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    posted a message on Season 12 Wizard Changes

    It should read "... dealing 393% 950% weapon damage ..." or remove the first number.

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    posted a message on Primal re roll

    I am assuming that the socket was added using a Ramaladni's Gift. In which case, Vitality to +10% damage.

    Otherwise, the socket to +10% damage and then add a socket using a gift.

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    posted a message on New GRift and Paragon ranking website

    Clean design. Looks good. Works well.

    I'd love to be able to see more than just 25 rows per page. 'Lazy loading' would be great to have. You could probably show first 50 by default and keep adding the next 50 / 100 rows as users scroll down (instead of having to click repeatedly).

    In such a case, it'd also be nice if the filters were always visible (scroll down along with the page as users scroll down).

    And yes, a wildcard search would be very helpful (as suggested above).

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    posted a message on D3 Character Planner (almost completed)

    I have a handful of Ancient OH Sources. Unfortunately, you can't re-roll / enchant damage and Ctrl doesn't tell you the max ranges as of now.

    (409/481) - (514/577) are the min/max rolls I have so far.

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    posted a message on Reroll help please!
    Intellect is worth least DPS. Re-roll that for socket.

    This of course assumes that your character is fire spec.
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    posted a message on PTR 2.1.2 - Why PTR Buffs Are Bad (Video)
    It seems they want players to test PTR out but avoid leveling. So wouldn't it have been simpler to just copy the existing lvl 70 characters to the PTR?
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    posted a message on Help improving Lightning-Stun wizard.
    I've been playing Lightning wizard as my primary character for a long time now. Lightning wizards also need to focus on Attack Speed (AS) along with Crit & Crit Damage.

    In my opinion, your build needs a little readjustment to increase the damage output. You can reduce allocation to Vitality on gear and instead get it through Paragon.

    Andariel's Visage: Bonus AS + Crit + Lightning Damage -- (Arguably BiS)
    Myken's Ball of Hate: Allows Electrocute to chain to enemies that have already been hit -- (BiS)
    Aughild's Search: Need one with +Lightning + Intel + Crit + Vitality
    Blackthorne's 2-pc (Legs + Boots) & get the 3-pc bonus with RoRG -- (Easy to get. Increases Elite Damage & survivability.)
    Gloves: Get any glove with Intel + Crit + Crit Damage + AS
    Witching Hour: Much needed AS + Crit Damage. More pure DPS compared to Thundergod's Vigor

    Amulet: Socket (instead of vitality) & use a legendary gem
    Boots: All Resist / Armor (Get movement speed through Paragon)

    Helm: Amethyst (should compensate a bit for removing from pants)
    Pants: Topaz

    I prefer Meteor to Arcane Torrent as it provides you with more burst DPS and mobility (survivability).
    Try Blizzard - Lightning Storm instead of Familiar. Not only it does damage on its own but also gives you a +15% to all other lightning damage (so, +5% over Familiar).

    These should increase your damage output by quite a bit, though you'll lose a bit on survivability right now, but this should get better as your Paragon increases.

    My Lightning Wizard

    Example Lightning Wizard build with gear options (4th Passive / Glass Cannon is optional)

    Helpful Reference: Wizard Gear Guide: Reaper of Souls Edition

    Edit: Formatting
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    posted a message on [Guide] Wizard Gear Guide: Reaper of Souls Edition
    Can you add Storm Crow to the Helm list? It's a great option for Lightning Builds with +15-20% Lightning Damage on a slot which normally doesn't allow +elemental damage.
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