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    Thanks for posting this video. Now Blizzard has a new thing to nerf. I hope you're feeling really good about yourself right now.

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    If the female WD looked like that, maybe I wouldn't have retired mine.

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    Why is Blizzard messing with the IK set so much?!?! I was hyped to see the possibility of perma-WoTB again, and everything else was just icing on the cake...now my cake has less and less icing on it, and it's turning into one of those gross pound cakes...you know the ones...they're all dry because your aunt doesn't know what she's doing, but you eat it anyway because your folks tell you she's in a rough spot and its either we eat the gross pound cake or we get invited to another one of her cat funerals.

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    Took them 7 minutes to do GR 63 and you folks think its okay? Really?


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    I'm surprised Blizzard hasn't added diminishing returns to freeze effects in D3 yet.

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    Would've still preferred being able to trade the ability to auto-loot potions to auto-looting crafting mats. The new change is nice, where if you pick up 1 stack, it picks up all stacks of that crafting mat or gem on screen, but not having to click each and every little thing would've been SOOOO much nicer.

    Also, I am LOVING the new Immortal King's! I'm running a similar build on my barb, with similar items, although of lesser quality, since my damage/toughness is nowhere near as high. I can't wait until this goes live. Barb may once again become my favorite class!

    On the live server I can comfortably run T4, with T5+ being painful. On the PTR with the new IK, Focus/Restraint, and WotB pants, I FLY through T6! I just pray they don't nerf the IK set before it goes live. THIS is the Barb I've been wanting to play...not the gimpy Barb I currently play.

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    Quote from Zero(pS)»

    Quote from Intrep_d»
    They are so sloooow. Those new sets needs to be in S2.
    Oh, that's just not happening no matter what. Something as big as that would require some PTR testing for players to give feedback on their actual viability. Maybe they could've pushed for it, given the time between Blizzcon and the PTR being shut down, but it didn't happen.

    The big deal now though, is whether they will be seasonal or not. As a seasonal adept, I think it would be a really cool incentive, different from the "meh" items we've seen so far. But I'm sure there would be an outrage from non-seasonal players with it. Maybe with a shorter lasting seasonal these can work really well to bring players back (2~ months).
    Wait, what? Are you saying Helltooth was properly tested? No one uses that set...it's the "Please let this be Jade and not Helltooth, CRAP!" set. Same goes for the monk's Raiment set, and Firebird's was laughable before they made the 6 piece worthwhile.

    All of D3 is a beta test. Marauders was the lazy man's set, and now I've actually gotta play the game when playing my DH,

    To say that Blizzard has to properly test a set in-house or via the PTR is stupid. They'll release it whenever they'll feel like it and let the players test it, and THEN they'll "balance" the set.
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    Ok, thank you for clearing that up.

    Around 6:24 you start talking about Captain Crimsons set, which is belt, pants and boots. You can't replace the boots because Crudest Boots are an absolute must, but how can you replace Inna's with Captain Crimsons pieces and still retain the 4 piece Inna's bonus? Is Captain Crimsons just a stepping stone until you're able to find Inna's?

    I think you're throwing in way too many sets than you have room for and not explaining why.

    I know you NEED Sunwuko's, for the damage buff/decoy explosion. You NEED Inna's to make Sweeping Wind's cost manageable and then the 4 Mantras without having to actually use a Mantra which will make the Unity Passive useful. Auglid's is useful for survivability and damage, and I can see how you can fit in all 3 of those sets. Then you throw in a 4th set, but I don't see you running it while running the other 3 sets, Crudest Boots, and the Incense Torch.

    Another question: About the Numpad/Numlock trick. I know Blizzard has a very fickle stance on people doing things to make their gaming lives easier. Since I'm not manually inputting the command to press numpad 7 every second, and the keyboard is essentially doing that for me, can my account get banned for using this trick?

    I've read forum posts about a question I had in regards to using the macro software that came with my Razer Naga, and what I found out, is if I have to question its usage, there's a good chance it's not allowed by the Blizzard ToS.
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    I can't edit my own post to add this: Yes, the Unity passive buff is "tremendous," if you are in fact benefiting from the buff, but you need at least 1 Mantra that effects all your allies/follower/pets for it to even work.

    What passive are you using since you're obviously not benefiting from Unity? Or is there a current bug that allows you to benefit from Unity without using any Mantras?
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    What good is the Unity passive if you're not using any Mantras? The dude isn't even getting the 4 piece Inna's to get Mantras that way.
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    I'm not in favor of the new Marauder change. I get that the playstyle was lazy, but that's why I played my M6 DH, to be lazy. Personally, I cannot wait until the new DH sets come out so I can try them, because Marauders will just never feel the same again. Plus, when I tried M6 on the PTR, it was bugged: Sentries would not fire my Cluster Arrow.

    As for the video, I know it was to indicate the range of the Sentry shots, I just wish it was on T6 so that we could also see that the new Marauders could still wreck that just as well, with the changes, as it can now. GJ killing mobs on Master, to me that tells me you're a new DH that isn't geared enough to do Torment (you got 6 pieces quickly and with a lot of luck), or you just can't handle T6 anymore with the Marauders changes.
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    Finally crappy Legendaries are gonna see play! Sure, that Thunderfury is nice, but this Ancient Devil Tongue has heaps more dps and a higher main stat value!
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