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    posted a message on FluffDatamined rarity of all affixes & calculating your chances while enchanting(self.Diablo)
    Full credit goes to 데이터를거두는자 of Korean forum Ilbe. (The same fellow who datamined nearly all of 2.0.6 patch contents and drop chances of all legendary items)
    All the values are based on level 70 character.
    --Each affix is assigned a “rarity coefficient,” indicative of their relative likelihood of showing up. Larger this number, more weight it has during the -calculation of your probability and thus more likely to appear.
    --Probability of an affix appearing = rarity coefficient of the affix / total sum of rarity coefficient of all possible affixes (which can be seen when you click on (?) next to the property)
    --For example, suppose you are trying to craft a one-hander with level requirement reduced as your secondary affix. The possible secondary affixes for one-handers are:

    --Life per kill (rarity coefficient 1000)
    --Monster kills grant additional experience (1000)
    --% chance to X on hit (blind, chill, freeze, slow, stun, fear, knockback, immobilize) (each 100)
    --Ignores durability loss (100)
    --Reduced level requirement (100)
    If your weapon has life per kill and chance to stun, and you want to change life per kill to reduced level requirement, the probability will be:
    --100 / (1000 + 1000 + 100 + 100) = 4.5%
    On the other hand, if you choose to replace chance to stun with reduced level requirement, your probability becomes:
    --100 / (1000 + (100*8) + 100 + 100)) = 5%
    Here are the datamined coefficients for all affixes:

    --Weapon damage
    --Elemental damage 4000 --Maximum resource (hatred, discipline, spirit, arcane power, wrath)
    --Critical hits grant X arcane power
    --Primary stats (Str, Dex, Int)
    --Movement speed
    --Life per sprit spent
    --Life per fury spent
    --Maximum mana
    --Increased mana regeneration
    --Increased hatred regeneration
    --Increased spirit regeneration
    --Increased gold and health pickup radius
    --damage (rings and amulets only)
    --Weapon damage %
    --Critical chance
    --Critical damage
    --Reduced cooldown of all skills
    --Reduced resource costs
    --Life %
    --Extra gold from monsters
    --Monster kills grant additional experience
    --Increased attack speed
    --Control impairing effect duration reduction
    --Life regeneration per second
    --Health globes and potions grant extra life
    --Wrath regeneration
    --Chance to deal area damage on hit
    --Increased elemental resistance (singular)
    --Increased all resistance
    --Block chance
    --Life per hit
    --Life per kill
    --% Elemental skill damage
    --Increased skill X damage (all)
    --Ranged and melee attackers take damage per hit
    --Reduced damage from ranged attacks
    --Reduced damage from melee attacks
    --% chance to fear on hit (helm only)
    --Critical hit damage 31~35% (select legendary weapons only)
    --Level requirement reduced
    --Chance to fear on hit (weapons only)
    --Chance to blind on hit
    --Chance to chill on hit
    --Chance to freeze on hit
    --Chance to slow on hit
    --Chance to stun on hit
    --Chance to fear on hit
    --Chance to knockback on hit
    --Chance to immobilize on hit
    --Ignores durability loss
    --Increased damage against elites
    --Reduced damage from elites
    --Life per wrath spent
    --Chance to inflict bleed damage
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