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    posted a message on Prepare for Reset
    So, just pondering... we now know we will be having scheduled ladder resets every 6 months.

    Is it reasonable to asume there will be a reset around the time of release of D3?

    If so, is it reasonable to conclude that there could be a release date for D3 in 12 months or alternatively in 18 months?
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    posted a message on An Explosive Tweet
    Just like angels fall from grace, cant demons rise from damnation?

    So, is it at all possible that the 5th class is in fact a demon?
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    posted a message on Diablo III To Appear On PC Gamer October Cover
    Quote from "vanguardxx2" »


    ALRIGHT! Now someone needs to do some RESEARCH.

    How long after a game is "cover story" before it gets released? Average time!

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Forum Template Goes Up On Battle.Net!
    Im with Mockery, this whole thing is a smokescreen created as a reaction to someone discovering a 'closed' Diablo 3 forum when searching through the address bar. I dont think any of the other options that have appeared since were functional at the time so hold on to your horses gentlmen!!
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    posted a message on Rumor: Diablo II Patch and Ladder Reset
    Im sure most of you recall a countdown before the big announcment of www.diablo3.com being handed over to Blizzard. The aim of this countdown and indeed the result of it was to atract inactive, distracted, sleeping, hibernating, and in some cases criogenically frozen Diablo fans so to give the community a jump start and to get as many peoples attention as possible.

    If Blizzard were to release this much anticipated patch, it would likely have the same effect, but I beleive at an even greater scale. Perhaps this is yet another way for Blizzard to get peoples attention before the greatest annoucment this millenium...?
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    posted a message on PC Action Magazine Teases DiabloFans.com


    Blizzard-producent: Hur gillar du Irvine då?

    Mats Nylund: Jodå, det är andra gången jag är här på en månad ungefär. Och jag lär väl komma tillbaka snart för att kolla på Diablo 3.

    Blizzard-producent (som om det vore underförstått att jag känner till allt om Diablo 3): Ja, jag vet inte riktigt när det eventet är...

    Mats Nylund: !!!

    You heard it here first, kids. Min gissning är utannonsering på E3 eller World Wide Invitational. Eller kanske Games Convention?

    Quote from Online translation... »
    Blizzard-producer: How do you like Irvine?

    Mats Nylund: Yes, it is the second time I am here in one month about. And I learn well come back soon to check on Diablo 3.

    Blizzard-producer (as if it were understood that I know all about Diablo 3): Yes, I do not really know when the event is ...

    Mats Nylund:!!!

    You heard it here first, kids. My guess is the advertising on E3 or the World Wide Invitational. Or maybe Games Convention?

    Mats Nylund appears to be one of the writers/editors for http://community.superplay.se

    It appears this is a convo with an unarmed Blizzard rep whom Mats used a bit of social engineering on to spill the beans...

    I think for the time being this can be categorized as hearsay and is not refutable until investigated further perhaps by MD. Also, I cannot determine when this convo took place although it is dated May 5th 2008. Perhaps Mats himself can shed a little more light on this...
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    posted a message on PC Action Magazine Teases DiabloFans.com

    It looks like fire!!!!

    Although it could be a nebula or galaxy...
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Confirmed?
    Want to throw something else out there…
    • We all know about the merger of Blizzard and Activision.
    • We know this merger will more or less be finalised by mid June 2008 as per the official FAQ released by Blizzard on the 2nd of December 2007. (Lucky coincidence?)
    • It goes without saying that the chances of Diablo 3 being unveiled this time round are very good and we have 2 huge Blizzard events, WWI and Blizzcon coming up during the next few months in which this could occur.
    Now that ive got those points out of the way, a couple of people and I have brought up the significance of brand and product marketing for a large company with an international scope, referring to Blizzard. Activision is hungry to show the world its new form and declare its influence on the gaming world. What better opportunity to do this than to unveil one of histories most anticipated tittles under the new 'Activision Blizzard' brand?

    This would not influence previous titles of any of the franchises, again referring to the official Blizzard FAQ, this would simply apply to new titles released after the merge is complete. That said, Diablo 3 would be part of one of these franchises, but is it possible Activision will ignore this fact?

    This brings me to my final point. PCGamer said the exclusives are not 'Blizzard' games, but what if one of these exclusives in the August edition is being released under 'Activision Blizzard' rather than just 'Blizzard Entertainment'…?
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    The lack of any Diablo references on the banner got me thinking...

    (I know its long, sorry :S)

    Blizzard has made no reference to a new title being announced during the WWI, the event should be dominated by a WC, WoW and SC2 fan base. It doesnt make sense to supply this event with D3 content if this has not been promoted as there will be a very minimal fan base present to whom this new content would appeal (not to say fans of other Blizzard titles are not Diablo fans but a large contingent of hardcore Diablo fans is unlikely to be present). Correct me if I am wrong, Blizzard has always included D3 in its conventions promotional material, why have they suddenly dropped it?

    I imagine Blizzard will not want a large Diablo fan base at the WWI if there is only going to be an indirect announcement with no content or a press release with information and perhaps a teaser. They may be trying to avoid the scenario where hyped up D3 fans present react very negatively to a lack of more comprehensive D3 content, as brought up earlier on this thread.

    That said, I have a feeling there will be an announcement confirming a new title including a press release and just maybe some content or a teaser. We know Medievaldragon has been invited to the WWI and is being pampered by the Blizzard Gods while there. This could be the beginning of the journey back into a world we all love.

    This leads me to my final point... the extra hall being prepared for Blizzcon.

    It makes sense to announce a new title during WWI and create hype for the following event in which more content and info could be available. In their press release dates 12-May-08 Blizzard mentions tickets will be made available in a few weeks which places them just 2 weeks prior to the WWI. This also make sense to me due to the following, Blizzard knows how quickly tickets will sell if people know there will be D3 content at Blizzcon, but they have to be careful not to have an uproar from fans of their other titles not getting their hands on tickets themselves. Releasing tickets prior to the announcement so that hardcore fans can buy them up quickly and then having the last tickets scooped up by D3 fans, fits.

    The only thing im not sure about is how quickly Blizzcon tickets sold out last year bearing in mind there may be 50% more tickets available this year?
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced

    There are always many supporting factors in any theory as these are typically necessary to create an argument in favour of said theory. I agree with pretty much every other point supporting WWI as a confirmation by Blizzard of D3, however, what I was referring to is the idea Paris was chosen as the venue due to the fan base there. I feel having the GDC in Paris may in fact be the defining factor for it being chosen as the venue.

    I dont know where you got Blizzcon from :)
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    Quote from "Scrogglez" »
    Hall 1 - World of warcraft

    Hall 2 - SC2

    Hall 3 - Suicide Room for D3 fans when they find out they are not announceing D3.


    Quote from "Magistrate" »
    That isn't solely what the theory is based on, though.

    What else then Magistrate?
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    For months now I have read peoples theory on WWI being in Paris due to the Diablo II player base there. I have never bought this theory.

    I think its more realistic to tie the GDC (Game Developers Conference) to the Blizz WWI. After reading this article, I finally felt it was time to come out and say it :)
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    posted a message on Diablo3.com becomes Diablofans.com! Blizzard acquires diablo3.com.
    _b Thats awesome!
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    posted a message on Countdown Teaser
    Quote from "Tizzel87" »
    This is hilarious.


    ...anyway, can someone point me towards the thread discussing the Countdown Teaser?
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    posted a message on All Non-Believers Stand Beside in Fear!
    Hello!!! from a random noob!! :D

    *waves excessively*
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