram's hero significantly.

    Diablo was not going to give this mortal a chance to regain his bearing as he came barreling down upon him. His harms possessed an unnatural feeling that shook the very foundations of one's soul. However, the warrior was ready to parry the demons swipe while swinging his blade to cleave at the demon's other palm. The two clashed together for a few more blows,but each one felts as if it they were dealt by a thousand beings.

    However, the fight would end when the young paladin's slice tears the a cavity into the beast's gullet. However, this was merely an act of defeat that would later spell the end of Tristram. Diablo laughed once more before uttering these final words," Should you kill me; you're only sealing your fate". To an educated scholar,this was the absolute truth. No one who has ever slain this beast has lived to tell the story,but the hero had defied this notion as he decapitated the towering beast.

    All was well for the hero as he exited the dungeon as a true hero. However, there was a ticking time bomb within the unsuspecting man. One that made Decard leary.
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    I have been a long time fan of the series and found this forum while googling stuffs. xD
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    lmao if u want privacy play offline ppl make standalone games to magic find, p.s. if u get pked on a andy run...its annoying but no 1 ever really cares in 3..2...1
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    a nvidia 7600 assuming blizz is confident these graphics are good enough in a year or 2
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    hehe welcome
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    with no side quests....the game would be short
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    evil and good have no meaning in life, this notion is for children because what is percieved as evil can be percieved as good
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    vampies are ok i guess :D
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    id buy it as it is with the other 3 classes
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    summer 09, winter 08 if the gods conspire for us.... lmao
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    eh... prolly 60 for collectors and 40-50 for normal cost
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    eh.. a girl, because im a dude and im one 24/7 blahhh
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    really, id like a improved inven
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    3 months, because blizz takes it time, not too long after they announce the game.
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    woooooot, bring cain back, we need some older character to bring a familar aspect to the sequel
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