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    #1 You're looking for the other games subforum.

    #2 If you read the link at the top of every page (Forum Guidelines), it mentions:

    Videos and Streams

    If you want your stream to be added to the Streams section, post in this thread. Do not create a thread to advertise your stream or attempt to advertise your stream otherwise - we will delete such threads/posts without a notification.

    If you have created a video about any Diablo 3 content, be it a class guide, footage of you killing monsters, or a discussion about the game's features, feel free to post this on our forums. However, please note the following rules:
    • A user is allowed to post a video, only if the video is used to to start up a topic with a meaningful and constructive discussion.
    • The post that contains the video must have all the important information in text form as well, such that members who can't watch the video can participate in the discussion as well. In particular, if you're showcasing a new build, make sure to post a link to your build (for example by using our Build tool or the official build calculator).
    • The video and its contents must be in line with the forum rules as well as Blizzard's Terms of Service.
    Video threads that we feel are just about advertising your channel and do not provide basis for a constructive and meaningful discussion will be deleted without a notification.

    Your video had nothing to do w/ D3, didn't include any info in text form, and as such did not constitute a meaningful post.

    So no, you're not in the right.

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