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    I havn't played for 2 seasons and I find the game a lot more fun than before.
    I also don't see a huge discrepancy between solo GR pushing, where you won't play support for sure ( lol ).
    This might be because I play a vyr wiz now, and left my barb to rest a bit, and it's ultra fun to play as wiz in this season, no clue about other classes but I'll try them too in a bit.
    Leave your barb out for a few weeks and give it a try with wiz if u want to be deeps, I bet you will find it fun too.

    P.S.: Meta's and endgame content will most likely go around your favorite playstyle/class , since it's 4 classes max it will contain a limited amount of "stuff" to perform best. So I've learned I have to play different classes each season to fully enjoy the game.

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    It's called PTR for a reason :D
    I'm just glad they take the time and effort to have PTRs available for almost everyone, this way we won't see the game-breaker events on live ( hopefully).
    Give them a chance, it's kinda weird to make conclusions based on the PTR experience.

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    You still don't get it ... it's not a job for him. If it was, he would prostitute and pretend to be hyped on all the stupid shiet you see on twitch chat.
    And an on topic line: Barb in 2.3 is looking pretty good.
    We have tons of builds to choose from, we have great farming builds, gear HC builds , great glass cannon SC builds , I'm pretty sure we will perform in group play too with seismic or hota builds.

    Can't wait to see that patch go live to play the hell out of it. ( hope I don't get fired )

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    Don't be that dissapointed, I'm pretty sure we will be able to play IK builds especially in group play.
    WotW will be hard to de-throne simply because of the 2500% proc that can scale with physical, also the 1% heal per crit is something hard to match, and the WW builds have that unreal mobility, that makes you able to reposition in a safe way 24/7.

    I played HOTA and SS builds even when the buff was 100% on IK , now with the 250 and bracers I'm confident we can be productive in terms of damage too.

    Just wait and see :) since mannercookie got banned, we don't really have a tryhard good player testing out those builds and pushing the limits of them on the ptr.

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    posted a message on UPDATE: [2.3] Ancient Elite Nullifier, GR 55+ [HC] Whirlwind Build , #1 Lightning build [+Video] War of the Elements
    Quote from celeyยป

    Moment i saw the 30% damage buff to demo shout i figured you would inplement it. However isnt WW set better dps wise over IK/Aughilds? Also the charm effect counts as a cc, with the huge nerf to cc is that still viable on higher grs?

    It might be but it looses all the " flavour" of the build.
    As you can see in the video, the charm effect seems to apply more often and on larger groups. The benefit isn't only the damage you absorb, but the damage they do to themselbves too (it becomes an all-out brawl when you charm them). Also, jailer and molten effects apply to the mobs too and that's a decent ammount of extra deeps.

    I'm open to all sorts of changes. For now, I will push the build as it is to the limits , then I will start changeing stuff around. At the moment I'm positive I can clear GR 60 with it, and I lack % dmg on weapons, extra passive from hellfire neck, 20% proc chance on Odyn Son and so on.

    We shall see, I will try with WW set too, also with focus and restraint and Furnace instead of Schaeffner's hammer.
    At the moment tho, I'm very excited of the bonus damage from the set and how it applies to all the procs, and procs are the beauty of this build.

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    We finally got some good news for this build (actually great news). First I thought it can't be of any good , but after I recorded this video I saw there is true potential in the build.

    Check it out yourself and PLEASE give me suggestions for adjustment, because I don't have the time I used to when I was unemployed :D

    I will run 55+ rifts (just facerolled GR 52, going up) once I unlock them and have time, this was the max one I had available since I slacked the last few months. Hellfire neck inc too since I have 30 keys each left to try T10 ubers with the new guaranteed socket system #itsabouttime.


    @Bastiram we shall see, now it's the time to test and modify this build as we please, since the cube opens up a whole new spectrum of variations for this build.

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    posted a message on UPDATE: [2.3] Ancient Elite Nullifier, GR 55+ [HC] Whirlwind Build , #1 Lightning build [+Video] War of the Elements

    2.3 PTR UPDATE:
    I just gave it a spin on the PTR and I'm sure with the new HF neck system in place and a few more adjustments, this build can finally become competitive once again. All I can say is that big packs explode and Rift Guardians melt even without the new Stricken gem. The lightning effects feel great and I'm sure we can improve it with a few days of brainstorming.

    Keep in mind my toon is on HC and you can boost the damage by a ton on softcore.
    I would have whent higher in GR but that was my max at that moment, in future ones I will showoff the full power of it with the Hellfire neck ( i have 30 more keys each from when I gave up in the past).
    ! Conduit scales like hell with this build, since the raw damage is incredibly high (can go over 8 mil ) the Conduit is something extreme on this build.

    The build is similar but I cubed: Convention of Elements ring, Skull of Resonance, Schaeffner's Hammer.

    Check out the video of the run and please, give me suggestions as I'm working too nowdays.



    Edit: build became popular on reddit too and it ended up in the diablo wiki there in a more organised fashion : http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3Barbarians/wiki/hc-lightning-ww Edit 2: Tested (Ancient) Schaeffner's Hammer vs Shard of Hate + random non-OS main hand, and the 1 handers already leave him WAY behind, you can see the rolls on the bottom of the post. So aim for 1 handers, specifically SoH+ OS.

    Hey guys! I'm back in 2.1.2 and glad to announce that this build is more and more powerful the more I play. Changes to Shard of Hate made this a super fun and viable build now, and I hope my friends will test out ancient Schaeffner's Hammer/ Furnace on this build to provide feedback on the other side, but once I get my hands on an Ancient Odyn Son too, there's little chance I give the 2 handers ( tests will tell ).

    As you can see below and in the video, with over 50 mil toughness and over 5 mil raw damage ( 1.200.000+ HP), you blaze through end game content feeling like a God of Thunder. The greatest advantage and fun part of this build is you feel like you play melee, you don't run away from packs, actually, the more the better, you man up, go between an screen full of mobs and elites, you shout at them and the chaos begins. The only thing I hate on this build is when I encounter coward mobs that flee from fight and since I can't just skip them because of reasons, I waste precious time. Video with all the new info and the actual run( GR 38 2.1.2) : www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LGo5tZTH70 I didn't want to tryhard a proper rift and just recorded this one. I will farm high gr tokens with a group or something, it's too much work to get from 35 upwards to 38.


    Taeguk is my first gem of choice because of the 30% armor and damage, this is mandatory for me on HC and a good adition to SC players too. You can keep the stacks up easily due to constantly bursting your Whirlwind to maintain the maximum stacks up.

    I'm using Bane of the Trapped. The gem will provide you with a crowd control area after level 25, and since you're always am in melee range, you benefit from the bonus all the time. I'm also using taeguk. the best gem for this build imo especially on hardcore. 30% extra armor and damage is a superb addition to any barb. As you can see in the video I maintain the stacks using whirlwind and still keep the berserker rage passive up even on single targets.

    Pain enhancer is the tricky part. Even if it's a physical based gem, I can still get it to tick over 20 mil since we have immense attack speed from whirlwind and high crit chance from Overpower+ Killing spree and normal CHC. The IAS is very nice too, I could see my damage get up to 4 mil + on big packs, which is insane considering I don't use WOTB or didn't have any external buffs.

    Weapons Master passive instead of Ruthless for the extra critical strike chance. This way you get more dps AND the ancients will scale with the higher damage you have from the slower Odyn Son.

    Shard of hate apears to be best in slot now with the 2.1.2 changes, and due to the procs scaling very well with ancient weapon damage, you kind of fill the screen with lightning that hit mobs like trucks ( over 10 mil ) once I get the Odyn Son Ancient weapon and an proper Hellfire Necklace, my damage will get a 40%+ boost, especially single target. Hopefully I will keep this barb alive till I find that too. It appears the weapon have a normal proc and another proc chance when you actually hit mobs.

    Call of the Ancients will hit like trucks and will also proc the Pain Enhancer gem. Together as one will make you tougher and you can watch the ancient's HP and " immagine" they are your shield, meaning you can anticipate the incoming damage you will take if they die from the speed that they go down. Of course, the target is to keep them alive, so then you have 2 options:

    1.Inspiring presence will provide you, your pets or party members with 2% hp/second regen, this is incredibly good for your anicents. They will also benefit from the War Cry bonuses. I get over 20 000 HP/S from using this passive!!! It's incredibly powerful now and woudln't see my barb safe anymore without it. 2.Threatening Shout+ Grim Harvest makes health globes pop out of mobs just like pop-corn is made.

    Critical strike have no limits on this build, I have almost 70% CHC when i use a proper necklace, and you have to know that CHC will show you less damage unbuffed, but the more you increase your damage the more efficient it is. For example by using weapons master with a mace you will get 5 % crit chance and it will look like your dps is less than the 8% damage you get from switching a sword in main hand. Fully buffed however, critical strike chance will give you a lot more damage, plus the bloodbath and pain enhancer synergy doesn't compare to any other stats.

    You can see how I stand tall in all those elite effects even after my ancients are dead, and it is due to the high armor ( str gems, rampage bonus and add the 30% Taeguk and you get your armor reduction value near 90% ). Then you have to focus on elite damage reduction ( chest 11% reduction, and Aughild set bonus). Now you have to keep your eyes opened for the 7% ranged and melee reduction from chest,wrist and neck. Keep in mind you can roll BOTH of them on an item, it won't happen often, don't worry.

    I will make another video about the items and the weapons from my experience ( Schaffner's Hammer, Shard of Hate, Thunder Fruy and of course, the one and only Odyn Son, the weapon that makes this build stay afloat).

    As mentioned in the video, I feel sorry I couldn't squeeze in the Thundergod's Vigor belt that would provide me with extra "sparks" and 15 % more lightning damage. This would be a huge boost considering you get hit constantly on this build ( you play like a man, not a deer or a choo choo train)

    Best in slot list: ( Ancient versions ofc) Weapons: Odyn Son + Shard of Hate Helm : Skull of Resonance Neck : Hellfire Necklace Pants : Hexing pants of Mr. Yan Boots : Ice Climbers Aughild Shoulders+ Wrists Immortal King Chest,Gloves and Belt. Rings : RorG+ Unity

    For T6 farm: Swap Ice Climbers for Immortal King Boots , and Immortal King Belt with Thundergod.s Vigor. ( Or Thasker's and Theo) Swap Skull of Resonance for Andariel's with lightning damage. Swap Threatening Shout with Sprint for the group or WotB to make the screen explode.

    SC players don't necesarly have to wear Ice Climbers, 'till you find them just wear Thundergod's Vigor and Immortal King Boots.

    " Proper Items Soom" : (Here I will post the Ancient Items related to this build that I find. Already found 3 in 2 days so I guess the drop chance isn't that bad)

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous versions:

    Video+commentary (click on the white triangle in the left to watch it here and not get redirected to youtube) : www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMs2RoBk6z4&list=TLgJldP5nCberxelsoQYLSmeyMtYhAjHaC 2.1 rank 3 build : www.youtube.com/watch?v=231pXurMC-8

    Perks: - disabling some of the elite mechanics like Electrified, Jailer, Fire Chains, and actually hitting you. - using your skills in the correct order and time them so you maintain full rage even on single targets - melting mobs and 4 elite packs on T6 like butter in a frying pan - enjoy playing around with the mechanics of the mobs - have the feeling you actually hit the mobs - stop leaping around like a retarded deer, which is the best one imo ( i'm not butthurt because I don't have fire gear, actually I have a perfect maximus with ramaladi's in it already ( check my other barb) + full cdr/EQ gear )

    This is the sustained DPS and Toughness you can reach without WOTB or external buffs. The crit you see in the SS are the ones from WW, procs can crit for up to 50 mil+ on elites.

    Rate and comment my video or subscribe to motivate me theorycraft more and in time I will improve the quality of the videos and my english lol and you can make sure I will never make a video just for the sake of it and will come up with relevant and interesting information all the time.

    Have a good one and see you in game ! :)

    Related links: B-tag : Taktic#2982

    Character : https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Taktic-2982/hero/41915462 How to maximize your follower for GR/higher torments : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gNwYJW9G7Y

    Diablofans Build : http://www.diablofans.com/builds/1218-hc-db-barb-gr-31-1-ranked-lightning-build-video

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    posted a message on Barbarian Cube Affixes Theorycrafting

    I didn't play the nullifier build for 2 seasons, guess this one is quite the opportune moment to dust it off :)
    I hope there's no mandatory items in the new season tho since I won;t have the time to make a new char.

    But this looks freaking insane. I'm sure they prep us for runewords or combos to create unique items.
    It's about time... I'm sick of knowing my BIS gear since level 1 and farming just with that in mind.

    Don't get me wrong tho, i've played and enjoyed D3 waaaaaay more than I expected, but having to NOT use sets end game would open up a freaking bazillion combinations.
    Immagine builds that don't require 6 pieces to work, at the moment there are literally full set builds to end game that combine set items in all slots.

    It is great to have it as an option, but making the other legendaries play a bigger role would make the game ultra fun.
    'Till then I'll just play with my builds and chill 4-5 GR levels behind.

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    Paragon level 2000 ? what the actual fark :D

    If only people at NASA had this kind of motivation, we would have our own Death Star by now.

    GL getting 2000 to that guy... when gaby first reached 1000 I was like wtf , but 2000 just blows my mind.

    G G

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    I swear I crafted 100+ hellfire ammys over the years and I NEVER found a good one, so basically all seasons I give it a chance with a batch of 30-40 and they are all utter chit.

    So for me HF ammys are something that don't quite exist, I try to ignore the fact that they are actually in game... but every season I'm like " oh , but my friend crafted just 1-5 ammulets and he already got a perfect rolled one " then I go farm again and craft again , only to get one of the two ( in best case scenarios) :
    - either very good stats and the must useless passive
    - or the usual good passive and vit/LPH/ chance to delete your character rolls.

    Idk... i'm sure for most people it's nice to find a proper ammy, but for those of us who farmed a bank tab full of them only to turn them back into forgotten souls, it's just another layer of ugliness to the gameplay.

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