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    posted a message on UE : Discipline vs % Dmg

    I would like a shot at answering this question.

    In the end, you are going to want maximum discipline where you can get maximum discipline. No matter what you have elsewhere, this entire build revolves around discipline. If you have to choose between discipline and % damage, choose discipline. If you have to choose between a "few discipline" and % damage, choose % damage. If you have to choose between 7 discipline and % damage, choose the increase to discipline while farming for another weapon of your choice with a % damage modifier but never take away the complete amount of discipline for % damage.

    I would suggest that if you are more than 4 discipline away from the max discipline roll then always roll higher discipline. 5 discipline, as an example is 75% increased damage to your Multishot. 4 at 60% could probably be matched by 10% increased damage. At least that's what superfast in the head math tells me.

    In your examples:

    1) % damage without question.

    2) This one is easy in my head but difficult to explain (sort of)... if you can roll through the rift while keeping max discipline the entire time then rolling the 3 discipline is FAR superior than 15% multishot damage. Heck, to be frank I can't ever think of a situation where 15% Multishot damage will ever be better than those +3 (45%) discipline. The reason is because with that 6pc bonus the 15% Multishot damage is 100% always affected by your discipline in the first place. You literally would need to be shooting your Multishot at 2 discipline in order for 15% Multishot to equal the damage increase as the 3 discpline simply because the Multishot bonus is affected by the 6pc.

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    posted a message on Convention of Elements for barb?

    It only cycles through the elements that are natural to your class... it is not 4 seconds every 20 as you do not have 6 elements, you have 4. Cold Fire Lightning and Physical = 4 seconds every 12 seconds. Personally I wouldn't use it on a Barb, but that's just me. Well, that is unless it rolled max bonus damage, then I might consider it.

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    posted a message on Witch Doctor Damage Types


    It might not "be the way to go." That's not the point though. The point is to build something that noone else has done for whatever reasons they have for not doing it. For you, you decided that since you heard the Jade set was bad, you didn't even look into it. I am one of those folks that do not really listen to another persons opinion. I figure things out for myself by testing. Unless of course that opinion could lead to potential 'irl' death, then I'll give it consideration rofl.

    As far as the stacks for TR go, even at 300% additional damage from the JH 2pc bonus, that is going to be brutal. If you could look at my profile of my WD and see what she is currently wearing (far, FAR from what I want her to be in) I already pull close to 90 million damage Haunt procs from the 2pc. For you hardcores out there, that sounds incredibly low, but for T6, 90 million damage every single second (not crits btw) is significant. And I am only farming T6 and mid 20's GRifts atm. Only started again at D3 a week and 3 days ago.

    I will not be giving up Quetzalcoatl. It's what makes JH 2pc hit so hard. JH 2pc doesn't count 10 seconds worth based on the base damage of Haunt. It modifies the actual damage that is happening at the time. With Quetzacoatl it is no longer 10 seconds worth of an "over 12 seconds" spell. Instead it takes the full damage of Haunt and adds another 4 seconds worth of damage on top of it. If you don't believe that, test it, like I did. Haunt proc without Quetzalcoatl using a near identical damage helm and Haunt proc with Quetzalcoatl. With is significantly higher...... significantly.

    You are pretty sure it won't proc the 4 and 6pc of the set. You are pretty sure but you aren't 100% sure. That is where people like me come in. I am going to find out. I am going to prove or disprove it with 100% certainty.

    Shifting to poison darts isn't an option either. The damage comes from 100% uptime on Haunt spam. That's the whole point of this set theorycraft. To produce the highest damage from the highest unmodified damage spell in the entire world of Diablo 3. The only thing that trumps this ability is a Rune on an ability that requires the target to die before proc'ing (which is going to do nothing for you on a single target.)

    As I mentioned, this isn't a for sure thing, it is a thing that I became interested in and am going to test. I am playing every day a few hours but the pieces aren't wanting to drop for me to well... RNG right? This process will take as long as RNG requires.

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    posted a message on What I would like to see.......

    So for the record I am an assassin IRL. I was trained to be an assassin... I live, eat and drink assassination. With that being said:

    I would like to see a new class implemented. The highest damage single target class ever created with many limitations to area damage. This class would be..... dun dun duuuuuhhhhhhh.....

    An Assassin, almost completely physical based damage with the exception of Runes.

    Primary Skills:

    Rune Strike - 450% Weapon Damage single target.

    Rib Spreader - 150% Weapon Damage area skill.

    Rupturing Stab - 300% Weapon Damage bleed single target.

    Rupturing Slice - 150% Weapon Damage bleed with area component.

    Runes for Primaries:

    Rune Strike:

    Fatal Strike - Increases Damage to 600% weapon damage and turns into Cold.

    Incapacitating Strike - 5% chance to stun target for 5 seconds with each attack and turns into Lightning.

    Flaming Strike - Reduces Weapon Damage to 400% but each strike causes target to burn for 10% Weapon Damage over 2 seconds stacking 25 times and turns into Fire.

    Adrenaline Strike - Each strike against a single target increases Attack Speed by .2% for 1 second stacking to 100%. Also increases dodge chance by .1% for 1 second per strike stacking to 50%. This effect is dropped if target is switched. Physical damage.

    This is a work in progress, I will be adding to it daily until I am done with all the abilities that I see as my dream class. This is primarily a dream and highly doubtful to be taken serious. Please do not stress over the unrealistic ability formation I have in my brain when balancing/comparing to other current classes.

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    posted a message on New take on diablo PVP element

    I am willing to bet that this entire PvP Forum should not even exist due to PvP will never "really" exist in a balanced way in D3, ever.

    There would have to be a MASSIVE reworking of skills, MASSIVE. Did I mention the MASSIVE reworking of skills that would need to take place?

    I'll give you an example from a WD perspective:

    Haunt - Poison Rune

    Gear +100% Haunt Damage / +100% Poison Damage / + Maximum Movement Speed

    Scenario: Haunt and Run. You would need well over 11.5 MILLION HP to survive it. Just 1 Haunt, bam, you're done.

    PvP is not going to ever be prevalent in D3 without a major overhaul, stop letting yourself down.

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    posted a message on Witch Doctor Damage Types

    Poison Cold Fire and Physical are the 4 Natural elements that Witch Doctors have access to. My question is:

    Is there any way a Witch Doctor can put out Arcane element damage that would trigger things such as, "Each time you deal Arcane Damage, such and such takes place"?

    The reason I ask is, you can do that with Holy, you can do that with Lightning both through weapon proc damage.

    But can you do it with Arcane? Anything in the game (weapon, ring, neck, anything?) that can proc Arcane damage type?

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    posted a message on Frozen Orb Build - Elemental Exposure
    This is the build I am running and it's insane.... I have "ok" gear and seeing 15million+ crits fromBlizzard and it hits 8 times btw....I use this in T3 so the 3 defensives are a must for me.

    Spectral Blade - Barrier Blades

    Blizzard - Unrelenting Storm

    Frost Nova - Bone Chill

    Black Hole - Absolute Zero

    Energy Armor - Energy Tap

    Magic Weapon - Deflection

    Astral Presence / Arcane Dynamo / Audacity / Unwavering Will

    Start with Black Hole to build bonus Cold damage,spam Spectral Blade for 5 stacks of Arcane Dynamo, Frost Nova,Blizzard = halfway dead trash and severely hurting Elites. With some having upwards of 980 million health, it only takes a few rounds of this to lay them to rest. And also, something to note (I was pleasantly surprised) spamming of Spectral Blades gives me 5 million crits sometimes... mostly only 2 - 2.5 million. I am sure others get WAY higher than this but as I mentioned, my gear isn't exactly superb. Except that I have spent tons of gold and mats getting +20% cold from every item I can. Still in the gearing up process though.... I would link my character but I am at work without my authenticator :P
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