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    posted a message on New to the forums, whats good?
    Hey! Welcome on the forums, and enjoy the time you'll spend in here!

    Quote from "Turmobil" »
    Welcome and enjoy your stay, the beer's in the fridge, just don't touch my cake!

    But dont worry, the cake is a lie.
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    Quote from "mad3nch1na" »
    By 2011, I will have graduated college(2010), have nice paying job, have a nice car, have a hot gf that plays video games, and I will probably have rivers of tears from my eyes.

    And I'll be riding 2 unicorns at the same time, backwards, with the teethfairy and easter bunny on my lap.

    BTW, I'm not saying it can't happen, I only think you have a lot of confidence in finding such a rare pearl :P
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    posted a message on Where will you be when D3 comes??
    Quote from "-Zod-" »
    ill be here still awaiting the release of patch 1.13 with full anticipation

    haha you win.

    But seriously, when Diablo3 is released I'll already be in line to buy it, normal answer :P
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    posted a message on Wtf is that green thing!?
    Quote from "reform" »
    Ooohhhh. In that case, Apple & Lime.
    Despite his look, sounds yummy!
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    posted a message on USEast and USWest return?
    @Dru :
    Yeah, pretty good idea, a bit the same as Guild Wars with all the zones. There isn't any servers, only that every zone are created multiple times, and you can jump from a zone instance to another at any time when you're in town. Your friend is in instance 13 of zone 2? Get to zone 2, and then jump to instance 13, and he's there!

    It's an MMO, so it avoids the lag of having 3millions people on the same server, and prevents the 'you're not on the same server as your friend' issue.

    The same could be done with D3 realms, as long as people aren't simply jumping from a realm to another to spam us with D3 items for sale ads! :P
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    posted a message on USEast and USWest return?
    Yeah, I think it's useful to have many realms, else we'll have some japanese, english, french, portuguese, etc. all mixed together in every games... I think it's better to split everyone in a few realms like D2 or SC(not too many servers like WoW->250servers... maybe more like the Battlegroups, I think there are 10ish of them). I think these game did split the players correctly, according to where they were living, etc...

    Anyway, I want realm to come back, and I want realm-specific items, so you can brag to other realms that your realm-specific items are far better than theirs! :P

    But seriously, a few realms + possibility of transfering a character would be great.
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    posted a message on What system will you be using to play D3?
    Mine's already 2 years old, so I'll probably have replaced it before Diablo3 release, but that's what I'll be using for SC2 I guess :

    # CPU type:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    # System memory (GB):6.0
    # Graphics card model:ATI Radeon HD 3870
    # Hard disk size (GB):1,465.76
    # Hard disk free space (GB):463.376
    # Monitor: Dell 22'' + Samsung 21.4''

    It still runs everything I want at max graphics configuration, so for now I'll keep it, but I'm pretty sure I'll change it before D3.
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    posted a message on Number of posts.
    Quote from name="Lt Venom" »
    What!!?! I posted more than that pathetic amount.
    I think that the method Phrozen explained only counts the number of different threads you posted in, not the actual number of posts you did in all threads.

    Because It just returned 8 threads for me, that's where I posted. But there's 1 of them where I posted a lot more than 8 posts :P
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    posted a message on Heroes of Newerth - HoN - AKA NEW DotA
    Quote from "emilemil1" »
    You don't need an invite because there are beta keys/accounts.


    North America

    This is even displayed on the frontpage of diablofans...

    And the title/topic of this post is about Heroes of Newerth, not League of Legends. I already got my LoL key weeks ago before the offer from curse, thanks anyway, I'm able to read the front page. :)

    And btw, I got my HoN from another source, and I still have 3 beta invites, PM me with your email if you are still looking for a beta key.

    Edit: The beta invites I had have been sent, sorry if you did not get one, good luck to get a key somewhere else!
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    posted a message on Heroes of Newerth - HoN - AKA NEW DotA
    Hey guys! If there's someone who,s already playing in the beta and have an invite or 2 available(Like OP said, if you play in beta you eventually get invites to send to friends), I'd love to try this game.

    I'm already playing in the LoL beta, but I'd like to try both, so I could compare to choose which one to 'learn'.

    Edit: I sent a PM to the OP a while ago, but I didn't include my email adress since I thought he'd send the key as a reply to the PM, so I didn't get one. I'd love to get a key anyway.
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    posted a message on Demo!!!
    Quote from "Zhar" »
    Pretty sure they did that with the first Diablo, so maybe it'll happen again.
    Yeah, they did release a demo of the first Diablo a bit before it was released. And since the internet wasn't that much spread 13years ago, they even released it on disk.

    I bought the Diablo demo disk in 1996 for 0.99$, and it had the first 3 levels to enjoy. It took really long, but I finally got to kill the butcher once in this demo, and it's when a Staff of Petrification dropped, so I could petrify him and slash him to death! haha Great time.

    But yeah, it would be great to have a small demo released a few weeks before the official game release, just to get us all excited to buy the game! :)
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    posted a message on Do you use Xfire?
    I started using it a while ago, maybe 1-2months, and it works pretty well. It's a bit sad that I can't see the thousands of hours that I played before I start using it, but the hours are stacking, slowing.

    But yeah, from now on I'm using it with every game that it's compatible with and have no issues for now, will probably use it for SC2 and D3 eventually.
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    posted a message on "The Road To Diablo III"
    And I would sleep with a peace in mind if every single interview with Blizzard wouldn't turn into a 'D3 is too cartoonish' or 'D3 is too WoWish' debate.

    You see, not everyone can have peace in mind, eh?

    Anyway, good read, keep on working on it to make a great game, and stop playing, so we can play faster! :P
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    posted a message on Mac or PC?
    Quote from "Ent1ty" »
    ...and wat bout chrome os?

    It isn't even in alpha test phase yet, you can sleep well, you wont miss the release anytime soon ;)
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    posted a message on Curse Network League of Legends Beta Key Giveaway. Plus, Diablo Audience Differences.
    Quote from "Uszi" »
    Well I made the comment after my first 1 or 2 games, when I didn't know what all the interface buttons did (Recall, for example) and I didn't know who the heroes were. So my my perspective, it was like a maelstrom of different particle effects and random units running around.

    I still don't fully grasp all the different stats. I don't know if all those stats are different. Like ability power and stuff like that.

    My issue with the game now is that while all those different stats are confusing, actually playing it might be a little too noob friendly. I played a game as Melaphite or whatever -- the rock dude, and all I did was charge into some one, push all my buttons, and collect my gold. My experience with the game so far is that if you walk up to someone, roll your face on the keyboard, then you generally will kill them.

    Whereas in DotA, I felt like when and where and how to use your spells was more important.

    Yeah, I understand what you mean, it's the issue of every new game, especially when there isn't a tutorial mode in the beta.

    But yeah, I guess that if you owned people only by using your ultimate to charge someone, and then facerolling your abilities, it was only in the 'Practice' mode of the game... It's a lot more facerolling in this mode, since most people are noobs, the mode is made for this very reason. After 4-5games I thought I was actually getting good, and stepped in real games, to simply get raped...

    The game is a more noob-friendly with the interface(especially the shop system), but in hero fights, it's a lot more than just 'Charge and faceroll'... And the fact that you took Melachite makes the facerolling even more possible, since he's a tank with charge and great cleave damage. Try mage or ranged classes, skill actually means something :)

    Also, the stats you mention are only really simplified stats. Like, you have HP, MP, Armor, Ability Power, Damage, Crit %, Attack speed, and Movement Speed, that's all.
    Ability Power items increase the damage done by all your abilities, and damage items increase the physical damage done with normal attacks. It's all the stats that are influenced by Int, Str, Dex in the original Dota, without having the actual Int, Str, Dex that are in every games.

    Anyway, you're right about the 'more noob-friendly' point, but I have to disagree on the facerolling point, I personally think that the balance between heroes is a lot better, which makes more room for the player's skill... Where and when you place a skill is important ;)
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