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    posted a message on A boost to lvl 70 please ? (seasonal)
    Quote from Okakeri»

    In Hardcore, i would say its more dangerous to get a boost then to slowly go solo on normal difficulty.

    Isn't that why when you get boosted, the booster clears the entrance to
    the rift so it's safe, then you sit just inside whilst they go crazy
    killing stuff on T6 or higher on that rift level. Rinse and repeat for
    each rift level. No risk unless the booster doesn't clear the entrance
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    posted a message on Getting the Furnace is complete BS.

    That's about right so far (as in drop chance). Quck google search shows that Furnace has about 2% drop chance (if the drop is going to be a 2H Mace, which it is cause your gambling through the cube for the particular type). So if your sample size was 50, odds are that you get 1. Your sample was under 50 and then of course , randomness never plays by the rules so it could take you another 1000+ db's before you see it. Good hunting :)

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    posted a message on 2.3 Ptr and queue
    Quote from Mosano»

    My launcher says PTR in development. What queue r u talking about ?

    I'm guessing we should take the advice in your signature....

    Or maybe it just needs to be said - you need to re-read original post

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