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    Does anyone even give a shit about these forums anymore?

    It honestly feels like 90% bot posts and advertisements most of the time.

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    Maybe you should just stop playing then.

    It's kind of an obvious reply, but why should the people who still find any sort of enjoyment out of the game, even though it does not mirror your level of enthusiasm, go without?

    My question to you: Are you still playing the game? If so, maybe it's time to stop. I ask because just looking at your armory, you only have 298 paragon levels combined across your account - add in the 600 you earned on console in your signature and that would you at just under 700 paragon levels. That's average. From the way you explain it, you sound like a hardened vet with multiple thousands of paragon levels who is just burnt out. Maybe this just isn't the game for you, and that's fine - but don't try to ruin the experience for others.

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    Someones feelings got hurt really bad.

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    Quote from shaggy
    They had to do it. RoRG + Seasons => frustration.

    Sure some people enjoy farming RoRG, but getting shoehorned into doing it once per character per season just wasn't a winning formula with the current drop rates. I'm not a big fan of the huge drop rates, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a necessary evil as the alternative is significantly worse. On the upside it makes attaining certain items (Illusory Boots, I am looking squarely at you) much more reasonable... and that's a good thing.

    5 T6 caches, 5 legendaries so far
    I agree with you fully. I think that given the (now) old style of RoRG farming, it was very poorly thought out. That ring is a mandatory item for the majority of classes and builds, having it be so highly left up to being so very random from one specific thing is crazy. I haven't farmed as many bounties as others, but I believe I have farmed about 500-550 bounties now (between 100-110 caches so far) and have not seen a ring drop.
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