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    I have luck of the diablo gods. I've found 3 Tasker and Theo all 3 with 50% petspeed, 1 trifecta.

    I've found 4 Witching hour belts and they all rolled with 35+ crit dmg, 1 has 7% ias 45% crit dmg.

    I've found 3 SoH, 1 with 2497 dps (rerolled 10% weap dmg) or 2421 with 7% IAS, (the procc is 246% weap dmg) And 4 + TF

    8 SoJ, 4 Unity rings 4 RROG.

    2 Wand of WoH, they both dropped within a 4day period. (1week ago)

    A decent mirrorball and some other insane rolls:

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    I am running a 2421 DPS SoH with 246% proc dmg and 1.5 IAS ,716 int as a MM Mirrorball glacialspike/cold meteor wizard and i am farming t6 easily

    This is my build:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aPNYOS!ZiSW!ZbZccZ

    I deal massiveburst damage using Absolutezero Blackhole with Strongarmbracers and then load 2 Cometmeteors and stun with frostnova right before it lands for an extra 33% burst dmg.'

    And then glacialspike+frozen skull is real nice with some gear. get 80-100% cold dmg, 2.00 IAS, strongarmbracers/cold anadriel/frostburn/cold SoJ and Mirrorball. Getting IAS is important for torm 5-6 and atleast 1 item with LoH so you can survive close up where most dmg will be done.

    I stunlock with Glacialspike+Meteor whilst dpsing and the meteor has 20% stunchance and the slow it adds also has a stun chance with frostburn.
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