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    Quote from "Lydeck" »
    How can the July issue be out in May?

    Um ... May ---> June ----> July. Wtf?

    They do the same thing with MaximumPC Magazine. I think they are owned by the same company. Basically the issues come out a month in advanced but to get the July issue in May? I'd understand if it you got it in June....I'm thinking this might be a dirty little trick using what they said of SC2 ;) I'll still probably pick up August's PC Gamer though ;) :D lol
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    Well, I'd like to see two things:

    #1: A sequel. Whether Diablo 3 will be one, I'm not sure. Theres more hints that it will be a prequel than there are that it will be a continuation of the current story arch.

    #2: An Anniversary Diablo. Granted Diablo 1's 10th anniversary is come and gone but I'd like to see Blizzard remake Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 and polish both games up. In my opinion Diablo 1 was by far a superior game to D2 (even though there was massive hacking in B.net). I'd like to see Diablo 1 re-released with some (ONLY some) diablo 2-like features. Namely run/walk, gloves/boots/belts, etc, but leave the game for the most part un-touched as far as skills and gameplay. Somehow update the graphics and animations without losing the original look of the game, eliminate duping, and add some of the really cool quests that didn't make the final cut into the game. Also possibly add that one dungeon from Hellfire that looked cool. The one with the Goat Demons that had the Scythes. Then for Diablo 2, do the same thing. Remake the game and this time don't make it suck. It's a fun game to play, but it isn't even close to Diablo 1. Make the game harder without having to make monsters immune to everything, correctly balance the classes, re-tool the quests, update the graphics and animations, eliminate the bug rush, rework the music (which at times was good and other times simply lame compared to D1), and really rethink the leveling system cuz doing 5 million baal runs to hit 99 is anything BUT fun. Basically, I want blizzard to give Diablo 2 a second go around.

    And before you go crazy "Zomg thats stupid who does game re-makes?!" Konami released an Anniversary version of the original Metal Gear Solid on the Game Cube with updated graphics and more polished gameplay and it turned out very well. It had the feel of the old game with the look of a new game. Granted just cuz someone else does it doesn't mean it's a good idea. Maybe make something like "The Diablo Trilogy" where you can play D1, 2, and 3 and have a choice of D1/D2 Classic or D1/D2 Improved or something that uses Diablo 3 graphics.
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