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    If this is the best news that you have seen since banwaves or anything else d3 related, you should probably get out and do some life things. Getting excited about THUD going down for a day is the same as getting excited about hugging your mom. There is more to life than just Diable and zomg leaderboards that honestly mean nothing since it has more to do with the rng that blizz provides than the actual skill the players bring.

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    The amount of huge epeens in this thread because of a ban wave is pretty pathetic. If people would put as much time into D3 as crying about botters and t-hud users, you might actually get somewhere in the game. Moving up the leaderboard 5 spots is nothing to brag about. The only thing this does is decrease the already shrinking player base. I see it in community chat daily. Compared to a month ago there is 10% if that of the people that were logging in.

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    posted a message on Season has been out for 312 hours, top ranked players have over 300 hours played in this season, explain ?

    People botting affects you how again? If it bothers you that much to the point where you look at their time played, perhaps it's time you spent a few hours and picked up a bot yourself so you can have a chance at the leaderboards. Last I checked, you don't get a thing other than a larger e-peen for getting on them. I'm sure there is something much more important that you could spend time on than worrying about these guys that cheat. Your life is the same whether they do or not.

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