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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.5 Recap
    Quote from egg3rs

    i love most of the quality of life section changes, FINALLY no more ilvl 55 stuff in inferno :P

    will be giving the game a shot again once 1.05 drops

    A pair of Legendary Pants dropped for me this weekend, I was really excited, either Gehennas or Depth Diggers! Yay!

    Wait... wut?

    A pair of lvl 53 Swamp Land Waders? F me.
    Edit: Forgot to say, it was in act3 inferno...
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    posted a message on Paragon lvl 100 Hardcore
    Don't you know? Athene's already done it, the race is over now.
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    posted a message on Friends that stopped playing D3, da poll!
    Most of my friends quit because they were really expecting D3 to be like most MMOs lately... Rushing to lvl 60, and then instances / raids all the way.

    So their biggest complains were :
    • There is no endgame.
    • All the loot is crap, even with 100% MF(omg, 100% is so much...)
    • Fuck MF, I wanna see big numbers.
    • How the hell are you getting so rich? I'm so f.ing unlucky. This game sucks. I quit.
    • Most legendaries suck. I have no incentive to play, because if I farm and get a legendary, I know it'll be crap 99% of the time.
    So, from what I understand, people didn't remember what made Diablo, Diablo. They bought it for the hype or for free by subscribing to WoW for a year, and now are saying that the game sucks.

    I still have fun with the game, but I'm a multiplayer games player, so I played only like 1-2hours a day, sometimes a bit more, then went to play other games with my friends, but never quit Diablo.

    Now most of my friends are "really excited for this 2nd launch", and a lot of them are willing to come back(except those who already have a boner for GW2), I don't know what they're expecting...

    At least I'll be ready, with my full 255MF+225GF gear, to play with my friends again, but for how long will they stay? Will any of them reach lvl 50+ paragon before to get bored again and leave? I hope they'll have more fun now than when they left...
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    posted a message on Wow... Kill CM and BUFF other skills?
    Edit: Misread the post, my english is bad. But anyway, the above poster summed up what I meant pretty well.
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    posted a message on I got 10 "Smite" keys to giveaway!
    I'm a bit too late, but I'd love one if you still have some available.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Player Drop. O.O!
    Quote from Findulidas

    Its exactly what I expected. Few games keep most players playing for more than a month. Especially when its not an mmo or a subscribed game. D3 game is neither.


    Also, xfire is hugely popular within the WoW community, and Blizzard did the famous "Subscribe for WoW for a year, and get Diablo3 for free!" deal. So my guess is that a lot of people came from WoW, played the game a while, then went back to WoW.

    I, for one, know at least 3 people who came to Diablo3 from League of Legends, then when they beat Diablo on Inferno, they left and went back to League of Legends.

    So yeah, I wouldn't read too much into this decline. It will happen to every highly-marketed non-F2P video games.
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    posted a message on SECRET PONY FOLLOWER
    Quote from scorpious1109

    Quote from Zoibert

    Quote from scorpious1109

    If the guy doesn't wanna say how to do it the vid is pointless. Probably just hacked.

    Just created an account to call you a retard.

    How so?

    This is obviously fake. Just watch the video again a bit, and focus on when the pony "attacks" for him, or simply when he "resurrects".

    If you aren't blind, you'll notice something's off ;)
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    posted a message on Ranged are at an extreme disadvantage in Inferno mode...
    Well, if ranged players stopped thinking that 20k hp is OK for inferno because you have 45k dps, maybe they wouldn't get 1 shotted?

    I'm playing WD and I must say that a lot of people ask me why do I have 47k hp and 500 all resists? Well, I may only have 35k dps, but I don't get 1shot by act3 spearthrowers, and I'm able to progress without requiring the perfect "no-mobs-hit-me" run to be able to finish a quest.
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    posted a message on Pet Testing - Scaling Info
    Thanks for the link, I was looking for some info 2days ago but couldn't find any source, this will help.
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    posted a message on Post Your PTR Account
    Account is 'Lurked'.

    I have a Sorc on hell act3, and a Druid on nightmare act4.
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    posted a message on [Blizzard] Who has only used one B-net Key, and haven't been banned yet??
    Never hacked, never been banned, and still use the CDkey I got with the game I bought about 8years ago.

    I don't think they're banning people only to make more money by selling more games, but really because they're annoyed that hacks are so commonly used on b.net ... Maphack isn't even considered a hack anymore, when it's one of the worst game-breaking hack you have around...
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    posted a message on Gaming Drinks
    I usually drink Sprite... Not especially a gamer drink, but a personnal preference... And I don't like coffee taste... Even at work, everybody gets their coffee at the machine, and I go and get my hot chocolate ^_^
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    posted a message on Is It Too Early to Pre-Order?
    Something made me laugh about all these early pre-orders.

    I went to a EBGames(Gamestop) last summer(at the start of june) to buy an Xbox360 game, and the salesman offered me to pre-order Diablo3. I laughed a bit at him, saying "Shouldn't you offer me a pre-order for SC2, since it'll be released a lot earlier than Diablo3?" and his answer was: "I wouldn't be that sure of it, Vivendi sent us a notice that D3 should be released in January or February 2010".

    So, I only said no thanks, as I understood that this salesman was simply REALLY poorly informed. Anyone following D3 news even just a little bit would already know it if Vivendi sent a notice for a D3 release date, even if it's just an estimation.

    Anyway, I told him that I'll take Diablo3 pre-order offers seriously only when Blizzard will announce Collector's Edition, and that I'll buy the Collector's.

    We should'n't take any of these pre-orders seriously, except if you don't mind not being 100% sure to get your game... Of course it's "safe" but nobody knows what'll happen in this "at least" 1 year... I know it's not likely, but what if GameStop or the place where you pre-ordered it was to close because of financial problems, within the next year? Or if the list of pre-order is destroyed within this 1+ year?

    I think it's really too early. Why would you pay that early for a game you'll only play in a year? To make sure to have the money when it's released? I'm sorry but there are a lot more(and safer) ways to make sure of that. ;)
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    posted a message on Cataclysm Demon same to New D3 Demon
    The only similarity I see is the dominating orange hue in both...

    And the fact that they seem to have something particularly glowing inside their mouth. Any idea what it is? :P
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    posted a message on Diablo II Patch 1.13- More Delays, Hopefully a Brighter Future
    Well, I guess it's better that way than having some servers blowing up when it's released...

    Or worst, laggy servers... :rolleyes:
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