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    Been playing this game forever it feels like and every week or so I search for apps for it the are like 50 pretty ros or out of date database apps about 5 billion armory apps but what I would really like to see is a build creation app like the one on you website because let's face it your build creator isn't exactly user friendly for androids (don't let the screen go to sleep in the middle of creating cause it erases everything) I would pay at least $5-$10 for a well made app for this game that stays up to date with the game aka adds new legendary item to the list when they become live or shortly after also having a display on the item affixes and roll potential for stats would be nice so I do have to be constantly looking it up I love creating new builds even if they are not as efficient as the cookie cutter builds they can still be fun but I would like to have and app that let's do it at work while I'm slacking off or not listening to my girlfriend as she jabber on about trivial crap

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