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    posted a message on D3 following path of WoW?

    Not to be an ass or anything, but I've never found anything Drahque posts on these forums to have any thoughts behind them. It's always something stupid like "why was quin on the frontpage and not me waaaa" or this topic itself.

    Atleast I can count on Bagstone not to dissapoint with the well written posts. Seriously, great read on the frontpage and a great read here.

    I'll take my punishment if I have to, shitposting for the sake of shitposting is a sacrifice that had to be made.

    Do I get an infraction? I've never seen anyone get infractions here... Or have I? I can't remember! I'm bored. You can probably tell by now...

    Atleast this spoiler tag was interesting. Probably the only thing worth reading in my post. Seriously, either Drahque is a terrible troll or a complete idiot trying to incite flaming back and forth on the forums. My troll senses have faded, I must take my leave for a quest to find them!

    (It took me 20 minutes to write this entire post, I'm terrible at this...)

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    posted a message on PTR LeapQuake is dead

    It's not in the patch notes. Quite obviously a bug.

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    posted a message on Kanai's Cube Remove Level Requirement - Wand of Woh

    You could obviously take Wand of Wohs effect and cube it...

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    posted a message on New Shen-Long and Uliana sets - Theorycraft and thoughts

    Honestly, Seven-Sided strike and EP are the coolest skills in the game! Well, atleast for me :D

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    posted a message on play your way LOL

    There are many T6 viable builds on most classes, doesn't seem like they are weak then. If you aren't looking to play at the top or to speedfarm 40+ grifts, you might aswell just play your way and have fun doing so.

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    posted a message on Wizard - Solo Greater Rift Progression Series (G33-65+ Videos)

    Hey, Mikhail needs some challenge with the playstyle, too much passiveness makes it boring in the long run! Aether Walker really needs APOC on the Source aswell as a bit of RCR, Cindercoat works very well with the Meteor Spam in that regard, so meteor crits and gets you lots of AP and such. I haven't been able to really try it myself, not enough time to play in these last weeks of school. And I don't have the meteor booties so /cri

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    posted a message on 6pc UE Shield Orb

    That shield is from the Molten Wildebeests gem.

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    posted a message on Did Blizzard "Ghost" Nerf the Wastes set?

    The only nerf it got was the removal of Morticks Brace, nothing else.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.2.0

    You guys are horrible at dates o.o For US it's TUESDAY the 7th, and for EU it's wednesday the 8th.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.2 - Barbarian G40+ IK Pure Pet Build (Video)

    They are both good, but their attitudes are shit. Seriously, Mikhail and Det0x have shitty attitudes for no real reason. I like them both, I watch their videos aswell, but when it comes to the forums I have no interests in them simply because they are horribly unfriendly and can't take any sort of trolling without answering with pure evilness. I wouldn't mind you saying something like "Please bring that elsewhere, I only support constructive feedback and actual want to help, ty"

    Besides all that, good video Mikhail. I enjoyed it very much! :P

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