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    posted a message on Need Help to reach next IAS BP ( 2.84 )
    I think the easiest way to go for the next breakpoint would be to go with a 2H bow. It is currently the most used weapon for DH imo, since it is easy to get the 2.84 breakpoint without having to stack as everywhere. Hitting that breakpoint is worth it for sure.

    Currently, more and more people are evolving to the the lightning build, where you even go for the 4.15 breakpoint.

    Only reason i think people would use a crossbow, is if they play in groups with a WD. As Shapookya pointed out, you need 33% more than you have now. Getting 20% from the WD (with starmetal=perma big bad voodoo), 7 from WH and a bit from paragon or lacuni's, they hit the breakpoint with this slow weapon=more damage output. For solo/non perma big bad voodoo, I personally would go for a bow (etrayu being best for cold build).
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    posted a message on Hackers on D3
    Quote from Filth ...

    Quote from Drgreenthump

    I think their official stance was it's fine as long as you don't use 3rd party programs to do it with.
    You need, by definition, a 3rd party program to do it.
    Yes, just as windows/MacOS are 3rd party tools, with the function to start the game, send mouse and keyboard input to it, and display the result on screen (and a lot more, but you get the point). Multiboxing software actually does nothing else than what your computre already does.
    As a side note: I bought 4 accounts and multiboxing software cause I was hoping to gear up my char way faster in season, gave up at paragon 25 while my friends were close to 100 and way better geared in the same time played. Multiboxing=gearing up 4 chars, very hard to keep them synced and walk around, and not efficient at all cause you can't use "point and attack" skills because the sync issue they have (this changes with M6 set, full zuni set, ...).
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    posted a message on RIP Turbohud, creator called it quits.
    Not sure what THUD exactly does, but any kind of 3rd party tool is there to give you advantage over others. With maphacks you might be able to farm normal rifts a bit faster, getting better items faster, maybe finding keywardens for a GG hellfire amulet faster, ...

    And because you are not on the leaderboard NOW does not mean you will never be there. Also, it's not because you are not abusing it/not on the leaderboard, that those guys on the leaderboard did not abuse it, maybe preventing ME to get there in a legit way (not claiming anyone did, just wanting to point out that using a "illegal" program might affect me, even though not every use will affect me).

    So to turn it around: THUD is NOT allowed by blizzard, THUD CAN give you an advantage, show me proove I am in no way affected by ANY use of THUD before you claim it should be around cause your usage does not affect me. In the end, it is NOT allowed at the moment, and you want to use it, so bring your arguments please.

    No disrespect, and I would love to have more tools myself, but that's how the game is atm, take it or leave it.
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    Quote from ruksak

    People are robbing themselves of a great ARPG experience when they bend to stubbornness and refuse to understand the dynamic that BoA adds to this game.

    The skill in D3 comes in when you make the best out of what you DO find, an aspect all but lost to the many whiners who only see one way of playing an ARPG.
    I think that's the main difference. I never played D1 or D2, and I "spacebar" every single line of story in D3. For me, this is not ARPG, it's pure hack and slash! And I want to hack as hard as possible. And then I realize i have to farm for long time to be able to do so. True, there are dynamics that BoA adds, but I couldn't care less.
    I bought this game cause I could smash them monsters (or whatever they are according to the storyline) hard and fast, not anymore.
    So basically, they took the game that I bought and enjoyed (with many other people) and turned it into something a completely different group (that often downvoted the game) will like.

    Quote fromUnseeneel
    Blizzard just need to get rid of the last gold selling methods in the game then we are rid of all these pesky bots

    You really believe that? With real competition being added to the game and no way to get your items other than "playing", I bet many people will start botting. Chance of being banned? Meh, just buy the game again when next season starts, you wont loose anything. Just my 2 cents.
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    posted a message on Why do people defend BOA?
    I think the new system (no trading) is bad for the game:

    - You can't try out a new build without the right items. In the past I would go on AH and try some builds (even if I would do it on mp5 or so, just to try out skill combinations with gear, think WW or CM wiz where the amounts of crit were same for MP1 or MP10 to make the build work). This would make me play longer and have more fun.
    - If we got bored, we did competitions in our "clan", like "build an MP10 set from ah, including gems, in 24 hours" or stuff. I really miss that kinda joking around now. (again more play time)
    - The smart loot made it so that you should only play 1 class, cause you wouldn't have any good gear for other classes (by now droprates are so silly people even throw away set items in public games). IMO smart drops made it so that "everything" is good. So again less replayability. In the past you could farm for gold at least to get that perfect rolled item, now you get forgotten souls. Again less play time.
    - In current times, 1 of the best ways to promote a game, is by having people stream it. Ever since you can not trade anymore, nobody really checks out D3 streams. Total viewer count for D3 now is way lower than it ever was for only the top stream in vanilla. People want to get good items, set builds, gearchecks, ... BOA killed "the community".
    - Why should there be BOA? In the current state, there is no way of competition (greater rifts will be coming, but mainly seasons will count with a reset every so much time).

    For me (3000+ hours play time, way more game time cause of AH) BOA made the game less fun. Grinding for hours to see a green beam, ID'ing it, seeing 3 red numbers and salvage it, while my friend could have used it, or i could have gotten gold for a real upgrade.

    And all this because of people complaining about a game without ranking/competition being pay to win.

    Sorry for my rant, and I must confirm, having my first wand of woh drop today felt good. Not sure if that makes up for the sad feeling about all the rest.
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    posted a message on Can someone explain this?
    What is there to explain? There is the normal and the set one:
    Anyway, in 2.1 it will be renamed to helltooth something.
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    posted a message on Pet Doc trying to push T5 solo

    Gratz on the tasker, best gloves for pet build indeed, and a pet build is strong. May i ask what you rerolled for the crit chance?

    Looking at your gear makes me think you invest in life on hit. The main issue with that is you loose so many stats (it will probably chance in 2.1 with the buffs).

    If you want to push to t5/6, you got to increase your toughness. Since you're not going for fetish army, I would drop the cooldown for now.

    To make it more concrete: roll the cooldown on shoulders into armor or life% (or craft new: int/vit/all res/armor would be my pick for now). Try to gamble new helm, 78% is low, and you're missing crit chance on there. Amulet: no elemental damage (go physical for the passive fetishes), no int. Can do with an easy upgrade. Farm act1 bounties, the amulets there are pretty good. Gloves, too bad for loh, vit/all res/armor/cd would have been better, but they are hard to get, stick with them. Chest looks ok for now, armor or all res instead of life% would have been better. Bracers, again missing elemental damage. Craft new (phys%/int/vit/cc). Royal ring, reroll the loh to cd or cc (cd will give more dps). Belt: life per second, all res would have been better, but ok item. SOJ: if you put elemental dmg on amu and bracers, you can replace soj with another good ring (the socket and poison on it are not good). Tall mans finger would be best, anything with int/cc/cd and either damage (as or avg dmg) or toughness (vit/armor/all res) would be good for now (blackthorne+aughild gives enough elite dmg, really replace soj until you got a good one). Pants: reroll plague of toads into 2 sockets. Your damage comes from pets, the skill it to summon pets. Getting that extra int will help you survive and kill mobs faster. Weapon and offhand are ok I guess.

    For secondary rolls, try to stack health globe bonus and pickup radius (helps with gloves and your passive for cooldown). The frog gives 20 but you might wanna swap that out at some point. Other good secondaries: melee dmg reduction, range dmg reduction, life after kill, and as many different kinds of secondary resist.

    Hope this helps you, good luck on rerolling, crafting and happy farming :)


    PS: This is just my opinion on the rolls, they are a basic guideline to get you started, and are in no way suggesting anything "best build".
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