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    rank 2 barb on PTR .. so you're taking PTR seriously or .. ?

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    well it's basically simple if you just compare the sizes(/counts) of chars/stash tabs. by default you (I) have 12 slots for chars, so let's say you can have 1 of each class + additional 6 for season/hc/male-female/different builds ...

    stash tabs you have 5, one of which goes in (i would say) 99% of players to materials (gems,keys,crafting mats, stones(ruby etc.)). and you don't really need much of them to have it (almost) full.

    so there's only 4 slots left for char specific stuff. i use to use them for my main playing chars, but 4 doesn't equal 6, if you wanted to have a personal stash for each class, at least 1. basically 3 chars (if same mode) need to share 1 stash tab then ...

    i just can hope he didn't meant it that strict, simply not giving more space to players, because we really need it
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    ^_^ nice vid :)
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    it was much, BUT i think it would have played a big role in survival of higher GRifts. And i think it would be ok if they half'ed it, but completely reverting it again to 400ish is just ... meeeeeeh

    well, byebye Transcendence again, liked you much..

    hi 6thS. & Harmony again ..

    at least 2. gem power is now reachable ..

    i think you should calculate without healthglobe bonus, because 90k is a bit much and not everyone would stack this for only 0.4% use of it
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    posted a message on 1-2 hours and we have our FIRST world paragon 1000
    @topic: who cares? exploiters/botters will be exploiters/botters and honest players will stay honest and have actually fun playing.
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    Quote from Flac666

    Quote from st0rmie
    Quote from Flac666

    Soo if i understand it right, the 2H buff makes all other classes op now? (monks do 100m hits with them now)
    Other classes basically never used 2H weapons, so some buff was needed.

    Have they over-buffed it? Wouldn't be the first time. I suspect that the exact numbers we have in the current PTR patch won't stay unchanged if it seems to make 2H weapons mandatory.
    Ye thats why i felt it special playing a crusader (other classes not using 2h-s).

    And yes we have class weapons and shields...but still that wasnt the big thing in playing a crusader for me, it was the big 2h..well well.

    No it wont be the first time they over buff a thing, problem is that they dont see the options players see with it, therefore there will be some classes that will have a big advantage using diffrent skills than they did before when they only used 1h.

    And i hope they see this BEFORE patch goes live...
    so you think crusaders should stay OP as they were and other classes should not get a chance to be on par? pathetic .. simply the OPness of a crusader being able to wear a 2h weapon AND a shield at once, is just .. crazy, but ok because it fits the theory of crusaders. but not giving other classes the chance to make use of 2handers as well, is poor.

    hopefully the monk is getting some diversity now and can make use of daibos again, maybe barbs somehow too, don't think other classes like WIZ or WD will ever use 2handers .. so your concerns about "nerfing" crusaders and "buffing all others" is not really fundamentional.
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    it has for sure what to do with passives, damage is the 1 half of efficiency and effectiveness, and mitigation is the other. as mitigation we have (only viable) harmony left (though dex=armor is nice and i dont complain) and 2-3 good for damage output: relentless assault, momentum and the other one with 12yrd radius. beacon for CDR ... aaaand thats it. all the other you will never ever ever use. 15% AS for a few seconds? b..ch please ..

    and i really think monk's AS passiv SHOULD compete with other classes' ones, because the competition and similarness just makes similar possibilities to achieve similar results, telling you, these 2 classes are equally balanced and one strong as the other. otherwise you can't ever achieve balance.

    if you look at shinnas post, you will see that monks (and other melees) are the weakest, though they should be at least as strong as range classes. and of the melees, monks are also the weakest .. now more than ever with the nerfs to EP. i really find it nice, that EP has now different elements, though they should maybe taken a look at again, but its kind of ok. a bit too low dmg, but i can live with it. but the rest is just .. useless. when did you see one running with bells or SSS without FoE. monk's spenders are just .. oh man. also the passives. for every build i would play or just simply for test, i would choose from exactly the same ~5:

    Harmony, Relentless Assault, Determination, Momentum, Beacon of Ytar (maybe unity if you play with innas <-- rofl and/or Exhaulted Soul +2regen, so what pff)

    heavenly strength vs fervor is just as it should be, both together would make him just pure imbaness. and it makes sense, but also is overpowered to other melees: he can carry a 2-hander in ONE HAND -> much more damage, or 1-hander and getting +15% AS (like dual wielding but) PLUS 15% CDR. its like 2 passives from monk in each one of crus.

    well, hopefully blizzard will see now where the monks stand without EP and they gonna buff other skills like ...

    • SSS lower spirit cost AND cooldown
    • Pillar of Ancients lower spirit cost AND moving these 3 crappy hits to one, also reworking maybe
    • AS of generators should be much much faster
    • Tempest Rush is just crap and only good for bounties (speed)
    • Dashing Strike should cost spirit (~25-30) for being able to use Raiment of Storms better and making it competable
    • Sweeping wind should last longer
    • Cyclone Strike a bit less spirit costs and
    • Mantras .. pfffffff waaaat .. besides farming builds for speed they're never really used/useful and too much spirit cost for too short time
    also would be nice if Raiment would not be bound on the only movement skill, but maybe Cyclone strike or Pillar. And Sunwukos should have its spirit-counter reduced to like 50spirit .. to low damage output to compete with other classes. therefore its amulet should roll fixed %holy dmg, since the proc does Holy damage and there are some better helms/spirit stones than sunwuko's. as you see, every wizard is now running with firebird's, because it does nice damage: 3000%/sec .. with raiment you have 3000%/dash .. gaining 1 charge every 6sec, you have 500%/sec .. thats nothing compared with firebird's or Jade's 400-700mil nukes every 2-5s

    so far my 2 cents
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    you can use sunwuko 3pc with innas 3pc and choose skills like air ally and mantra for spirit regen with the gardian passive for max spirit regen.as element you choose holy, because the procs from sunwuko are holy dmg.

    currently i'm running a CDR build though, amu,gloves and shoulders sunwuko, new madstone, born chest + weapon. this way you get spirit regen from epiphany(soothing mist) and have skill slots for other purposes. with the new madstone i am running with SSS:FO and can clearly spam it (70% CDR atm)

    also, it's my favourite build so far from all possible builds.
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    posted a message on Patch 2.1 (PTR) - Undocumented Changes
    Quote from Zero(pS)
    Quote from Suriel666

    somehow undocumented: Hellfire Amulet doesn't roll it's intended random passive skill yet ^^
    You mean the amulet gets crafted but doesn't get any passive rolled? I don't get it, the ones I saw had the passives. Or maybe it isn't "random"? It's always the same? Anyways, some clarification on what you meant would be nice :)


    don't know if it's a class specific bug, but i think i've tested it with (almost) all my chars, but i'll look again, though it's still a bug, because i want to have it with wd, and not another ;D
    maybe it's also a version bug, e.g. that only english versions of PTR have the right one, don't know.
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    posted a message on Kamikaze-Dogs revisited ! [PTR 2.1]
    Hey guys, It's Doge time!

    First of all i apologize for any mistakes that i might make in my writing, because english is not my native language, but i think it's also quite well.

    I want to present my version of the build around [b]Sacrifice. [/b]It's my first official build write down, so pls don't expect it to be perfect :P.

    So, the build is revolving around[b]Zombie Doges & Sacrifice[/b]as the main damage skill, as it is now on the PTR.About the build: yes, i saw one or two similar builds and mine is not 100% complete and perfect yet, but for my early testings it did quite well, surprisingly. This introduction includes also some theory crafting and i didn't manage to record a video of this build in action, simply because i didn't ever do one (and don't know how to/which progs/no time). Also, I think this build is weighted like ~60% : 40% fun to efficiency. I will show the build with some variations that one may choose to adjust the needs of each one. I came to the idea because my Jade WD is almost perfect geared and i wanted more diversity in my pet builds. Ok, enough of forewords, let's go!
    Info about the skills from patch notes (spoiler to save some space in post, sorry if unnecessary):

    • Sacrifice
    • Has been redesigned
      • Now sacrifices a single doge at a time
      • The doge will now be thrown to you cursor location and detonates on impact

      Weapon damage [b]increased from 185% to 1090%[/b]
        If you're wearing [b]The Tall Man's Finger, the damage is tripled to 3270%[/b] weapon damage for sacrificing your doge
        • You do not gain additional damage if your giant doge represents more than 3 normal doges

      Skill Rune - Black Blood
        Has been redesigned
        • Now stuns enemies in the impact area for 3 seconds

      Skill Rune - Pride
      • Mana gained increased from 60 to 280 per doge

      Skill Rune - For the Master
        Has been redesigned
        • All your doges will now be sacrificed in a single cast for 1090% weapon damage each

      Skill Rune - Provoke the Pack
        Has been redesigned
          Now gain 20% increased damage for 5 seconds when you sacrifice a doge
          • This buff gains a stack with each cast and has a maximum of 10 stacks

      • Passive Skills
        • Circle of Life
            Chance to summon a Zombie Doge has been reduced from 30% to 15%

    [b]Core of the Build:[/b]

    I think the first thing that points out is the nice increased damage. Now it makes this skill more viable than ever before. But it's not just the damage why I chose to try out this skill. It makes much fun for me to blow them up and really deal damage with it. As you also can see, the skill can be used with TMF now, which triples it's damage and creates another nice synergy with TMF. This is also part of the variant of the core build.

    While almost every rune is interesting (except of pride, because we won't need any mana), i see only two viable choices: [b]Next of Kin[/b] (not touched by patch) & [b]Provoke the Pack.[/b]For the Master is not that effective, I think, because it needs all doges to be by your side for full potential of the rune and because of the fact, that you sometimes miss the shots, you would lose all the doges at once. I personally prefer Next of Kin, because I feel most flexible with this one. It has a 35% chance that a sacrificed doge respawns as a new one, waiting to be sacrificed again! :D Provoke the Pack can almost double your damage for 5sec but I think you don't benefit from the increase of damage if you just don't have any doges :P

    Now, because of Sacrifice as our main damage delaer, I would focus on Physical element.
    Well, let us put up this main spec now and talk a bit about the other skills I use.
    This spec is for the normal build, without TMF and i find it slightly more fluent, but I'll talk about the one with TMF later, too (variations).


    • [b]Sacrifice[/b]: Next of Kin (main skill)
    • [b]Piranhas[/b]: Piranhado (pretty much almost in every spec a nice-to/must-have)
    • [b]Zombie Dogs:[/b] Life Link -- I chose Life Link simply because of the occasional 10% reduced damage u take, when not all dogs have been sacrificed.
    • [b]Soul Harvest[/b]: Vengeful Spirit(1) - additional damage of physical type
    • [b]Spirit Walk:[/b] Jaunt - mandatory in every WD spec for defense/mobility, Jaunt because we don't need mana(reg)
    • Gargantuan:[/b] Restless Giant(1) - deals physical damage and rages on elites, quite useful rune I think


    • [b]Circle of Life[/b] - though it had a nerf from 30% to 15% chance, it's still useful in my opinion. Also it's still in 20yrd radius, which is enlargable
    • [b]Fierce Loyalty[/b](2) &[b]Midnight Feast[/b](2)- for additional dogs as well as speed for you and damage for garg
    • [b]Pierce the Veil[/b] - obviously perfect, because we don't need mana so we just take the 20% dmg increase

    (1): exchangable skills for your own variations/preferations
    (2): change these to fit your needs when you use TMF, for example Gruesome Feast and Spirit Vessel.

    There are also other skills that you could use for (1) and (2), for example the active ones could be BBV:Boogie Man & Mass Confusion: Devolution (despite the nerf from 50->30%) and Tribal Rites with Grave Injustice for the synergy of lowering the cooldowns as much as possible, but then you would have to go for another CDR rolls on equip and paragon which could be difficult to maintain enough damage output.
    Would look like this.
    I have to admit, I have to test this variation of spec a bit more, but for now I would hold on to the main spec.


    The item that really benefits this spec, is the Homunculus, which provides the useful ability to spawn doges continiously every X sec. Best version would be of course with 4sec. I didn't find a PTR version yet, so i can't tell you if it still rolls with fixed Elite dmg reduce and allres, maybe someone knows already and could post here.

    If you have this, almost everything else is pretty much standard and not too hard to get:

    • Andy's (physical%)
    • ordinary amulet with physical%, CHC, CHD, INT - though I'm gonna look for the new Hellfire amu with an additional passive like Zombie Handler for an additional doge
    • RoRG & SoJ would be best I think (tested with Unity though because I don't have a phys% SoJ)
    • Aughild's shoulders & bracers (phys% of course)
    • Mojo - Homunculus as mentioned before
    • Weapon Doombringer for additional phys%, but you may just use Sun Keeper or the best you have
    • Harrington Waist is BiS belt here I think, unless you don't have it, then use other
    • as the armor I used Blackthornes, as well as
    • the panties of Blackthornes and
    • Ice Climbers as boots, but also free of choice if you don't have, I just used what i had on mules..
    For the use of TMF I switched Blackthornes chest for Aughilds and took Blackthornes boots, TMF + SoJ/Unity as rings then.

    Strongarm Bracers would be a good choice, too, but then you would have to manage other way with Blackthornes.

    ParagonPoints / Stats on items:

    Simple as with everything else:

    Core - Movement speed 'till max (25%)

    Offense - Crit chance & Crit Dmg > Attack speed > Cooldown

    Defense - Allres > Life% / Def / LifeReg -- just fit your needs

    Adventure - Area Dmg > LoH > Gold


    Well, gameplay is really simple: cast Piranhado to gather mobs and trigger additional damage, shoot some torpedo doges and white trash should be down (tested in T6 with my char), also similar way with elites. For rift bosses or left over lonely Rambo - elites you would possibly have to shoot all doges and kite while waiting for additional ones to spawn. 3 sec while in Spirit Walk should be enough to avoid damage until the first doge spawns again. Otherwise just use active skill of Zombie Doges, also as a torpedo salve for example: cast all doges on elite pack until originals and respawns are all gone, spawn additional ones by yourself and another salve.


    A bit lackluster it gets when fighting Rift boss, you will have to wait sometimes for doges to spawn.

    Also the doge torpedos fire from their positions, that means it occasionally will take some milliseconds until they arrive at your target.

    The End

    TL;DR: Doges everywhere! If no understandiche, just read from the top :P

    I hope you enjoyed reading my build suggestion at least a bit, so feel free to leave a comment for feedback/criticism/trolling.

    HF & GL, Stay Metal & Hail Satan \m/,(-_-),\m/
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