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    posted a message on Diablo 3 now runs in DirectX 11, x64 with gsync

    still no ultra wide supports like 2560x1080 in true full screen! the fullscreen window is choppy and the graphics do not scale in the main menu properly. artifacts all over the place.

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    posted a message on Perspective from Diablo fan at Blizzcon

    The truth is they gave us something but this shouldn't be enough when blizzard said last year that in blizzcon 16 diablo fans will loose their mind from excitement. If i find the person who said that i will post it don't worry its out there.

    The point is we get something really less than what we deserve. And we deserve a new expansion.

    And as about what really the fans felt or not dear diablofans.com admins just make a poll on the front page with the following.

    What are your thoughts in diablo 3 announcements in blizzcon 2016?

    1)exactly what i was hoping for and maybe more.

    2)better something than nothing.

    3)too little and too late.

    4)very upset i wanted an expansion announcement or even a new diablo game and those features as a free patch.

    5)i don't care about diablo franchise.

    So lets just make that poll and see the results after few days.

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    posted a message on Confirmed: D3 Will Stay Online, iOS Update May Reset Authenticators, Clarification on the AH, Paragon 2.0 Q&A
    my dreams was crushed!

    the excuses are totally BS thought!

    The game was built from the ground up to take full advantage of Battle.net,

    bs1, no its not, and console version can prove that this game engine CAN run offline.

    which provides a number of important benefits,
    and many more disadvantages

    including persistent server-side character saves,
    sure thats fine, but we can do it 1 time per months as StarCraft II does without problems!

    a seamless PC multiplayer experience,
    thats the biggest BS off all! the game still uses the damn Asterix network and not client server 100%, and thats why a fast player gets fps issues and gameplay lag, when a Slow internet player joins the damn game!

    cheat prevention,
    yeah right! lets be realistic here, call it a damn online DRM ok?

    and Real ID and BattleTag social features.
    we don't care actually! because if you do a simple research you will see that a very very small percent of player meet strangers online and after a game they are "friends". most of the time they don't care, they dont chat, they dont make friends with strangers they just want to loot!
    real LAN was helping making real FRIENDS! so Real ID etc are BS marketing, when in fact players are more isolated than before, and they don't want their REAL name to be exposed (by default) to strangers online!

    screw the damn stupid antisocial Facebook row models.-
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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    if you announce offline mode (just like sc2) in blizzcon
    i will send you chocolates even´╗┐ if i leave in Europe :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up:
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    posted a message on Messages From Hell: The Future of Diablo III
    Quote from lMarcusl

    Let's see how many people jump to conclusions right off the bat. "He worked on the console version, he is the embodiment of all that is evil and must be cleansed. We, the PC gaming master race, demand that he be locked in purgatory for a week before touching our game." So far we got one...

    lets see how many user will jump to conclusions and "assume" theories and put words to other user's mouth that never said!

    so far we got one!
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    posted a message on Gear Customization Coming in Future Patch, Diablo 3 Was Designed for PC, No Cross-Platform Play or Characters, Witch Doctor Sugg
    are we actually expecting Blizzard to admit that diablo 3 was very much influenced and designed to make also console players happy?

    do we really believe they would admit that?
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    posted a message on Patch 10 Not This Week, Conference Call, Senior Game Producer Leaves, Blue Posts
    who the hell wants to leave Blizzard and look for an other company to work!??
    i thought Blizzard had the perfect working environment!

    50% they accoused him for been way out of schedule! and stupid activation wants some heads to fall
    40% he had enough with this mess and the pushing of the community and his managers, and if he has family never seen them for the past few months due to diablo3
    10% true other personal reasons, like he is crazy :P and everything back at blizzard was working like clock. that i dought

    btw here is the proof that all is about pushing the game to finish! and possible the poor guy was "fired"
    the new job op has more than once mentioned that this guy will be responsible for the next release date failure!

    just pay attention on how they emphasis this parts...

    • Liaises with different departments to facilitate communication.
    • Works with department leads to determine resources necessary to see projects through to completion.
    • Coordinates, tracks, and manages the activities of personnel to ensure that project tasks are completed on time.
    • Provides motivation, and direction to ensure that project goals, objectives, milestones, and deliverables are achieved.
    • Facilitates team, and department meetings to reach decisions effectively.
    • Contributes to a positive work environment, and ensures project forward momentum.
    • Assists the production director and other producers with creative and organizational tasks as necessary.
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    posted a message on Firebats Skill Runed, Beta Key Contests, Leveling Curve, Interview with Leonard, and Book of Cain Drawings
    you are joking right? what is here to be confirmed?

    this is a print layout machine that print books, and there is no dought this is NOT a "fake" picture!

    whats the point of waiting on confirmation?

    -hey did one of your employs photo the process of the diablo 3 manual while was printing in one of the many print factories?
    -yea we had question all the employs with cheep camera phones and one of them admit it, so we confirm its a leak picture!
    -what are you going to do now with that emploee?
    -...give him a better phone, maybe an iphone or something at least to take better photos next time :P

    lol if you are waiting for such a dialog its at list silly!

    now the only think i can say is:
    -hey dude thanks for the picture but make sure this manual is printed and most of all binded together correctly cause i will kick your a** :pirate:
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