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    posted a message on Ode to the oldies.
    Hey Twi, doubt you remember me. I joined about 2-3 months before we have the site change over. ;o
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    posted a message on Φ The Official Eastern Sun Thread
    Have you been using hamachi and using "TCP/IP" and going to host? Anything else you try won't work, Nek.
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    posted a message on Crimson Harvest - Story Thread
    Etapas stood still, watching the oncoming hordes of demons and his strange allies fighting them back... or at least attempting to. Everything around him seemed to be moving at a slow pace, even his own body felt like it was stuck in slow motion. He noticed the monk assisting the angel who had been brutally maimed by a charging disfigured. Closing his eyes, and using all of his might - Etapas began to move, and at a normal in his own perception. However, everyone and everything still moved at a slower pace than what must he true reality was.

    After arriving to the side of the aiding monk, Etapas said lowly, "Thank you for our rescue. I am forever in your debt, sir. If you ever need me anywhere, do not hesitate to ask".As he finished talking, 2 more disfigured had appeared. Taking a deep breath, he called to his blades once again and charged towards them. Neither of the ugly beasts had time to react to Etapas' new found speed, and both of their heads had been cleanly sliced off by the white blade - Irus. After stopping his quick assault, he added in his prayer, "May you die with grace mercy".

    Only a mere moment after slaying the two figures, Etapas' perception of everything around him returned to normal and at what seemed to be a normal pace. The complete and unaccustomed change in pace took a hard toll on the young boy, and he fell on one knee and withdrew both blades to catch his breath. He took his hood off, letting is dark hair flow free, and feel the wind blow against his face. The air he breathed was fouled with the stench of death and decay, but his mind was elsewhere. Why did everything appear slow? And what is that horrifying voice? Is this 'voice' the cause for a change? Did he summon these rescuers to aid in our escape? Either way, I owe them, and I need to find out what is going on with me. Most of all, I need to rest. My body is sore and tense - was I really moving so fast as to have such a huge toll being taken on my very body? Even my mind feels exhausted.

    Without saying a word, he shifted slowly made his way back to the monk and knelt beside him and the wounded angel. He merely stood still, awaiting for orders. Until then, he would catch his breath, and search for answers.
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    Is the really dark blue colour taken for font colour? I want to use black for Kobolox, but it is impossible to see. :(

    And I agree, I liked the intro :) Let's keep this RP goin' and see what we can do! ;)
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    I like soafas, they keep my comfy. Walls keep me warm/cold when its cold/warm out. I think I'd die without them D:

    And welcome back sofawall! Dunno if you remember me, I joined a bit before you left. o:
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    posted a message on Crimson Harvest - Story Thread
    Etapas, with his facial features hidden by his hood, surveyed the other captives. A few angels, goatmen and even a Hell Cat. It seemed like this group of demons were capable - to manage to ensanre so many different species. Yes, the demons, he thought in detest. The very demons that had wiped out his entire clan, and most of all - his sister. A small tear flowed down his face. He murmured to himself; "I'm sorry sister. I wish I could have helped...now everyone is gone, and I'm sure to follow".

    Not yet, young one, a dark, raspy voice said. The voice seemed to shake his very soul - and made him shudder with unexplainable fear. You will be free in mere seconds.As soon as the voice had dissapeared, Etapas heard several bottles breaking outside, and a commotion ongoing outside. After only a few seconds, the cage was torn apart - and as the voice promised, freedom had shone itself. But, who had freed him? And who was speaking to him? Maybe his saviors had answers. As soon as the coast had looked clear, Etapas had jumped from out of the last vestiges of the cage, and joined a group of what had looked like a group of mercenaries and a monk. Demons had begun to flow from the forest in an ambush, and Etapas knew he had to fight - and prove his worth, or what little he had.

    Who said you were nothing? Go, and fight young one! You are more than you think, the dark voice had said once again. Etapas whispered, "Tamsa, Irus - let us fight!" as two blades appeared from his sleeves - one made of the darkest obsidian and the other as bright and pure as diamond. He charged at the closest demon to him, who wielded one large sword and had heavy armour covering his entire body. Etapas stepped forward, and eyed the demon - who seemed to be moving slowly. Maybe it is just the heavy armour and sword? he asked himself. Etapas had jumped up, and noticed a small opening in the demon's armour, and thrust his dark blade, Tamsa. The demon had howled and back off a bit. Before the demon had a chance to recuperate; however, Etapas had lunged forward again, this time swinging with his lighter blade, he shouted "May your death be quick and filled with grace!" as Irus cleanly sliced off the defiled head of his enemy.

    With ever growing confidence in himself, Etapas now looked around - only to see even more enemies close in on him. Do not fear, child. Time is on your side.

    ooc: hmmm, black can not be seen with this skin. Frack, =/
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    posted a message on Yo guys greetings from Norway!
    Don't listen to Equinox. HoN is infintely better than LoL. I used to play it as well. Just waiting til' my bday so I can get the retail version now. ^^ Oh, and welcome to the forums!

    What heroes do you prefer to play?
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    Quote from deathMars

    Saturday or Sunday works good. I just lost my D2 LoD CD Key so I'm on stuck on Classic so I can wait :)

    Nektu has posted. Just so everyone knows.
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    posted a message on Crimson Harvest OOC
    Aight. :)
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    posted a message on Crimson Harvest OOC
    So does this mean we will start on Monday - regardless if Nektu makes a character or not?
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    posted a message on Third Eastern Sun Craftsman Tourney
    Players Name     Character Name      Level   WP&Q   Crafts    Total   RIP/RET
    Moonie           Artjom/Dru            940   1970      801     3711
    Metro            Bazooka_Joe/Dru       920   1970      814     3704   RET
    Dapaba           Julius/Nec            920   1970      809     3699   RET
    Nameless         HotNCold/Sorc(B)      920   1970      786     3676   RIP
    BeArE            NotAgain/Dru          910   1970      775     3655   RIP
    Moonie           Nijo/Dru              940   1970      740     3650   RIP
    Dapaba           Zurmin/Druid          900   1970      698     3568   RIP
    Goeido           PoisonGirl/Asn        900   1970      630     3500
    Jarcho           Ino/Assn              850   1540      587     2977   RIP
    Billybgame       CraftyCutie           820   1420      548     2788
    Beefy2           Assimilation          810   1400      548     2758   RET
    Nameless         Nanase/Assn(B)        810   1400      509     2719   RIP
    Jarcho           Manly_Handymanz/Barb  800   1320      574     2694
    Nameless         Sara/Assn(B)          800   1330      503     2633   
    Goeido           Shino/Druid           790   1300      383     2473   RET
    Swevev           Crisis/Zon            760   1050      537     2347
    k`6              Cakes                 750   1120      114     2084   RIP
    Jarcho           Craftsin/Assn         600    880      358     1838   RIP
    k`6              Solaris/Ama           570    740      301     1611   RET
    A                Immortal/Barb         570    650      275     1495   RIP
    J.D.Ward         Artemis_IV/Amazon     480    610      354     1444
    A                WorldChampion/Barb    550    650      133     1333   RIP
    Moonie           Tiranu/Nec            520    620       79     1219   RET
    Gogodanny        Enter_Sandman/Dru     470    550       34     1054   RIP
    Hans             Zonked/Barb           430    480        -      910
    Ullion           Mortred/Assassin      350    410       67      827
    Beefy2           Conformity/Pally      360    410       31      801   RIP
    Billybgame       CraftyAssassin        360    420        -      780   RIP
    JesseCoffey      Craftmans/Assn        280    460        -      740
    Hurgal           Finalia/Sorc          330    400        -      730
    the_bogan        Phoenix               320    290       44      652   RIP
    Billybgame       Spearmint Sally       280    310       26      616   RIP
    Xjidx            CraftTILL_Death       300    300        -      600
    Kalypso          Magua/Sorc            270    210        -      480   RIP
    J.D.Ward         Artemis/Amazon        250    230        -      480   RIP
    J.D.Ward         Artemis_II/Amazon     240    230        -      470   RIP
    Kiahdaj          Chaos_Craft/Pally     230     80        -      310
    Stormcat         Clyde/Barb            210     90        -      300
    J.D.Ward         Artemis_III/Amazon    160     60        -      220   RIP
    Chaplain         Crapsauce/Assn        140     70        -      210
    Hurgal           Strichtwelve/Assn      90     40        -      130   RIP
    Hurgal           Strichten/Assn         50     30        -       80   RIP
    Ullion           Strygwyr/Zon           50     20        -       70   RET
    Kalypso          Adulphozael/Barb       10     10        -       20
    BeArE            QuillCrafter/Barb      10     10        -       20   RIP
    Freykin          Khalad/Pally           10     10        -       20
    the_bogan        Crafty_Cow             10     10        -       20
    A                Life-Shatters          10     10                20
    k`6              Chronos                                              DQ
    BeArE            MightyCrafter/Barb                                   DQ

    Finally done act3, and I finally have 2 good claws that seem to deal some damage. :) I have my first two crafted items: A claw and a helm! Sorry for the double post, but someone needed to update this. >.>
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    posted a message on Poison SC
    Looking at that thread, the 251 is perfect? :S
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    posted a message on The regurgitation of monsters
    I loved the Frenzying Death Lords from ActV, as well as the Putrid Defilers (that cursed their own teammates so they'd create a new monster when they died). If they can bring them back in a new, dark (yet fashionable) way - I would be happy. :)

    And take note kids: The Burning Souls/Gloams were amazing monsters. They were totally cool and everything. Just annoying as living hell.
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    posted a message on Value of a Token?
    About the same drop rate, but you probably focus more on bosses then keydroppers?

    And in terms of jsp - Tokens are usually worth 2-3fg. Which is Um/Mal for 1 token. :) Hope this helps mate!
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    posted a message on Crimson Harvest OOC
    Quote from Stormcat

    Mine is up finally. lol
    What do you think - lame or ok?

    It'll sure be interesting to see you caged up with a bunch of other humans when we get taken away. ;)

    edit: So it's just Nektu left, now?
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