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    posted a message on Doing no damage and struggle with survivability - Vyrs wiz

    Not sure if you're still working with the Vyr's build, but I've got a couple of tips.

    I'd recommend switching either teleport or frost nova for Blizzard with Snowbound rune. While casting Arcane Torrent, spam Blizzard. It will constantly cancel Torrent's animation and greatly reduce your downtime between Archons.

    Since you've got a furnace cubed, you can switch your +% elemental damage to arcane and use a Moonlight Ward.

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    Sorry if this is incredibly long. I completely ignored formatting half way through. Any feedback on the ideas below is much welcome.

    From my perspective, the current state of gold is in variance among player groups. While quite vague, here's how I would describe some of the hierarchy:

    Diablo 3 veteran (consistent through transition to RoS or knowingly returning) -
    Likely began RoS with a hefty sum of gold and gained a fairly substantial lead along the way by having early high-end gems. Crafts and rerolls many items without worry. Probably did not need to farm gold so far and may not need to for quite some time, if ever. Gold seems to be a meaningless resource and hasn't experienced any of the struggles caused by lack of gold. Eventually might run out and lose some interest in the game or struggle to farm back some of what was wasted.

    Diablo 3 veteran (started pre-RoS without surity of return or decided to cash out) -
    Begins RoS with a small or inexistent sum of gold. Learns the best gold methods along the way in order to keep up with the gem and crafting race. Uses rerolls sparingly. Spends most of their time in hell rifts (RIP). Knows the struggle, but knows the fix. Has the advantage of level and experience in D3 to get by without too many issues.

    Diablo 3 newcomer (post-RoS or pre-RoS below level cap or casual at cap) -
    Begins RoS with a small or inexistent sum of gold. Faced with a huge learning curve. Entered into a community where the support options are very limited: no trading, not much can be done to physically help the player. Juggles the options of further testing of different abilities and perhaps builds, simply sticking with a build in hope that gear will provide what is needed to advance further, or beginning to pool resources (mats and gold) in order to gear around a specific build eventually. Likely to spend rerolls in a way that won't be beneficial in the long term. The struggle is tough.

    This breakdown leaves out most of the distinguishing elements between hardcore (in terms of hours played, not game mode) and casual players. I felt that leaving this out for this specific post provides a more general scope to the issues in the gold system.

    There is far too large of a discrepancy between standpoints on the state of gold. For one player, gold could be simply ignored for months or years, while another player might worry about gold on a daily basis. They might struggle with deciding if a 2% damage upgrade is worthwhile if it could be obtained by rerolling an item. The wealthy player would reroll the item simply as a means of increasing drop efficiency to reach the next upgrade.

    The issue needs to be addressed in multiple ways. Simply put, increasing gold drops won't solve anything. There needs to be a more involved method of earning gold. A few random examples from the top of my head would be: Story mode quests award far more gold after resetting quests, then diminish as they currently do after first completion. Add an option to gamble for an assortment of 50k-500k gold or some number of crafting materials. Add additional "bonus" bounties randomly to each act which incorporate some event related to farming gold or perhaps making deliveries for NPCs. I could see it making sense to pick up some items from Haedrig and delivering them to rare spawn vendors around the world.

    These methods would increase the gold income for players who are motivated to do so in exchange for a small loss of efficiency in item farming. This wouldn't have an impact on those who already have plenty of gold lying around and don't wish to go out of their way for a little bit more.

    As a second step in a two-fold overhaul, there needs to be some added incentive for using gold once you've practically maxed out a character. Would purchased consumables be harmful to the meta? I could imagine incorporating consumables that provide a small stat bonus or special effect such as stepping over clickable world objects opens them (heavy feet, I guess), ability to see invisible, underground, or flying monsters before they ambush you, town portal cast time reduced to 3/4 of normal, scroll to summon a travelling vendor who will buy items and (maybe) repair your armor. Certainly these would last for a fixed duration based on the strength of their effects, they would be unique (only one active at a time), each have a cooldown that doesn't reset each game, and have a smaller global cooldown among all consumables so you can't instantly swap to whatever is needed for every situation.

    As another brief thought, I think that the enchanter could use some reworking. It would be nice to get a certain stat, let's say strength, from rerolling. Next, you can work on increasing that stat roll gradually through another tab. Each increase will provide a small random boost and cost materials/gold. Once the stat reaches maximum, perhaps it can be overcharged by subsequent stat increases, but there is a chance to fail and revert it. The chance to fail increases exponentially as the stat gets higher. This would give players with tons of gold an opportunity to push things a bit further. However, the increases would be miniscule in comparison to rerolling an undesired stat to one that is beneficial. In turn, gold becomes less of a gamechanger in terms of rerolling, but provides a longer lasting necessity to obtain and/or spend wisely. If this seems like too much of a gold sink, there could be a cooldown added so players can't roll to increase a stat consistently until it's far more than perfect. I'd be thinking, "Can we have T10 yet?"

    The bottom line is, there are plenty of issues with the gold system. Simply switching around numbers or allowing for trading are two solutions that avoid the problem rather than truly solving it. There needs to be creativity involved to remedy this.
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    posted a message on D3 2.05 & the Loot Meta Game -- Is it off?
    For the past few days, Kadala has made me rethink my entire lifestyle, down to the socks on my feet. After several trials with different sock combinations - two white, white and black, rainbow and striped, homemade Lut Socks infused with the tears of forgotten souls and my own - to name a few. I've ordered Kadala fan club shirts in hope that she'll notice me. I've offered her tea or coffee in the mornings, but she merely responds with a cruel quip regarding my misfortunes.

    Earlier tonight I concluded a depressing 30 cache looting session, adding to the gross pool of caches without a RORG. I ran a few rifts with a friend before he headed off to bed and looted two more firewalkers and a pair of crude shoes. As I wallowed in misery, I decided to toss a few blood shards at the cynical love of my life. Something must have clicked. Perhaps it was the heels of the firewalkers that I rudely tossed at Haedrig.

    Kadala winked and passed me her smelly, well-worn Vyr's Swaggering Stance. That's right, she actually gave up some of her swagger. Hopefully this tale goes down in history as one progress towards the growth of altruism in Kadala's bitter heart.

    After such an eventful night, I'm really glad to be putting away my socks. I will not share details on the results with different combinations as it is a depressing obsession that I would not wish upon anyone. Okay, maybe I'll hint at it to Kadala, but good luck getting anything meaningful from her.

    I can finally go back to enjoying this game. I've been able to resume farming for legendary crafting material to get my hands on some high-end Born's, Aughild's, and Captain Crimson's set pieces in order to finish up my Vyr's build.

    However, after spending approximately 40 forgotten souls on crafting, I'm beginning to slip into a Horadric Coma in thought of the cache farming ahead. It should only take a few hundred more, right?

    If this post brings you anything, at least let it bring hope that there's a light at the end of the rift, but it might just be Kadala with a flashlight. Wait for that devil to run out of batteries and pray to the gods, all 1001 (?) of them, that it isn't solar powered. I'm sure Kadala's been hoarding all of the Sunkeepers as well.

    In other news, I was lucky enough to get another Barber an hour ago. While they don't receive the fame they deserve and aesthetically don't appear excedingly powerful, this 2260 dps dagger packs quite a punch having +X-X dmg, 720 int, 10% damage, 34% critical damage, and a socket! It nets a 15% increase over my 2120 Mad Monarch's which also has socket, 700 int, and 10% dmg!

    There still is hope outside of rifts. Eventually, I hope that everyone who has been continually dedicated is able to finish their character(s) of choice to a desired level of completion (gear-wise) so that they can enjoy the world outside of rifts! I pray for the lives of the hardcore. Even having registered here 10 minutes ago, I seem to have forgotten that I never posted on this website before. Kadala may have left some lasting side effects on my memory. Perhaps it reprogrammed itself to loop every 10 minutes in synchrony with rift runs. Could we get a disclaimer printed for the Nephalem Obelisk?
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