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    posted a message on Narrowing down the last classes
    Blizzard are intentionally making the classes not clear cut- but they are covering their old bases, just with more variety within each character. They're also making each character distinct and avoiding RPG stereotyping to keep people guessing.
    The witchdoctor, for example, is covering Fire, Poison and summons and is an entirely new diablo class.
    While the barb is old and traditional, it isn't just any barb, it's very clearly a diablo barb from harrogath with all the associated baggage. He's got party buffs and melee.

    I'm thinking we'll see something using frost and lightning eventually- stormcaster perhaps? Which'll be the most sorc-related class. Could well also use shapeshifting, into a hawk or something.

    Civilised fighter class seems pretty likely, though I'm not sure if they'll go wholesome knight/archer or something agile and stealth-based. Whatever the case it'll be something along the lines of a rogue or mercenary "working purely for the money but perhaps finding a greater truth along the way" or "a gifted fighter of the stealthy/stabby guild of *whatever the big city's called* finally finding adequate use of his years of devout training"..

    There'll be another wildcard in there- I'm thinking psychic based but whatever.

    I just want someone to summon skeletons.
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    posted a message on Barbarian to be the Only Class Returning
    I'm fine with entirely new classes- and would have been fine with returning old classes- but I have no idea why they resurrected the barb. He seems to me the least interesting and class with the least potential for character development. Presumably they realised they needed something iconic to stop the game looking entirely different, proving they have some consciousness of their own following.
    Haha, what a brilliant way of pussyfooting around necro fans. He was so good we COULDN'T use him again. PR genius- considering it appears to have worked.
    Necro did rock hard, but witch doctor has some serious potential.
    If only blizz would actually release some solid content.
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    posted a message on NEW video. Compares D1,D2,D3 gameplay
    Quote from "Corwyn" »
    Would you people stop saying "change your monitor settings", its ridiculously obvious even to someone not to clued in about color and design that simply de-saturating the whole image and adjusting the brightness is NOT going to make it look any good at all. A LOT more than that has to be done to fix the graphics into something more like Diablo.

    Thank you Corwyn, some people still don't seem to understand the concept of a different artistic motif for the game being different from an RGB balance.

    I noticed for the first time in this video- those floating health bars look fucking awful. Sucks that Blizzard North got axed but meh, that's capital for ye.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Description
    If they make D3 P2P, my friends and I will nail-bomb blizzard. Or maybe just not buy it.

    I think the dates given for pre-orders aren't worth trusting, as they can be pushed back perfectly legally until the game is released, or refunded if it doesn't release at all (Baal forbid.)

    Also $1 NZ is more like $.75 UD, unless we're talking about a pre-bush government for some reason.
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo III Art Design Direction Survey
    Voted "needs work", but it is too cartoony (More stylisation that attempted realism, Blocky handrails, absurd shoulder pads, smiling lion statue, a rainbow- THIS IS DIABLO! NO RAINBOW! NEVER!, curled and stylised foliage design..) and too Lord of The Rings influenced. The inside of the cathedral/dungeon is airey and elevated, with sparce objects and huge walkways. It also looks completely uninhabited. What happened to the cramped, blood-stained and flaming pentagramm'd dungeons of the series?
    Enemies have also fallen into the trap of all rpg games of late- they're almost all grey-blue undead, with the exception of comical, obese zombies that release terribly animated, fixed group formation floating land eels (Same designer who made the rainbow?); the charging beasts (which I quite liked); the thousand pound cartoon zombie and the end boss.
    More fire and blood!
    Less middle earth, more middle-ages-europe!
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    posted a message on Φ Graphics Discussion (New art style proposal to Blizzard)
    This has probably already been brought up- sorry I can't sift through the entire thread.
    There's a rainbow in the game.
    Surely they'd have some consult- some artistic authority to glance at the maps and say

    "Sorry, what? You do realise you barely come out above ground in the first game? You realise you only EVER see sun in a desert in the entire series? You realise this is fucking DIABLO?"

    It is a distinctive artistic style- if not an original one- that makes the series itself, I DO NOT WANT something that looks like Lord of the (I'm from New Zealand, honestly we get enough of it) Rings, nor something that looks like WC3.

    Down with shoulder pads!

    Pentagrams ftw!
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    posted a message on Chat Gem RETURNS
    On the website, main page below the central of the three smaller images.
    Click on my friends!
    It could hold anything really, here's hoping for easter eggs.
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    posted a message on Diablo iii questons now -- first come first served
    Did anyone else notice the chat gem on the site?
    :D I love blizzard.
    Seriously though, it may have secrets to behold...
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    posted a message on Diablo3.com becomes Diablofans.com! Blizzard acquires diablo3.com.
    I suspected it would be some crap about a novel or patch.
    Y'all do realise this confirms an eventual diablo 3?
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    posted a message on Would you pay to play Diablo III?
    I hadn't een thought of that.
    I wouldn't, the way they capitalised off WoW was horrible enough.
    I fervently hope they don't try to con a new legion of fans.

    woot, first post.
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