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    posted a message on Can You Accurately Predict The Release Date Of -Three-
    Quote from "Jindujun" »
    I'd say after SC2. I put SC2 at a fall 09 release so D3 roughly around xmas 2010?

    NO chance. SC2 is going to be early 2009 and then D3 will follow later.
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    posted a message on The Dark Knight
    Didn't they show a Joker card at the end of Batman Begins?
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    posted a message on Do Aliens exist?
    Quote from "FingolfinGR" »
    as in an alien lifeform, sure, the universe is too big for us to be the only ones. Helll, theres even water in Mars which is reason enough to believe that at least some kind of life form existed (or will exist) there. And thats just what we know inside our solar system. Imagine what could be happening lightyears away. There might be even alien civilizations in existance. I cant prove it but i do believe it.

    I believe that the rocky planets take turns in holding life. I think Venus did before it boiled up and I believe that Earth was once a Mars planet later to become the present-day Earth. I think once Earth boils up then Mars will hold life...
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    posted a message on Choosing character names: Player discretion or Blizzard's?
    THis is a really interesting question. I don't really know the answer to this one. As much as I like to make characters called SexuallyFit, it does get quite annoying when everyone is pretty much at that same level.

    I'm not going to vote yet. I'll need to think about this on.
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    posted a message on trailer music
    I thought it was amazing until she said "I don't think it's safe here..." since it was completely off-topic and random.

    I really liked the music. All you need to do is record it off a youtube video.
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    posted a message on Do Aliens exist?
    Quote from "BaneOfEvil" »

    umm I don't know where you got this but it has sooo many errors in it. For example: the pyramids of Giza do not date back to 10500 - 8000 BCE because the Egyptian culture was not even remotely capable of building something to that scale until about 5000 BCE. Even then the biggest of the pyramids was not built until around 4000 - 3000 BCE during the Old Kingdom. The pyramids aren't that far fetched of being a human idea only because there is no written documentation of how the buildings were built. The first type of "pyramid" start out as a Mastaba which was not very big. The next stage was a smaller Mastaba built on top of the bigger one and so on. It wasn't until the end of the Old Kingdom that what resembles a pyramid as we know it was built. The later pyramids especially ones of the New Kingdom were poor replicas because the material that they used was Mud-Brick which, after a number of years becomes a pile of dirt. I'd say do some research because I nearly wanted to punch the screen after I read that.

    Sorry for such a late quote:

    I was only referring to the top of it.

    And, going back on-topic, I believe in: Innocent until proven guilty. So I believe that there are aliens until we prove that there aren't any.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Cinematic Teaser - Nonsense?
    Ivaron summed it up really nicely.
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    posted a message on Ideal Classes For Diablo III
    Quote from "Murderface" »
    1) samurai (bows & swords)
    2) mage (elemental spells)
    3) revamped paladin

    No Samurai. The barbarian is good enough for melee. All we need is a ranged, magic, and light character.
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    posted a message on Ikariam (All Servers)
    What happened to the previous thread?
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    posted a message on 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics!
    Quote from "applesoffury" »
    medal count to this point:

    China - 9 golds, 14 overall
    S. Korea - 4 golds, 8 overall
    USA - 3 golds, 12 overall

    What golds did China win (events)?
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    posted a message on Ideal Classes For Diablo III
    THis was my class for the class poll a while back:

    Character Class Name: Hell Mage
    Description: Born to protect the seal of Mehpisto and then later to be part of the Kurast council, he was one of the few that did not get corrupted after Mephisto was freed. But scars remained. His mind was twisted with evil images and he posessed demonic abilities, like raising undead armies and using dark magic. His main goal is to destroy all evil in hell so that his soul may finally rest...
    Type of Attack: Range, some melee, curses, and summons
    Specialties: Dark magic and summoning

    Skills (optional):


    Raise Skeleton -
    The most simple of all summoning. With just a wave of a wand, the Hell Mage can rip the skeleton out of a monster and then command it to fight for him.
    Summon Mastery - After hours in deep meditation, he finally learned how to make the skeleton strong enough to carry a shield and armor, making it even stronger.
    Raise Zombie - After mastering skeletons, the Hell Mage now has the ability to revive a corpse, but only if it had most of its energy removed and has almost rotted.
    Raise Earth Monster - Now the Hell Mage does not need a corpse to make minions. He now can manipulate the ground to make a small monster that hides beneath the earth, creeping on its enemies and the killing them by surprise.
    Revive - The Hell Mage has now mastered corpse raising and can revive the monster exactly how it was, so it still has the previous strength and intelligence.
    Raise Black Golem - Dark energy is all around us. With enough wisdom and power, the Hell Mage can use the dark energy and make it into a solid, so it can fight with demonic abilities and strength.

    Dark Powers:

    Cover - With the Dark energy around him, he can use them to cover himself for extra protection.
    Rip - Zombies have always been able to rip open flesh and eat its insides. But now, with enough strength and power, the Hell Mage can destroy an enemy and then gain life from the energy he has consumed.
    Failure - Using demonic abilities, the Hell Mage can now creep inside beings and then kill them from the inside out, cause their bodies to fail and die.
    Dark Blast - Dark energy can change shape. With the Hell Mage around, he can use the energy and then clump it together and then shoot it at an enemy.
    Dark Ball - Once mastering Dark Blast, the Hell Mage can now clump more Dark energy together without it collapsing, making a stronger and more deadlier attack.
    Doom - Utter destruction comes when a fully trained Hell Mage uses this attack. Bodies rot, brains burst, guts fall out, the air itself becomes heavy. Anything in the range of this attack is as good as dead.
    Soul Suck - After mastering Dark energy, the Hell Mage can now turn his attention to souls. With this vacuum ability, the Hell Mage can rip the soul out of a monster and then leave the monster to die by itself, soulless and brainless.
    Soul Implantation - If the Hell Mage can control other people's souls, why can't he control his? Once he sucks a soul out of a victim, he can put his own soul inside another body, gving him full control of their abilities and life. He can also make that body turn into his previous one if he wishes.
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    posted a message on Mats The Name And Diablos My Game
    Quote from "InvincibleEMP" »
    'ello mate!
    Aussie Aussie Aussie! oi! oi! oi!

    Ha ha! Nice!

    I like this guy. Welcome to the forums.
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    posted a message on New Weapon Class: Whips
    Quote from "TheBloody-Nine" »
    Whips lashes are not "strong" attacks. The main purpose of a whip is to inflict nonlethal pain. I would like to see them in game though, probably class specific, an utility-weapon boostable with certains skills or special attacks.

    They have accuracy so they have critical strike right there. And plus, it would make sense to add poison to them since they are vines.
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    posted a message on Immunities
    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I disagree. Immunities are a nice way to stick it to those annoying Sorcs who spend all their skill points on one type of elemental damage. Then they bitch and moan that they need help taking care of some cold immunes or something.

    And it's far beneath them to just melee them. Heaven forbid. But to them, that's the price of having such a high damage rate-being unable to adapt.

    Well, if you have a sorceress in D2, then you have to realize how many things they have to master so the sorceress can be good. All the bielemental sorceress are weak in both areas so it leaves them to a great disadvantage.

    I say you keep resistances, but not immunities.
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    posted a message on Guns in Diablo 3? Maybe?
    No chance. If they include guns, all my respect for Blizzard will be gone.
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