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    Quote from Nastai

    Not a huge fan of high numbers in stats. It's so WoW.

    And low numbers in stats is so older-versions-of-WoW. ;)
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    Quote from trapsplz

    One entry per person will only lead to mass account creation. And I really hope some mod will clarify the photoshop or not question at some point.

    Mass account creation can be avoided simply by adding a rule saying you need to have been a member for more than a week to be eligible. :) I realize it excludes some people who might otherwise have been encouraged to start participating in the forums, but I think it's fair that people who have been a part of the community for a while gets a chance at winning.
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    There have been a few good entries, but most of them seem like lame brain farts to be honest. Next week I hope there's a limit of one entry per person. Maybe then people would put some more thought into what they're making, and we'd get some higher quality entries. :)

    I also think a caption contest should be about adding a caption to the picture, and not about pasting in tons of stuff from other pictures. If doing that is encouraged, it should probably be called something other than a caption contest. That's my opinion anyway.
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    I made this for the BlizzCon 2011 Fan Art Contest. I probably won't win, considering all the ridiculous art in their fan art galleries, but it's worth a shot. If I'm lucky, they'll feel sorry for me and throw me a beta key. :)

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    From my experience, a trap assassin is one of the safest classes to play, and she's pretty fun too, if you like her play style.
    She gets a lot of health from vitality, high resistances and damage reduction from Fade, and can also deal with immunities with a combination of Fire Blast and Lightning Sentry/Death Sentry. The damage output of Fire Blast is pretty nice considering it's a level 1 skill. I had it at 3k-4k last time I played that build. The sentries were at 1-7k each (max 5 traps at a time). I had some decent gear at the time, so the damage won't be that high on your first run-through of hell, but you'll still manage.
    The Shadow Master is a pretty nice tank as well, and Mind Blast is fantastic for stunning large crowds, and even converting enemies for a short duration, giving you some temporary tanks while you're dealing with particularly dangerous groups of enemies.
    Cloak of Shadows can also make monsters blind for a short period, which is nice when fighting ranged attackers with high damage.

    I can't really say if she's more fun than other builds, but she's definitely an option. She is pretty good for MFing.
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    To OP:
    I love how D3 looks at the moment. Also, an increased level of detail in the environment like you see on that screenshot means less monsters and action on screen at once. Sure, D3 could look even better, but I'm not sure the trade-off is worth it. Imagine the complaints D3 would receive if there were only 4-5 monsters on screen at a time. :)
    And if it's just the blood and grit you're after, I'm sure D3 has it's fair share.

    And about the green haze:
    If you're familiar with color theories, you'll know that blue-green, like the one used in the haze, is the coldest color. In this case, the cold blue-green color represents the darkness without making it completely dark. Making it completely dark would make the characters and enemies less readable. Readability of characters and enemies in the environment is something the guys over at Blizzard put a lot of weight on, from what I've gathered, and I would do the same.
    Using cold colors for the darkness increases the sense of cool air you'll find in, for instance, a ruined cathedral. And the character brings in warm colors using spell/skill/item effects. Red-orange and blue-green is the most effective contrast you'll find in colors. It's both a complementary contrast and a warm-cold contrast, and the fact that they use it only means that they know what they're doing. Most people's brains are wired to like it. :)
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    Drawing Diablo fan art has worked out pretty well for me, so I'll probably try to do some more relatively soon. :]
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    I got a mail from Blizzard last week, asking if they could display my Diablo drawings among the other fan art in their fan art exhibition at Blizzcon this year. I said yes, of course, but wanted to let them have something of better quality than the other two drawings I've made, so I decided to make this third one. I'm more happy with how this one turned out than the other two, even though there's still room for improvement.

    I hope you like it.

    Also, you can see a larger version in my deviantart gallery. http://broken-orange.deviantart.com

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    More fan art for you.

    You can find the slightly bigger, non-goofy version in my deviantArt gallery: http://broken-orange.deviantart.com
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