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    Sorry for asking this as i couldn't see those details while watching the vid on my phone, but are you using a halo of arlyse ? Or have you considered it + ice armor, as your Viz pal Jaetch did ? I couldn't see what rings you equipped ...

    Still, a great alternative to TR+SS. Gotta try. What solo GR could you reach compared to your personnal best ?

    Do you know if nilfur's affix applies to each single meteor of the shower ? Which means meteor shower would be terrific against a single target ...

    A WoH is already hard to find, but an ancient one ... lol

    Edit : forgot to say : w/o frost nova you had a non CDR dependant build, which is a real change in 2.2 wizard builds. So i still believe Arlyse would be the real deal !

    I use Focus and Restraint. This isn't a solo build, but a build made for speed rifts which usually range from GR34-45.

    I don't use Halo because there really is no need for THAT much defense at the cost of THAT much offense. Especially at these "lower" levels.

    Jaetch uses the Halo ring in his solo runs GR55+.

    Each meteor "rock" gets their own individual Nilfurs bonus as far as I know. Making it extremely easy to hit the top bonus on the boots.

    Some CDR is still required for more Flash damage, more teleports and more cold snaps, however you must balance CDR with RCR as well !

    Thanks for reading.

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    As someone who does not have a lot of time to play, I rely on posts/guides like this one to make sure I am using my play time efficiently. I just wanted to say thank you to Boozer for taking the time to put this together and also to those who posted helpful comments, I really appreciate it. I was running the Woh/hoarder/gold wrap combo and this build blows that one away WRT T6 efficiency. Although, I have a hard time mentally using a 2H weapon (I do not have a furnace, so I run Maximus) over the 1H set-up it really does do a great deal more damage and I do not even have a PE gem leveled and only two slots for gems (using Zei's and Toxin until I can find a fire SOJ that is workable). Now, if Jaetch would just post a lightning Woh Guide I wouldn't have to feel bad about letting it sit in my stash....
    Very glad it has been helpful for you.

    I'm all about using my play time wisely as well and am happy to help others.
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    Imo Gloves of Worship + Hellfire Amulet (to get Astral Presence) > Cindercoat + any other Amulet

    Play for a longer periot of time and you will see 2-6 shrines active all the time when clearing T6 Rifts in around 4 minutes

    Cindercoat is very hard to replace and Astral Presence isn't going to be the answer. Flat regeneration of AP/second is second to spell reduction.

    As well don't forget you will be losing 20% fire from the cindercoat, and shrines require RNG. Cool down and Speed shrine will definately be sexy with the GoW, but i'm talking about reliable front damage from start to finish. I did give GoW and illusory boots a mention in the thread as options, but not what i would deem the best.

    So factoring in GoW RNG for shrines and the AP requirements of blizzard spamming, its not just not as reliable.

    4 mins is VERY average. Sub 3mins is usually the norm if this build is looking to get to the RG and close rift.

    Thanks for the discussion, just my opinions and reasonings.
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