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    Quote from "Kiserai" »
    Really? Because searching for 'Belial' brings up half a dozen threads. Either you're lying about searching or...well, the second option is rather insulting so I'll leave it at that.

    If you search for "IGN Article Belial" the last thread is from September.

    Oh... I get it. It's because you mention the article last night in a thread called "We have only seen the first act". Congratulations, you mentioned it before I did. That thread title is not specifically about the article or the lore, is it? nor is it meant to instigate discussion on the subject on a Diablo 3 discussion forum. So either get to moderating and merge the threads or leave the policing to the actual moderators.
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    Quote from "Kiserai" »
    This had already been brought up for discussion on other threads. Please use the Search feature.

    If you look at the OP you can see I didn't find it anywhere. You could've included a link or something, rather than generic condescension. Thanks for moderating though!
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    Quote from "valeo" »
    Yeah, the in-game cut scene they showed us was pretty terrible to be honest. I hope there are still big, epic cutscenes like in Diablo 2. I loved those.

    For your pleasure...

    Quote from name=""Jay Wilson"" »
    Between each one there's a cinematic, it's a way of saying, here's where the cinematics go, here's where we go to a new environment you've never seen before, here's where we branch to the next step in the story.

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    I remember reading in one of the chats (maybe Heroes/Monsters) one of the questions was "how the hell is diablo still alive" and I think that Jay or someone said "we never said Diablo was still alive". Crap I can't find it, maybe someone else remembers.

    I interpreted that bit of the article a bit differently, in that it is a general synopsis of all the games, not specifically that Diablo is the end boss. But you never know. He gotta be there somewhere right?

    edit: I see Pryda remembers the same thing
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    Couple nice tidbits from this article, I didn't see it posted anywhere yet.

    Quote from "Jay Wilson" »
    The first act is a little bit more of a mystery, there's this cult that has been operating in and around the rebuilt Tristram, you're trying to find out who they are. Act two's a little bit more of an intrigue and deception-focused story, because Belial is in there. Act three, there's a lot more.

    So could Belial, like some have guessed, been posing as Tyrael to destroy the Worldstone?

    Also a 5th class tidbit:
    Quote from "IGN Article" »

    IGN: Have you confirmed how many unrevealed classes there are, to round out the entire party?

    Jay Wilson: There's one more.

    IGN: You did mention that it's being revealed next year, and that it's someone from the previous games?

    Jay Wilson: I did say that. I probably shouldn't have said that, because we're not sure that's going to be the case. It's just logical, that's what we tend to do. But it may or may not. I'm not gonna answer it, anyway? [laughs]

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    I notice the barb has a large sword on the char page now, so it's unlikely we'll see a s/s combo char. I think that bodes well for the return of the paladin and necromancer in an xpac. The wizard looks great too. I wonder how they will handle the 'look and feel' of armour on the monk since he's bare chested and all. What will the female monk wear?
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    Quote from "Jonesy" »
    The Monk looks awesome. There's a ton of potential with this class. I'm thinking he'll probably be really quick, with emphasis on close range combat. Maybe with some type of combo/quick multiple hits type damage. Some type of aura (similar to the paladin) would probably fit in as well.

    As for weapons, what fits in with monks aside from staves and bare handed? Maybe some time of gloves, or something?

    I dunno if you've ever watched old hong kong kung fu, but there are tons of weapon possibilities! Aside from bare fists, gloves & claws... there are staves and swords to shovel blades, spears, fans, melon balls, hammers, hell, even chopsticks. My personal favourite is the three sectional staff.
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    posted a message on New Diablo 3 Character Class: The Monk!
    This is awesome! I'm totally drooling for multi-hit staff combos Shaolin warrior style.
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    posted a message on A Recap of Blizzard's 2009 Fansite Summit!
    Great descriptive read, thanks!
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    posted a message on Who do you think deserves a set ?
    The long lost pieces of....

    Inarius' Vanity

    Golden Locks
    +75-150 Defense (varies)
    +3-5 Light Radius (varies)
    Lightning Resist +50%
    -5-15% to Vendor Prices (varies)
    5% Chance to Cast Lower Resist on Striking
    Level 5 Attract (77 charges)
    +100% Defense (2 items)
    +100% Increased Gold Dropped from Monsters (3 items)
    +100% Better Chance to Get Magic Items (4 items)

    Angelic Touch
    Crusader Gauntlets
    +100-200% Defense (varies)
    +20-30% Increased Attack Speed (varies)
    +3-5% Mana Stolen per Hit (varies)
    25% Faster Cast Rate
    10% Chance of Crushing Blow
    Hit Causes Monster to Flee 10%
    +100% Defense (2 items)
    +250% Damage to Undead (3 items)
    +250% Damage to Demons (4 items)

    Bloated Binding
    Colossus Girdle
    +100-200% Defense (varies)
    Fire Resist 50%
    Physical Damage reduced by 10-20% (varies)
    Magic Damage reduced by 5-10 (varies)
    Life Drain -5
    -5 to Monster Defense per Hit (per Character Level)
    +100% Defense (2 items)
    +1 to Vitality (per Character Level) (3 items)
    50% Chance of Open Wounds (4 items)

    Sandals of Deception
    Mirrored Boots
    +75-150 Defense (varies)
    Requirements -25%
    +30% Faster Run/Walk
    +20% Faster Hit Recovery
    +3-5% Life Stolen per Hit
    Poison Resist 50%
    +100% Defense (2 items)
    +20 Dexterity (3 items)
    +20 Strength (4 items)

    Wings of Remorse
    Loricated Mail
    +700 Defense
    +1-2 to All Skills (varies)
    +25-50% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    Requirements -30%
    Cold Resist 50%
    Cannot Be Frozen
    Socketed (3)
    +100% Defense (2 items)
    +100 Life (3 items)
    +25 Strength (4 items)

    Lidless Eye
    +1 to All Skills
    Resist All 20%
    10-20% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
    20% Faster Hit Recovery (2 items)
    20% Increased Chance of Blocking (3 items)
    20% Increased Attack Speed (4 items)

    Partial Set Bonus
    +100 Mana (2 items)
    +100 Life (3 items)
    Damage Reduced by 20% (4 items)

    Complete Set Bonus
    Provides Angelic Aura
    +1 Redemption
    +2 Salvation
    +3 to All Skills
    +4 to Light Radius
    +5 to All Attributes
    +7% to Maximum Life
    +7% to Maximum Mana
    +7% Life Steal
    +7% Mana Steal
    Damage Reduced by 20%
    10% Chance to Cast Fist of the Heavens on Attack
    10% Chance to Case Static Field When Struck
    Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
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    posted a message on New Curse network site: FFXIVCore.com! Plus, Diablo Haikus.
    What heroes come forth
    Blizzard, master of anguish,
    Reveal your secrets

    Lore panel do tell
    Of the angelic council
    Is one of them mad?

    New gameplay abounds
    Thousands fiending for their turn
    Tastes like addiction
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    posted a message on 100-110 Skills Per Character - Very Likely
    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    7 different runes SO far, 5 different qualities, they said they're working on making more and possibly a 6th quality in there.

    I just wanted to elaborate from a Jay Wilson interview where he said they could make up as many as they want, but they had to have a cool cross-function for the different skills. Like the Multi-strike rune in the Wizard spells would create more clones, or create additional meteors, or increase the chain hits of electrocute.
    At some point it can get too much with so many options. However, someone asking questions also posed the possibility of rare or very rare runes and (I think it was Jay Wilson and Ray Gresko) they seemed like they hadn't considered that before or they seemed intrigued by looking into that.
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    posted a message on Character Stat Assigning
    Good posts from Feret, I agree with the points you made there. However, I wish they had gone the route of improving on the stat system, rather than just auto-assigning it for you. You know, like make Str means more, or Dex or whatever. Make it a little more involved where you can think about how distributing the stats will affect you now or in the future. Like replace 'Energy' with 'Magic' or something and each point in it not only increasing mana (based on class) but also increases mana regeneration rate, magic based skill damage and resistance to magic based damage.

    I dunno... Seems like they are taking some of the RPG out of ARPG. I don't want the Diablo dumbed down, per se. They could have added an 'autolevel' button too for the action peoples, and the stat stuff and number crunching could still be there for the people that like that sort of thing. I agree there is very little variety in D2 stat distribution as it is, but I disagree with the path they have taken until I can see further results or detail. Part of the fun for me was rebuilding characters to see if they could be better than the last one. (FWIW I only play hardcore)
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    posted a message on New Class Announced: The Wizard
    Quote from "Roland" »
    Did you people not read the character page? The Wizard name was chosen very carefully apparently, there's a whole segment on how it's the uncouth magicians who use magic for they're own ends are not worthy to be called civilized sorcerers, instead they're branded Wizard.

    Oh, and in the modestly cinematic class trailer... did anyone else notice the the skeleton king seemed almost exactly like King Leoric (you know, the giant skeleton king you killed) from Diablo 1?

    Yeah totally like Leoric.

    At first I was like, Wizard... wtf. But after reading up on it I can see why it was chosen. And after seeing the gameply vid, then the trailer, i am totally sold. Meteor, chain lightning kick ass. The slow time is kick ass, and one where she split into several version of herself. Totally awesome. Looked dark and gloomy... looking really good now.

    D3 plz.
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    posted a message on Playable Diablo 3 Demo At Blizzcon 2008! Plus, A New Character To Be Revealed!
    Awesome. Sinamints are win.
    Looking forward to updates! Enjoy it, those of you who could get there. :thumbsup:
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