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    posted a message on blizcon xpan what new class you like to seee

    I am the only one that doesn't want a new class? I mean, more balance to take care off... Adding to this, the 2Str/2Dex/2Intel balance will be ruined so the only logical way to go is a stamina class or a hybrid, both of them being at least silly (from my point of view at least)

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    posted a message on Blizzard finally talks on Paragon problem!

    Not funny but true

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    posted a message on The new 2.3 Hammerdin


    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/justinians-mercy - Blessed Hammer gains the effect of the Dominion rune.

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/blessed-of-haull - Justice spawns a Blessed Hammer when it hits an enemy.

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/jaces-hammer-of-vigilance - Increase the size of your Blessed Hammers.

    Increase the size plus increase attack speed of blessed hammers sounds really sweet.

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    posted a message on Kanai's Cube - Which affixes will you copy?

    Just thought about one scenario: will be possible to take the furnace passive and apply it to... well, another furnace? 100% damage to elites and stuff...(same goes for every other orange texts)

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    posted a message on Anybody try Rimeheart with Tal Rasha's?

    Magic Missile > Glacial Spike rune for the spamming skill. As for the combo tal-rime, sounds interesting and even more interesting if you combine it with the s3 cold gem but I have 2 problems in testing this: no rimeheart and not a season player. But it can work... on paper at least

    Edit: and also only for t6 if you are bored of any other build and want a change of pace

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    posted a message on What effects Slow Time damage?

    For the Bubble and tal interaction:

    As far as I saw so far, the bubble will pop the meteor corresponding to the highest element damage modifier.

    As an example: At the moment I am having fun with 5 tal + 3 magnum + rorg, fire damage on bracers, a gesture of orpheus with fire damage and the bubble with the stun passive(it's marked as arcane). When I use the bubble the fire meteor procs. I tested this with frost/electric bracers and no other elemental modifier and I got the corresponding meteor. I also did a test with 20% fire orpheus + 15% amulet vs 19% electric bracers + 15% thundergod + 17% electric andy mask and the bubble popped the electic meteor. So the bubble will proc the meteor corresponding to your highest elemental damage, no matter what rune you use

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    posted a message on A little experiment with bounty caches.
    When you open a cache it will determine what you get based on what class are you playing and where the cache was obtained(what act and if torment/no torment). It is irrelevant what class you used for farming it.

    I know this for sure because I always farm them on my witch doctor. For non torment caches I farm them on normal, obviously, where pestilence just instakills everything that moves on the map, and for torment caches I do T1 just because it's so fucking damn fast. I use a pet WD T6 viable.

    After I farm as many caches I want (on WD), I open them on other classes and I always get loot for that class. So far I got 4 class specific items from caches farmed on WD while opening them on other characters: akkhan gloves while opening on Crusader, Vyr chest on wizz, tal rasha ammy on wiz and danetta weapon on DH. For non specific class items, they appear to follow the rules of 'normal loot': most of them have the main stat for that class, while, from time to time, few of them with intel on crusader for example. TL;DR: loot from caches seems to follow the same rules as 'normal loot'

    Hope this helps ^_^
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    posted a message on Need some help with my character :)

    I use this on my wizard(my 4th character) and it's works really well for how less time I invested in it. I can do T4 with no problem only by using crafted gear and 2 jade items borrowed from my witch doctor(for extra 500 intel, because why not)

    Hope it helps
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    posted a message on Horadric Caches Legendary Drop Rates - 2.0.5 Edition
    • Difficulty: T3
    • Horadric Caches Opened: 50
    • Number of 'Normal' Legendaries: 8
    • Number ofTorment-OnlyLegendaries: 3(worst 2 tal rasha [email protected] + vyr boots)
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    My very first and only RoRG that ever dropped. Ever since, I am farming for another one for my which doctor with no luck...

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    posted a message on Lightning Crusader - the One-Hand Thundergod
    I have tried Punish with Fury or Retaliate, but I feel that smite is overall a bit better, mainly because it's a range spell and I can hunt down those annoying mobs that always get out of hammers range(I am looking at youenraged phantasms)
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    posted a message on Lightning Crusader - the One-Hand Thundergod
    Link to the build:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#WedhfQ!ZSWi!bZYY.c
    Link to hero profile:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ice-2963/hero/39228048

    ---Placeholder for videos---
    As soon as I will find why fraps is not working I will upload some videos with this build in action

    In the last few days I got bored of the classic holy builds and I started playing my witch doctor. My farming partner was still on his crusader when he found this insane Stone of Jordan: 20% Lightning damage, 6.0% crit chance, 26% vs elites(not the best roll, but 4% is not that much) and some strenght which I rolled to 472 at the moment, still aiming for more. Being a holy/fire crusader, he decided to give me this ring and I started building a lightning crusader. Firstly just for fun, but after I tried some different skills/items it was obvious that this will work on higher difficulties(with the right items). And then a question popped in my mind: what if I use a one hand weapon? And so the Thunder God was born.

    Starting with active skills:
    1/Q: Provoke with Charged Up rune
    This one is kinda self explanatory. Wrath generator, some nice extra damage, not that big CD. Mandatory for this build

    2/W: Here you can put anything. Literally. You can even let it empty. Consider this slot as your wild card. At the moment I run with Falling Sword - Rapid Descent, but I change this very often. Be creative and pick whatever you like.

    3/E: The slot for your Law. Again you can chose pretty much anything, as long as it is a Law. I run with Laws of Justice - Bravery because I like the extra tankiness and immunity to cc. As I said, any Law will do, pick whatever you are comfortable to play with.

    4/R: Akarat’s Champion. Your ultimate ability. Probably the best spell in the world(of Sanctuary). Rune of choice. I am using Hasteful at the moment because I like the extra speed. It’s a (somewhat) flexible build so pick what you like for the rune.

    Left Click: Smite - Surge
    Yes, a holy builder for an electric build. It may sound crazy, but I found that this works. Why is that? I don’t have the 6-piece Akkhan, so I need a builder. And I picked this because it works well with the Holy Cause passive. You deal holy damage, thus you heal yourself, you build wrath at the same rate, it can be used to kill those nasty wraiths or every enemy that runs from melee range. It’s just a great skill.

    Right Click: Blessed Hammer - Thunderstruck.
    Your bread and butter. The reason why everything will just melt. Low wrath cost, very nice damage, overall the best skill to use. I have also tried the Fist of the Heaves - Fissure, a very good alternative BUT: with the Fist my crits go up to 15-16 mil(for 30 wrath), while with the hammers they are at ~7mil(for 10 wrath). Overall, hammers are just better(for me and this build at least)

    Moving on to passives:
    Fervor: 15% attack speed and 15% cdr while using a 1h weapon. This is insane, a must have self explanatory passive.
    Finery: Nothing special here, more strength equals more damage
    Holy Cause: 10% weapon damage means more... damage. And the healing part is not wasted because of the Smite - Surge skill in the build.
    Blunt: 20% more damage for your main damage dealer for more killing power.
    If you feel that you are dying too often, like I do on T5, Blunt can be changed to Wrathful. For the moment I am using Wrathful even on T4 because the healing component of my gear is not (yet) that great.

    For the weapon there are few choices. At the moment I am using a 'normal' legendary because I still haven't found what I am looking for.
    Odyn Son: a great weapon for any Lightning build
    Thunderfury: another great(legendary) weapon, suitable for any Lightning build
    Fulminator: why not? That passive can be good, I'll give it a shot when I'll find one
    Shard of Hate: nothing to explain here, this sword speaks for itself
    Justinian's Mercy: I used Dominion rune on a holy build and it was very effective, why not having our lightning hammers around us every time wreaking havoc?
    Jace’s Hammer of Vigilance: bigger and harder hitting hammers: why not?
    Any of the above weapons can be good, just pick the one you like, or the one you have. In my case, I will stick to my nothing-special Sever until I will get one of them.

    Shields: 10% cc, lots of strength, vitality... a classic shield. Use this until you get a Lidless Wall with lightning damage. At the moment I am using a normal shield because I have no choice :(

    For the other items, the classic setup:
    - 6-piece akkhan set (I am at 4 at the moment) and 50%+ cdr
    - bracers and amulet with Lightning damage
    - lightning Andariel (still looking for one)
    - Ring of Royal Grandeur, so that you can have the 6-piece akkhan without using the helm and make room for Andy
    - for the belt: Thundergod it's the best you can get. At the moment I am using a Witching Hour, a decent choice, but not as good as the Thundergod. Another belt that can be used until TG is Harrington.
    - a stone of jordan with Lightning damage(obviously), as much cc and str as possible. This one is the very reason I started this guide, and probably one of the best items in the game. Don't underestimate it, I always thought it's good for nothing, until I got my hands on one of them.

    - move speed until capped, then strength -> vitality
    - for offense: attack speed > crit chance = crit damage > cdr
    - for defense: life% = armor = all ress > life regen
    - for utility only resource cost is mandatory (more hammers). Put the rest of the points wherever you feel you need them.

    What is this build best for? Bounties and rifts. It is best for clearing large packs. When it comes to elites it's a bit slow, but thanks to SoJ they are no big deal. At the moment, with my early-mid progression gear, I am able to do T3 with no problems, I only die every half an hour, and that's because I have 3-4 elite packs and akarat is on cd or I don't move from explosions/arcane, mostly because of my own stupidity. On T4 I have problems only with the nasty elite packs, I die from time to time, but on an acceptable rate. I farm T4 only when I am focused to the game. T5 it's doable with my current gear, but it's very hard and I die quite often, mainly because I don't kill things fast enough. With some more gear (6 piece akkhan, thundergod, amulet with lightning damage and a specialized weapon) T5/6 can be easily doable.
    TL;DR: with semi-crappy early-mid progression gear, T4 can be farmed with (relatively) ease, T5 is doable and T6 is a forbidden place (for now)

    End notes:
    First of all, this is not the best build for a crusader, but it's very fun, and with some gear it can be really effective. I am waiting for any feedback, ideas about how can it be improved etc. And remember: I am not forcing anyone to use this build, I am just showing the way I play my crusader.

    Have fun (light)storming the Torment difficulty. ^_^
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    I just love how ppl are talking about RNG. RNG is just RNG. A system that you can love (if you are lucky) or hate if you are not. Or both, like I do.

    For example:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ice-2963/hero/39228048

    The RoRG on my crusader is the only one I ever got. And I think I've opened ~800 caches. I am unlucky? Ofc, because I got only one drop. But in the same time I am insanely lucky 'cuz I got a godly roll on my 1st chance.

    Akkhan gloves got from random mobs, the shoulders are a gift from my girlfriend(she also plays a crusader and if I remember correctly she got like 4 of those shoulders) and the pants I got after rolling 75 shards(in the same roll I got 2 other legends, the Blachthorne and some other random stuff). So far I was lucky. But after this I have spent ~10k shards(obtained via RiF in 1 day, that system is broken if you abuse, but I lost like 300 keys so I think it is even somewhere) and no chest. Only got the shitiest chest you will see via a cache (417str and 416 vit and no sockets).

    TL;DR: with RNG sometimes you got uber lucky, other times you will curse every god you know and maybe you will invent some...

    edit: 800 caches, not 500 as I stated initially, random typo. And yes, I have counted every cache I have opened, at 847 at the moment(623 on crusader, 87 on wd and 137 on demon hunter...I love numbers and statistics)
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    posted a message on Horadric Caches Legendary Drop Rates - 2.0.5 Edition
    • Difficulty: Torment3
    • Horadric Caches Opened: 50
    • Number of 'Normal' Legendaries: 6
    • Number ofTorment-OnlyLegendaries: 1 (worst akkhan chest i've ever seen)
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