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    There is a lot of fun to be had with set. I did a level 40 greater rift earlier today and finished with 3/4 of the time left. I used the six pieces of the set, the new flail, the belt that spawns a hammer on justice hitting, the new shield for hammer damage, F and R rings and arcane shielding ama. For skills I used provoke(hit me), Akarat's champion(prophet), Falling sword(Flurry), Laws of valor(critical), Justice(crack), Blessed hammer(Limitless). For passives Indestructible, Blunt, Fervor and Holy Cause. In the cube I had Furnace/Leorics Crown/Zodiac ring.

    I'm not anywhere near an expert player but I was able manage really well with this set up. Akarat's was up most of the run and with the damage reduction from falling sword I had no problem staying alive. There was a good amount of healing with the speed of holy attacks I was putting out. Damage per hammer was in the 250 to 300 million crit range, but there was hammers everywhere. I could stay at range spawning hammers when there was a bad affix in the area. Non of my gear was ancient, the flail was only 2050 damage.

    I don't like the pause in play every time I used falling sword but it I needed to use it on cool down for the damage reduction and cc. Not sure how this could be made to flow better. Maybe more impact damage would at least make it feel more exciting to use? maybe make the skill hit a lot faster from activation to impact?

    On the other side I really enjoy sending hammers every which way and watching chaos that follows. It is really a lot of fun to play.

    I'm also curious about how a cold damage build would play. Also wouldn't mind seeing the larger hammer being built into the build, as I don't see that fun mace making it into a serious build at all.

    As it sits I don't see this build beating out the rolands set as the new pushing GR or speed farming set, which I find sad as this is a fun set to play..

    Also with the power of monks on the ptr right now I'm going to find it hard to not level one next season just due to speed of their farming.

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