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    Well, if you ask me, you should do the exact opposite of what Obalobex told you...

    I'd turn away from that as "jerkish attitude". I don't like guys who think they are the top of the world. Confident, sure, but not a superstar. The guy has to win a girl, because a guy is stronger, smarter, on the general scale. But the girl shouldn't be too proud, either. E.g. they should just get together and talk. No stupid hard to get games, no games at all. Just be sincere and honest. If one of you is a liar or a jerk, it would be visible.

    Oohh, right, and the girl is going to be like "he doesn't like me" and never talk to him again. That's how it would be for me. If a guy is cold toward me and doesn't express anything, I assume he's either not interested or has a girlfriend already. I don't understand how this advice would help get a certain block of girls. It would probably help with "naggy" girls who get a target and aim at it, but I prefer to be polite. If the guy has no interest in me, I am not going to bug him.

    All the best girls are kinda shy and they want attention from guys. Not the other way around. Guys are the requesters. They should pay attention. If the girl starts using that attention, wrong girl. In rare cases, girls are requesters, then it's the other way around. In fact, I think the idea of girl requesters is getting kinda popular, lol...

    Why would you want a girl that chases you? That girl is probably a bit dumb...

    Good girls are rare, and good guys are rare, and both are to be valued and respected.

    Obalobex, your advice is for getting whores. But, I guess, what did I want from a fucktard.

    Wow, someone is hostile. I'm not saying to be cocky or anything like that. Equinox, you are a girl? I assume you are from your phrasing. I refute your declaration of me being a fucktard or trying to pick up whores. I am a nice guy, but there are some things that are psychologically programed into your brains that are simply evolutionary. You evolutionarily want a man who is of high value to you, a man who is sensitive and yet strong, a with the attributes to grant you the highest chance of survival and the survival of your offspring. I don't pick up whores or sluts, in fact my standards are high and I do not have random hook-ups really, and I generally like girls for the company.

    When I said "like a superstar" I meant have the confidence and the self perceived high value that you would think Brad Pitt would have. And I didn't say I want girls to "chase" you, but they have to be interested in you and eager to learn more about you.

    Put yourself in the position of being in a bar with a couple other girls Equi, now imagine a man approaching you. If he came directly towards you, staring at you, speaking hesitantly and only to you, saying "I'm James, I like you, can we talk? want to dance?" would you really be that interested in him? Especially if he was of a lower social value (not as attractive) as you, then the answer is no.

    If instead you see him right next to your group talking with a couple girls (jealousy switch activated) smiling then leans over a shoulder and asks your entire group something like "hey, can I get an opinion from you guys?" Not even looking directly at you. He is totally non-interested in you, not trying to GET anything from you, just talking to you and your friends. He already has women in his life as seen and he is not TOTALLY in to you, just being social. He is not threatening at all, and you evolutionarily will be MORE attracted to him than the man who came directly to you.

    This sort of social dynamics I don't really have to think about before going to a public gathering or anything, I have been social my whole life so these principles comes naturally to me. However there are many many men out there who simply have not had much experience talking to strangers and women or people who just fail to put them selves in the shoes of females.

    Girls like attention yes, but they want it in a non-threatening way from a man who they perceive to be of high value. This is science, and programed into all females, despite what Equinox might say.
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