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    I like that slider idea on page 1,

    If people want to expand the loot tables go for it

    That said, enjoy still getting every item except the one you wanted
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    They are stupid items and only used as gimmicks, there would be no great loss to losing The Furnace and Rimeheart, And im pretty sure most monks would love getting a buff that doesnt resolve arround EP
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    posted a message on Finally !!♥ we ,Koreans, are now approaching 100 tiers~!!!
    Quote from Tunafish
    Can anyone link their video? :P

    Not sure if it was intended, but this video, and this group of gamers have made blizzard stand up and look at their game

    Posted by Wyatt Cheng
    Congratulations to these folks!

    I will echo the sentiments of others - this is why we have PTRs. A huge thank you to everybody who has been helping us test rifts thus far. Our internal testing team identified a number of skills and items to keep an eye on and Exploding Palm, Rimeheart and the Furnace were all on the list. The dedicated players on the PTR have shown what is possible when the game is stretched to the limits.

    We're looking to make changes to Exploding Palm in the next PTR patch. Of the three (Exploding Palm, Rimeheart and the Furnace) we feel this is the biggest offender. It's not clear if Rimeheart is as offensive if you're not able to further transfer the resulting damage onto elite monsters via Exploding Palm.
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