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    posted a message on Against Paragon and stats increase.
    Quote from mechinal»

    A very easy fix to the leader board, tier the paragon at so many levels like 100, that gives everyone a chance at getting the number one slot, instead of pitting someone with say 200 paragon against someone thats 1200 which we all know the outcome of that.

    Sure very easy fix... until you go from 199 to 200, and loose your rank because you are now at the bottom of your range instead of the top... Resulting in people having to stop playing at some point to keep their rank.
    Also, the person that can get the highest paragon 100 rank will become number 1 by default in his paragon range, removing the leaderboard competition for the most active players, focussing even more on the pure paragon grind?
    Giving everyone his own leaderboard (people hit paragon 2000 or so, with a board every 100 paragons, that's 21 per class, good for 126 leaderboards!) is not a solution...
    Would also work great in party setups... Based on highest paragon? Or lowest? Average? Or a million "leaderboards" for every combination?
    So while it might seem easy to do it this way, there are so many issues with it that there should be another better solution.
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    posted a message on Diablo III - Battle Chest
    Quote from soulzek»

    It's cute that you think this game has a future. Just uninstall it and move on.

    It's cute you don't think that but still visit the forums and waste time replying...
    Just uninstall and move on yourself, we'll enjoy the game if we want to.
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    posted a message on An Expansion Developed b Players

    With D3 being online only (on PC, I think on console modding would be even harder because of their copy protection) and any addon/mod/macro being "illegal" (so never supported by blizzard, accounts will even get banned), people would have to write a server first that's compatible with the current (and upcoming) official D3, before being able to make their own xpac.

    Apart from the huge amount of time it takes (there is no official info, everything has to be reversed engineered), having a server available online that is compatible with D3 will result in lawsuits (look at what they do with wow servers). Running a local server wouldn't work either, since it will make any social aspect (grifts, public parties, trading if it would be implemented, ...) obsolete.

    So, the best solution would be to rewrite everything from scratch, without any of the official art or story (copyright again). And while doing that, why reproduce an old engine and the imbalanced mess D3 is, without any official link to the game, only to fix and expand it, if you can just make a new game from scratch without having to worry about anything?

    Last point, blizzard is already working on something in the diablo universe (according to the job postings at least). I'm pretty sure, if your suggestion would ever be started, blizzard will be faster with the next diablo game. They have the money, experience, people (like the art team that's shared between projects), probably a huge part of the story (since there was a 2nd xpac planned, they must have had a big part of the story in mind when they made ROS), a huge codebase they can reuse from and update, ...

    I don't see any way this could ever get launched, survive for a week and be better than what blizzard will come with.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    When there is more diablo content in the HotS preview than the Diablo interview...

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    posted a message on We need a fix for leveling up gems - leveling 16 gems per character to level 70+ is a pain especially for multiple characters!
    Quote from prrovoss»

    removing grift keys would eventually make normal rifts useless and nobody would do them anymore.

    Deaths breath would still remain a thing.
    And hoping they spend their time on giving love to everything but grifts. Currently you only do grifts, unless you NEED some material, like keys, death breath or the bounty mats to cube. Every minute you spend outside the grifts is a wasted minute.
    So, removing grift keys and at the same time make grifts less mandatory, even worthless, would solve a lot. Grift only got implemented to "push your hero to the limit"...
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    posted a message on We need a fix for leveling up gems - leveling 16 gems per character to level 70+ is a pain especially for multiple characters!

    Augments don't FEEL like something to keep us occupied, they ARE to keep us occupied.

    People were complaining they couldn't upgrade their main gems anymore (after doing them 1% upgrades), and there was no use to upgrade the others. So... they gave the others a use.

    And they did so in a smart way: everyone gets stronger, in a linear way (people that play a lot get higher augments, but they also had more paragon and better gear, so they increase their power with the same %), more "casual" players will use lower level gems as their "end" augment without the real need to upgrade as many gems as often, while the "hardcore players" will go through multiple sets and augment their items multiple times. This way, the balance between casual and hardcore players remains the same (it is a grinding game, someone playing 1 hour per day should not be as powerful as someone playing 12+ hours per day), and everyone will have to put relatively the same effort to keep that balance.

    Also, people do not leave the game because they have to upgrade gems again after augmenting an item, since playing the game means upgrading them anyway. However, making it easier/faster to upgrade them, even if only a few levels, will make leave some people sooner, since "there is nothing left to do". So, changing the process would hurt the player base, not increase it.

    Lastly, if it would get changed, it would need to be tweaked every season, because of the powercreep. I see suggestions now to speedlevel to 50 since we run 70-80 solo, so still a lot to upgrade. Well, on PTR, people are running 90+, so the speedlevel would have to be set to 60. Now what if there is a build after the patch that makes us jump a lot higher (I don't think last seasons static charge monk or this seasons twister wizard were planned, looking at how they get nerfed/destroyed in the next patch), do we change the number again mid season? Else people will complain again they need 50+ upgrades... And a core game mechanic (which this would be) that changes every season, is just bad. Imagine if they suddenly say "because of high paragon and augments, every point of mainstat only increases your damage by 0.5% instead of 1%", and the next season 0.4% because we have more again...

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    posted a message on Set Paragon Req when joining public grifts

    I think I'd rather run grift with a P200 player that has the right setup, than a random P1000+ group with a random setup. Imagine 4 P2000 support barbs... Or twister wiz.

    I know you would remake those, but you can do the same when someone is P200 and you don't want to run with them.

    Or you can join a clan and communities, and look for a group.

    Being able to put a paragon cap would solve nothing. Public grifts would still be bad.

    And the worst thing is, people using this will probably be the weakest link. Like you often see "Looking for group. P941+" The strange number is because that's their paragon, and they don't want anyone with less than them... Forgetting the 3 other will have to deal with that now.

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    posted a message on Legendary Gems Idea (leveling and stash space)

    And then it conflicts with the caldesann thing...

    I got multiple sets of gems (like every gem 4 times or so) at different levels, upgrading them depending on the group/difficulty I play. I do need multiple sets as well, since I'm playing multiple classes, and multiple setups with them (monk dps and support, wiz, wd dps and support, sader, was planning to spend time on DH but I'm afraid it's not gonna happen, who knows).

    When the gems would show up 1 time in the cube, I could only level 1 "set" at the same time. In some groups (my IRL friends are undergeared, we can run 70-75, upgrading my 50-70 and new gems in those groups), I would not be able to upgrade anything. Same goes for my solo pushes (81 on my sader, monk and wiz atm). Because my gems would be 90+ from my XP runs in 90-100.

    On top of that, how would the game handle the use of a gem for caldesann? If I have gem X equiped in my sader, but try to use it on my wiz his item, would it check this, or just use it, or make it easy for me and use it but still keep it on the sader? And can I "lock" a gem? When trying a new gem now, I keep the old in the inventory of that char. This could get destroyed because it's not in use.

    Last point, stash space will always be an issue. The suggested way, you get like half a stash space more than we have now. However, we gained 2 extra stash spaces this season, and 1 when ROS launched. And we will gain 1 more every season. Nobody ever thinks we have enough of them, we keep asking more. Having that half free stash tab is not going to change anything...

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    posted a message on Screen lag issues.

    Try to set your power options to performance. It might be D3 running on your intel graphics instead of your dedicated graphics card, because it's not correctly detected to need the power.

    (removed a part about amd drivers since you have an nvidia card lol)

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    posted a message on Way to encourage build diversity?

    I don't think this would open up any new builds, and would only make things worse.

    If you look at the builds, they are all around 1 damage skill. All other skills are to survive, boost damage, move faster, worst case generate resources. No build is running 2 skills just for damage.

    You points:

    1) While it might be boring, it is less boring than turning it into "just a multiplier". It also makes it a bit harder to gear, since your bracers and amulet need (name your damage type) instead of (all damage increased by x%).

    2) Decisions are what makes a good build. Again, you build around 1 skill, that's the element you will use. While the fire version of a skill is (often) the highest damage%, other skills or runes can be better. In the end, nobody forces you to do less damage, you just need the gear for it.

    3) Again, only 1 skill matters, at least in 99% of the builds. The other skills you pick for their function, not damage. Their damage is also so low (because of set and other buffs to your damage skill) that you can ignore it in your damage calculations, the elements doesn't matter (unless to proc something, but that's how you pick your support skills).

    The fixed element on runes also gives the option for scaling. As I said before, fire generally has the highest damage rune. Cold often has the lowest damage%, but it does slow (procing trapped gem), and can do other stuff, like freeze with frostburn and enable cold blooded passive on a wiz. This is a big damage boost overall and crowd control (=survivability) you gain, for giving up a bit of damage. When you can pick any rune and turn it into any element, people just run the highest damage and get the advantage from the element.

    More examples? Wizard lightning+paralysis. While not used, it is a theme, and the control effect "costs" some damage. Conflagration and temporal flux, all themed around the element, damage or control. And these are just the wizard passives.

    So, letting us pick the element on a skill would not give build diversity. It would only slightly increase the damage, since all support skills will benefit from the elemental bonus. And it would remove some tradeoffs between control and damage, remove the flavor of skills (to stay on magic missile: turning "glacial spike" into a fire skill would be so wrong), and make the gearing a bit easier again.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Ranking Site - DiabloScan

    Site looks nice and clean. However, I suggest the following:

    - Change the name on the main screen to represent battletag (name#number instead of name-number).

    - Add region next to player on the main site, easier to get an overview.

    - You have a graph with records for each day, and you also track the gear/skills/cube. Would be nice if we could click on any day in the graph and see the setup for that run.

    - You don't show gems equipped. Would be nice to see at least the legendary gems, and preferable to see the others.

    - Add the clan somewhere. Maybe even on the mainpage, so you can see if they are part of a "top clan" or not. While at this, make the clan name clickable and show all highest rankings for a certain clan. And you can even show what clan someone was in on what rank, so we can see if they got recruited because of their performance.

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    posted a message on Terminated Game are we down?
    Quote from chantal7»

    Is this why the game is super laggy today??? The botters, or whatever is going on?

    The botters should never be the reason for lag. While I do not approve on their actions, if the servers lag because botters are back, it blizzard being cheap and not providing the server capacity needed according to the number of licenses they sold.

    It's weird to me how everyone keeps talking about botting, while we clearly have a bigger issue. Last week, "warden" got an update, and the 2 biggest (that I heard about) bots went down. In those days, even on prime time, I did not have lag. It looks like the bots are up again (and the panic about bans have go down), and we have lag and disconnects again.
    So to me, this shows the lag issues are not related to "too many calculations", but to "not enough servers for the active accounts".

    For me, it doesn't matter if the server is busy doing calculations for a legit player or a bot, it matters if it's lagging for me or not!

    Why did nobody write an open letter to blizzard about the servers being completely stable when a huge part of the active accounts go inactive, rendering the game unplayable (as this post shows) when more accounts become active? They did when "botting is ruining the game" for a few top players that make their money playing the game (able to schedule to play at night), while the game is ruined for everyone by not having enough servers.

    Banning bots would solve the issue, for a short time, until they have new accounts. Adding more servers would fix the issues permanently. But I guess the first option makes money (if they ever ban...), the second would cost money...

    Sorry for the rant, just don't get why everyone is blinded by the "botting" thing and doesn't see the bigger issue. (Both are an issues, not being able to play is worse than not being able to get leaderboard because of a bot)

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    posted a message on Ess Of Johan on follower

    Cooldown only works for the skills, not for items. You can not make EoJ trigger more often.

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    posted a message on What about a new mode of play for the anti-paragoners

    Quote from Philippos»

    Quote from yurmy»

    This isnt a new game mode, this is what D3 was like at launch. Simply allow the self-entitled everything for me type of people to login to vanilla servers.

    back when D3 was fun and not dead, yeh make it like Vanilla

    How is that fun though? That's my question to the people that want D3 to be like this.

    Why would you want LESS options for your character builds? Why would you want no reason to play after hitting level 70 and finishing campaign? Why wouldn't you want grifts?

    If the complaint is that you don't like sets because they force you to play a certain way, why would you prefer yellows? Wouldn't that essentially give you NO options to build with, forcing you to just pick the highest dps abilities with gear that essentially does nothing? Why is that more fun?

    Why would you want there to be literally NO end game after campaign? Why would you want XP to be completely useless after reaching 70?

    Is this really the ideal setup for a game like this? You play 10-20 hours on a character, get him yellows that offer the highest dps, hit 70, finish campaign and that's it? Why? Why are you opposed to MORE options and MORE things to do in endgame?

    If I could, I would play vanilla again, don't have to think about.
    Why would vanilla give you less options? There were multiple builds for every character. You can say there are multiple builds as well now, but they were a lot closer in vanilla (or there was a lot less to worry about being perfect, compared to leaderboard now).
    As for now wanting to be forced and only prefer yellows, that's something from OP I don't stand behind. In vanilla, you were looking for the best item, often being legendary or set. But, yellows could still compete. For builds like WW barb, and maybe even more for CM wiz, you had to get your "build stats" first (attackspeed and crit breakpoint for both), just to make it working. After that you would start adding damage. And CM wiz was welcome in any MP10 party, even if it didn't have damage... Once you got the build working, you could start to increase your damage. Compared to the "here's your 6 piece, the build works, now just look for a green damage number" we have today.
    You would grind with your starter gear to get better items. Even if you only collected gold at the end of a session, because of the AH, you could get a better piece (over some days). Currently, it's hard to find an upgrade after 1-2 weeks. There are only 4 primaries, compared to up to 6 in vanilla, and you can even reroll 1 of them. Legendaries drop left and right, literally out of thin air from time to time, making the progression so easy. I still remember my first legendary (in my case set item) in vanilla. Can't even remember my last now... The only progression you get after 2 weeks, is XP. And with no limit to the XP and gear so easy to get, there is literally NO OTHER endgame for 99% of the players now than in vanilla: compete against yourself, since leaderboards are only for those who can play 16+ hours per day because of paragon.
    So, I'd rather play a game where I can see progression in items, where every drop can be an upgrade, where I don't feel I've maxed out my char, where I can compete against myself and friends without being pointed to someone doing 20 levels higher than me, where I can try builds and still be allowed in parties, where guides would go into breakpoints for builds and streamers would do set builds and useful gearchecks, where people didn't hide "secret builds" to push last day of season but put them out their and make some name for themselve, where people did legendary run competitions for charity, ... Then a game that literally gives you a full set at max level, almost maxed out gear after 2 weeks, people/leaderboard forcing you into a build, the enless boring paragon grind as only form of progression, while at the same time preventing you to really compete.
    So what MORE options and MORE things to do in the endgame are you talking about? I see 1 build (per char and group setup) and grifts only. Anything else is a "waste of time", In vanilla you could pick whatever you wanted to do.
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    posted a message on Does the gem type influence the bonus when yu use it in your gear ?

    I think the question is related to caldesann's despair.

    And the legendary gem does not matter for that. You get 5 stat points per level, and the type of normal gems determine the stat you get.

    Please note that some gems cap out at 50, so don't invest in levelling those if you don't want to use them in your rings/amu.

    More tips: when you are getting low upgrade chance for your gems, "hide" some in the inventory of another char. This way, a new lvl0 gem drops and you can start upgrading that one. Once you can do higher grifts, you can continue on your levelled gems. You can also overwrite the caldesann's despair effect with a new one. If you found the perfect item you can use a low level gem, and use a high level later for more stats. The new enchant will overwrite the old, so they don't combine. Be careful since you can also use a lower level than you had used in the past. And you can add a different stat (needs gems ofcourse) than before as well (for example rings without mainstat you want to use on another class).

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