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    well, I'll make an admission

    Johnny, you make a good argument for LAN that it could be useful in situations where internet is not an option no matter what your economic status is. Though I will stick to my guns in that Diablo 3 is an impractical game for LAN, though I acknowledge your viewpoint. I just don't think Blizzard is going to change their minds on this one no matter what anyone says.
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    Quote from "Johnnyxp64" »
    Hamachi can be supported (or bring Back Direct IP so you will need no Hamachi etc) ^_^and dont worry i only suggested that to Blizzard because what they want to do is actually to FORCE YOu Buy Internet Connection, and play over there servers and watch and click their Advertisments, and maybe get also a Money per month for that!!!!

    its really Annoying to try player to use only online and not LAN!
    every game must have LAN support in our days! what about the turnaments in Internet Cafes??
    eh? are they gona Pray when the turnament take place that the Blizzard Servers will not be Down for maitench or something?

    there are gone be olts of money LOST for those companies and the game will not be Fun as Starcraft 2!

    try to remove LAN from Starcraft 2 if you dare.... no one will buy the game then! but they dare to do this with d3? why?

    we have to be Koreans to respect us???

    its Totally Wrong! Lan Must be there!

    to sum up:
    Not having Lan means:

    • No safe Tournaments anymore (internet cafes with lan are loosing money)
    • You have to Buy or Have a Fast Internet Connection (ADSL 1-2Mbps at least) and that Cost extra Money
    • You Have to make Firewall and Router configurations to "see" your friends game that is actually in the next room, and meet each other online!
    • You cant play anytime you wish cause there will be weekly server maintence the hours that you are free to play!
    • There is Always the posibility of Server LAG and Disconnection (specially the first months after realease those are very common!)
    • Due to Online Instabilities you may loose critical items or Progress/Quests done in the currect game!(even worst if the save system remain the same!)
    • If you have ISP problems and you cant get online, you can play again with your other firend next to you untill your internet problems is solved!

    • Pros:
    • Blizzard will force you to cause trafic for their servers, and ask for fee maybe later!
    • Earn more money (Blizzard) by Advertisments-Sponsors!

    #1: what moron clicks on any advertisement when they are trying to play a game?

    #2: why would there be Diablo 3 tournaments anyway? I obviously am not from Korea where game tournaments are huge but the Diablo series isn't exactly a tournament friendly game. Starcraft yes, but Diablo is sketchy.

    #3: internet cafe's aren't going to lose any money because of Diablo 3's lack of LAN support. There is a reason "internet" is used in the same breath as "cafe" because they provide internet service and it is ALWAYS at a T1 level connection to eliminate bandwidth issues. You can support tens of computers on a single T1 connection and see no breakdown in signal strength or saturation of the bandwidth between computers

    #4: if you have your router configured correctly the first time you set it up, you shouldn't even have to mess with it when a friend comes over and plugs in for internet. I do this all the time at my friends house who 3 boxes on Diablo 2 and on Everquest (plays on multiple computers at the same time). We have no issues getting all computers in the same game on Diablo, Starcraft, Quake Wars, CoD4, or any other internet game for that matter.

    #5: there is no weekly server maintainance for Diablo 2. There is for WoW, but that's because it is a MMO with different maintainance requirements. Will there be for the new Battle.net? I actually hope so. I hope they actually go in and make sure the servers are running right and doing their job properly. Maybe it'll help get rid of the netorious "B.net lag." As for being inconvienced for a couple hours, too bad, so sad. Shit happens in life, if you want things done the right way, you gotta wait a little while

    #6: I have NEVER lost anything playing Diablo 2 due to my connection timing out or any other connection issue. The only time I ever lost progress on Diablo 2 was several years ago when a large group of players did an attack on blizzard servers and brought the entire US West realm down which is hardly Blizzard's fault. This is a non-issue so long as Blizzard includes a similar constant save feature as Diablo 2's in Diablo 3.

    #7: That's what single player is for or heaven forbid, you go and play another game like for instance the StarCraft 2 campagin. If you are so impatient to play a video game, you need some freakin' tharapy because there are far more important things in life (not to mention enjoyable) than a video game. Sex tends to come to mind as one of those things more important...you can't call yourself a man if you have any second thoughts about a chance of sex with your girlfriend or doing a 4 hour raid in WoW for end game gear.
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