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    Quote from Bagstone»

    The easiest conquest by far is the 50 million gold streak. Most people get this "by accident" at some point - when doing a T10 rift and killing a Gilded Baron, especially while having Boon of the Hoarder equipped.

    This is very good info. I get around 45-48 Mil per Gilded with my LoN Bomb Cruz.

    List of gold find on my set:
    81% Kymbo's Gold - neck
    35% Litany of the Undaunted - ring
    33% Homing Pads - shoulders

    Just a Kymbo's Gold and Goldskin should be more than enough with a Boon of the Hoarder. Also take advantage of Gold Find in paragon for this conquest.
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    We have a philosophy of launching patches between Season transitions, and not while a Season is currently active. This leaves a window of possible patch dates; sometime between Season 4 ending and Season 5 beginning. We also, typically, deploy patches on Tuesdays (for North America). However, deployment dates can suddenly shift, including down to the last minute. Technology can be a fickle mistress, and unforeseen circumstances can arise.

    This is why we don't provide firm patch release dates. However, we know a lot of players want to plan their time around new content or the start of the new Season. Announcing a more firm Season date is a way to meet in the middle.
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    Quote from Detruncate»

    I'm seeing the word "earn" appear more frequently as this drags on. So, with the spirit of "earn" imbued in my mind I offer this hypothetical. A non-seasonal journey that runs the same time period as the season.

    As long as the non-seasonal journey requires the same amount of effort as the seasonal version of the journey I would see no problem with this at all. It would require the following stipulations.

    1. Start from scratch with no character progression, gold, materials, etc
    2. Have the same completion requirements
    3. Players should have access to fellow non-seasonal players to group with who are also part of this hypothetical play mode
    4. All work and accruement must remain separate from ones era account until a designated time of coalescing equal to the seasonal time frame

    Unfortunately at this point it is a seasonal game mode. As a seasonal player yourself I'm sure we can agree that a large potion of the effort required to earn the completion of the seasonal journey is the accruement process itself. The folks here that want to bypass that process by using their previously accrued era materials, gold, characters, etc want their tabs immediately rather than putting in the effort required of the current implementation.

    I agree that forcing it behind HC for SC players would be asking them to play in a mode foreign to them. I made a previous post earlier in the thread that mentioned forcing PvE players into a PvP environment would be justifiable cause for concern. It comes back to reward being disproportionate to the amount of effort required for some folks here.
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    I can 100% confirm that I have had a very similar experience.

    10 level rift

    Repeat pylons

    1 gob pack

    Single gobs on what seemed like every single level

    The RG was the same guardian in the cube cow level

    THERE IS NO COW LEVEL, but there is a cow rift.....

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