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    Hello, I surely made some mistakes, I didn't make theorycrafting since a very long time so I apologize for that. But even with mistakes, you will get the idea and confirm or not if I'm right (maybe make your own try).

    Besides, I'm not very good at english but I will do my best.

    I saw a lot of peoples complaining about the paragon system, I saw a lot saying that this game is all about farming paragon levels now and even some saying that paragon level is more important than your stuff.
    I have decided to make a little comparision between a paragon 800 and a paragon 2000.
    The only difference between those 2 is the main stat (+6000). I took some basic stats (50% cc, 450%dcc, 7 000 main stat given by gear). Then I tried to calculate the dps with a very easy rotation (1 skill every seconds dealing 1000% weapon damage).
    With the exact same gear, the paragon 2000 has 68,8% more dps, given by the 6 000 more main stats.
    It seems to be a lot, but I found that one more GR level add 17% HP to mobs, it means that 68,8% more damage is only 4 more GR LVL right ?
    In conclusion, if you complete a GR 80 (for exemple) in 10 minutes at 800 paragon level, You would have complete a GR 84 in 10 minutes with the exact same set up, except being 2000 paragon levels ?
    Wich means, the most important paragon levels are from 0 to 800, and the stuff is a lot more important (espacially the set bonuses, legendary special powers and the whole stats given by the stuff wich are a lot more important that raw main stats)
    Am I right or did I make a huge mistake somewhere ? Because it seems that there is not a big difference between paragon 800 and 2000 (in term of GR tryhard, of course 68,8% more damage is huge, but not that much when climbing the ladder), of course you also have more toughness with your main stats, but when I read some comments it's like you are stucked at GR60 at level 800 paragon and are able to make 90+ when paragon 2000+ wich seems not to be true. More paragons means more playing time , wich means better stuff and more try in GR, more chances to have a good one and thats what make you climb the ladder, not the stats given by the paragon.
    Am I right ?

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