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    posted a message on D4 is just D3 reskinned. Cmon.

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    Game is really behind in development and for me looks like D3 with a new engine, graphics-wise.
    But for me gameplay and features are more important than graphics, so i seriously don't get why would you complain about that.
    Also being an open world and seemingly able to hold more players at one place it is a good thing that the game can be run on higher range of PCs.

    The gameplay also looks the same from the demo. So they added PVP, cool. They should’ve had PVP in D3 from the beginning. Acting like it’s some cool new concept isn’t a bonus, it’s a slap in the face. ‘open world’ was never a concept Diablo players cared or asked for. The only other thing ‘new’ is riding mounts and auto-climbing walls you click on. (Wow alert). Blizz also said they’re adding a monetization aspect to D4. Which might also kill the gameplay for anyone who doesn’t want to spend real money.

    What if i told you, we wanted open world? "your own opinion" and "the game you imagine it to be" is not the perfect one, and your opinion does not represent the playerbase. None does mine. But let's see what my ideal diablo4 would be. Since you are one sole person and I am one too, you can say my opinion next to yours cancels or balances it out. D3 (maybe even more fluid), with a huge continous map that contains a lot more content (aka open world) without sets and 10000000000% modifiers, and more d2 or classic arpg like items. They did exactly this. And a lot more, but these were the basics.

    The graphics are breathtaking. You can say 1 or 2 models does not look too good, but most of it does. They always tune graphics a lot before release, but the amount of detail and the way the light work in this game is really nice. And you can hate all you want on d3, you cannot show one more game that looks so nice after 7 years, and does not look like sh*t in 3 years. This new one is more of a mix of d3 art style with a darker theme, and super realistic graphics.

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    posted a message on WW barbarian nerf

    Not true. The rend version used no area damage, and low attack speed. It was the least stressful build for the server d3 have seen ww wise. I do believe even seismic slam might be on par or worse right now. Now we have to get creative use casting, area damage, maybe even ww damage to deal enough dmg, so this way we will have server issues. Not to mention crusaders. They might dmg with heavens fury but there will be all that fist of heavens cast with area damage on the gear.

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