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    posted a message on Arcane Madness T6 Solo Build 2.06 by Xronos
    How do you stay alive or stay still for long in T6 without deflection or blur?
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    posted a message on R.I.P Magic Missile-Conflagrate.
    Good changes imo, mm conflag + firebirds interaction is apparantly crazy

    Not sure if serpent sparker & mirrorball are that powerful anymore though.
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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?
    Quote from kampfer91
    Pvp will not come to D3 , those wish for it is actually want PK .

    In D2 , when you PK someone , he drops gold .

    That is robbery .

    In D3 , many skills have large AoE and damage that can 1 shot any character , imagine you and other 2 is busy fighting Boss when a jerk enters the game and enable PK , the party accidentally kill themselves . Also , by clicking the flag you travel to that player and then perform assassination .

    Ok , so if Blizz finally give in to player 's stupidity and give them the PK , but allow individual member to turn it off / on so that they can't be killed , which will annoying those who want PK just like D2 as they can't casually enter a game and gank other players .

    PvP should be conducted in honor , mean players should settle their matter in an Arena , or wait , right , BRAWLING ?.
    I don't think I've ever read anything so carebear! Robbery??.. wow!

    I want to have the option of ganking and being ganked.
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    posted a message on are WD's gonna suck next patch because they die a lot?
    My pet WD is easily the safest of all my toons and does the most deeps....

    Probably won't suck next patch
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    posted a message on T6 Crusader - Fire Fist Of Heavens Build (Video)
    Good build, but I find this build plus others using FotH spams the screen so hard :)

    I also use space bar instead of shift for standing kill and attacking, I think it's much better!
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    posted a message on Looking for a viable t6 electrocute build
    First ever post!

    I know this topic is for T6 viable builds, but I wanted to share my lightning melee type wiz that does well in T4 (haven't tested T5 or 6 yet).

    Arc Lightning & WoF (Static Pulse),Black Hole, FW (deflection), Energy Armour and Wormhole.

    I use aughuilds, cain and asheara 3 piece sets plus storm crow, thundergods vigor, triumvirate and TF. I'm still looking for a SoJ, SOH and an amulet with +lightning.

    With this build you are pretty tanky, have very little reliance on CDR or arcane power and it's fun to use. You really do melt grouped up mobs and the cc is great with paralysis.

    The only downside is the single target dps is average and you are only effective in close/medium range.
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