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    "What do you want to see in Diablo 3 concerning Trading features and PvP features. Post them below"

    Trading Features:
    Keep it Very Simple! So, even the newest and youngest players can easily see what item(s) is being traded, and what they are trading.

    My thoughts on making it simple are;
    -On the trading interface show the exact name(s) of the item(s) to be traded and a picture of the Item(s). Nothing more. No extra spaces or visuals.

    -2 buttons easy to read [Accept] [Decline].

    - If and item or gold has been changed during the trade process before or after clicking the [Accept] button, a message should be sent, on screen, saying that the item was added or taken out of the trade and should cancel [accept] for a few seconds.

    Being able to trade at any area of the game, at any time.

    - You will not be able to trade all items. But you can trade any item that is tradable for any other item. I.E. 1gold for an SOJ. if you wish.
    - The Items you will not be able to trade are only items you receive from an out of game event, and ears.

    PvP Features:

    No more Hostile or Friendly buttons. Simply PvP[ON] or [Off].
    -If PvP is [Off] No other player user can attack you anytime.
    -If PvP is [On] You will be able to attack other players, outside of town, within a certain level range.

    -I'm keeping the ear of (character name) After you kill a PvP, but its only available to the user who killed the character.
    -There will also be an "Ear" safe where you can keep track of all your trophies. This will be unlimited, but you can only have one of each character you kill. So, if you kill the same character but at a higher level you will lose the lower level ear and keep the Higher level ear.
    - There will also be a display somewhere for any player to see all of your ears you have collected.

    I will add a Stakes duel. you can put anything you like up for stakes. 1gold or everything you own. Both players must accept the stakes before the duel and cannot be toggled off during the fight.
    -You can enter stakes duel as a party or solo. Once your in the duel no one from the outside can affect your fight in any way.
    -Once you have either, entered a stakes duel, or engaged in a PvP battle you will not be able to enter town to cancel the duel. You must wait until the fight ends, in a stakes duel, or after a certain amount of time in regular PvP

    -There will be a [Draw] button that cancels the duel if you accidently engage in a fight and wish to go in town without waiting.

    -There will be a small screen that shows everyone that is attacking you in PvP.

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    posted a message on Diablo iii questons now -- first come first served
    -How Will all the quests work?

    -Will your Diablo 3 Account link together with your WOW account, for just one account, or will they be separate.
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    You know i've always heard. "No news, is good news!"
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    Responding to why they would only have roman numerals up to 6, and not all numbers.
    Of course anything we say is just speculation and not fact.

    I believe Blilzzard has it set up that way because they wont have a use for numbers above 6.

    Warcraft stopped at 3, Diablo's only at 2, and Starcraft is only at 2. Why waste space having hundreds of numbers when you'll only need a few.

    I'm a huge fan of Diablo. I'm new to WOW and stopped playin Starcraft a few years ago. I dont want anything more than to see a D3 release, I may quit my job just to play everyday. lol. But I try to get away from reading into all the signs as much as some of you do. I try to look at it as a causal fan would.

    The way i see the picture is. Ice from wrath of the lich king and the King poking through. All the runes are just what you say but mean nothing more than that. I really hope I'm wrong tho.

    I havent seen the other teasers in the past, does blizzard desribe why they put stuff in it like they did with the runes and purple penguin?
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    This is actually my first post here but, I visit this site very often. I wanna say congratulations on being able to keep this site up and keep it respectable enough Blizzard offered to put a link to it on their site. Thanks for all the great information I wish the best for this site. And like everyone else, I can't wait for D3 to some out!
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