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    First would like to say, was hesitant before i looked at it, but it really is awesome, great job. On to the fun stuff, the real killer feature for me would be adding a resorting of ranking by maximum paragon level. As in, being able to type in 1000, and then it will show the ranking order of only those people who completed the rift with a paragon level of 1000 and below. With the inflation of stats due to paragon level it would really be interesting to be able to only look at those close to you in paragon level as a yardstick of competition.

    As someone who likes statistics, average paragon level of people ranking, sorted by class might be cool, however certainly not even remotely mandatory feature.

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    At least in regards to bounty materials, it's 1/2 torment level. So t8 drops 4, t10 drops 5. t9 and t7 however i think is 50/50 on dropping 4/5 or 3/4 respectively. Also that number is doubled if you do bonus act, so basically if you're only doing bonus act, you get the same number of materials (on average) as the torment level.

    From my xp with ubers, t10 seems 50/50 on 2/3 organs but that's pure conjecture.

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    I personally would be in favor of additional difficulties above t6, Sometimes I don't want to do grfits, whether it be normal rifts or bounties or heck even playing through the campaign, the ability to take advantage of the power creep introduced by ancient gear, set gear prevalence and of course legendary gems means that I can do all those non-grift activities at closer to optimal difficulty. Now for the question of how 100% mechanics would be handled is pretty simple. Bounty bag has for example a 100% chance to drop one legendary as well as a 20% chance to drop a second on t7 for example, and this chance for a second increases as the t-level increases. This same idea applies to all 100% mechanics.

    It's a valid point, when is enough, t8? t10? t1000!? (ok t-1000 would likely terminate us all) hard to tell but I still would like the bar raised some.

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    Maximum damage roll is 1199-1490, assuming a perfect roll (unlikely, but possible) would net you 142 min 182 max, or an average increase of 162 damage. Multiplied by the 1.4 attacks per second, this results in a dps increase of 226.8. Whereas rerolling for +10% damage would only yield 204.8 dps. So rerolling the elemental damage could give more dps as well as maintaining the vitality.

    Or more simply, they're close, but one allows you to also have a toughness boost so no real competition.
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    I would say the one saving grace of the Doombringer in this case is that you could still reroll the damage value using the mystic to get a much higher weapon dps value. Considering you could get almost 15% more dps this way i'd say, messing with that could be worth it over the sunkeeper.
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