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    Good afternoon!

    I am currently willing to help the following brand new players ( Paragon 0-200 ) Gear up their first character.

    • Demon Hunters
    • Wizards
    • Crusaders
    • Witch Doctors
    Any items I do not need per class I will donate. Rift Keys are not required but would definitely be appreciated. If you interested in this free service please leave the following information and I will get back to you asap.

    • Class
    • Current Paragon
    • Battletag ( example#1337 )
    Thanks for Reading and I look forward to helping everyone that I can.

    In order to make this process a little easier I have recently set up a Community!

    Search for: DiabloNoobies ( Open to the Public ) Myself, dem0ndeath, as the leader!

    Quick Explanation of goals with this Community.
    -To provide one on one running service, ensuring the person in need gets all items.
    -To provide help to questions about specific classes in a private setting.

    I am also contemplating opening up my Ventrilo Server to those who would like to join with their runner.
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