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    After months of death threats and hate mail i'm tired of having my name tarnished in front of thousands of viewers. This cyberbullying has got to stop and the only way I could get the real story out was to post it here. please take and read through to see if all this harassment is justified. It just has to stop. My life and work revolve around this and it's killing me.

    Link redacted - please no Twitch drama here.

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    I was wondering if DFans had a link shortener. Sometimes when I see them linked in stream or from friends they are really long and sometimes don't work. If not it would be a good implementation for quickly sharing a build

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    Hey all you witch doctors! come watch the most knowledgeable Witch Doctors in the D3 community run a ladder simulator. If you're new to the class or not sure what you'll be doing when ladders come out stop on by! http://www.twitch.tv/spsdebo
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