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    posted a message on No changes to Roalnd in 2.1.1 makes me a sad Crusader :(
    Okay, HOW IN THE WORLD can people actually believe that you can clear GR 30+ solo with roland set without dying AND getting extremely Lucky AND using unity.

    Roland set is like... Really really really really (emphasis moar?) bad. It sadden me, but this is a fact.

    I honestly hopped that I could play a melee crusader crusader with this set, but oh well.
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    posted a message on Done with Season 1
    Hey there, I'm not a HardCore fanatic, but when you look at the hardcore ladder, you can see all the melee class at gr35 +. Since they can't die, you could guess they manage the deadly said affix.

    If Hardcore people can do this, why can't you in softcore? Surely not the class imo :)

    edit: btw, you say the "right" class. DH is not the right class, it's the easier. The "right" thing in a game is to have fun. If you have fun when it's easy AND boring, well it's your call, but not everybody's.
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    posted a message on 2h weapons overbuffed?
    Quote from MeatHeadMikhail
    Nope, just right.

    DW provides better resource generation/higher attack speed breakpoints at the cost of damage.

    2h provides higher damage than dw at the cost of slower attack speed breakpoints/resource generation.

    1h + offhand is slightly higher sheet damage than 2h, but also lower damage range.

    It's called OPTIONS and now we have them. 2h weapons were long overdue.
    This. End of the thread^^
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    posted a message on Ladder - Top players regardless of class...
    Let's all ignore him.
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    posted a message on My dumb kid lost my DII LOD CD's.....
    I wouldn't call my son "dumb" on the internet, even considering the anonymity :(
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    posted a message on Unity to strok/rare?
    Quote from Jalatiphra
    From what i experienced : unity makes only sense if you run a glass canon build /gear setup maximizes for damageif you allready have good toughness and use a unity u will lack damage.If you have enough damage you dont need that much toughness because not as many enemies will hit you at the same time. (because more died on the way to you)

    Oh please, really? You sadden me... Go do some GR for god sake :/
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    posted a message on Being kicked for no reason is now a thing?
    More often, they are those people who kick for common reasons:

    - click pillar without nemesis

    - bad gear

    - afk

    - want a friend to join the party so kick you to make room for him

    AND other times, you get kicked mostly because they are jealous / anvious / pissed by the fact that you don't need them:

    - you go your separateway

    - you often go without the group in a random direction

    - you often pull lot of elite / gobelin without the group

    To me, it seems thatyou are in the second category of kicked players.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Rant
    Chadwx : DH 2 hands ----> OK. Crusader 2 hands -----> OK. WD, Sorcerer, Barb, Monk -----> Not ok. Try to play other class, thanks.

    Back to the topic; SerinMaximus, I can see what you're trying to say, and you are not the only one thinking that there is too much wrongs things with this damn good game.

    But what is missing in your post is "example".
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    posted a message on Couldn't upgrade Keystone with time remaining
    Dunno, I also wanted to know if the timer continued running when the boss fight starts.
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    posted a message on Elite Affixes Types and Damage Reduction Mechanics
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    posted a message on Shadow's Mantle 4pc set power redesigned. Reactions?
    IT should do both : last forever AND enable all runes.
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    posted a message on 6 pc Mara - Krider vs anything else
    On live: Krider shot (very) bad.

    On PTR: krider very good if played with an Ice spec.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.1 - Demon Hunter Marauder’s Cold Sentry Build (Video)
    I backup TrueColdkil on this, it's exactly what I thought.

    You do a lot of videos, wich are mostly goods, you explain things, show things, it's great (thumbs up btw). But on this one, the build you showed us is a bit "lacking". Since TrueColdkil already said what matter, I won't repeat^^

    To me, this cold 6p mara build you displayed is not good. But eh, doesn't matter, keep up the good work you did in your other videos.
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    posted a message on about the enchanting optimization
    If you are asking for advice about enchanting:

    On weapon, get some with %dmg increase (you can craft from blacksmith).

    On your waist, you should have gotten rid of the attack speed, with mara, it's not the priority. %elite dmg is good, but you should have défensives stat on your waist if you want to play T6 in group effectivly (ear string is good if you don't have harrington or don't want to play with it).

    Bracers are OK, but since it's craft, you should try to get perfect rolled stat.

    TnT is great, too bad you can't have %critdam on it :/ You have to stay with crit chance IMO.

    Your amulet... On an amulet, you want to have Crit AND CritDmg at LEAST. After that, you can look for %eledmg. You can find a better yellow amulet easily.

    the other enchanting are OK IMO, you just have to drop gear with better stat.
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    posted a message on Proposal to reintroduce trading
    Ok I can see the whole picture now.

    I'd say the ideaOK. It's OK but at the same time it feels weird no? Being able to trade, but for just 10 exceptional times.

    We can't say it's reintroducing trading as it was before(except that with time, like everytime, people will start to complain about the small amount of TradingPoint). Moreover, it will be a little "delicate" to decide when and why spent your points.

    What I'm trying to say is that IMO it's not game harming, but it feels clunky and with time, this feature is (almost) bound to degenerate.

    And concerning the actual bots, it won't change that much, just help them a little more.


    Unfortunately, I don't have statistical number of botters to make such a bold statement that you've made but I believe players imo would be remotivated back into playing and improving their existing collection.

    I played World of Warcraft PvE in a competitive environment. I think you can say I've encountered and played with a lot of people, who always tries to get the best. I can say that a lot ofpeople I played with used Bot in Wow AND Diablo. And the ones who continued to RoS still use them.

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're getting at with a paraphrased quote.

    emphasis my friend, emphasis.
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