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    posted a message on Best way to gear up a toon

    I think you where just unlucky, I always use the cube at the start of seasons and by the time I hit the para 200 mark I already have most if not all the stuff I need including an ancient weapon.
    The crappiest thing to find imo at first is ramaladi's gift, but with farming some tx and bountys at first (which we usually do for the RORG), you can rush the bountys with keywardens in them too so you secure a hellfire neck if needed as well.

    Keep in mind: it's the internets so people are more prone to complain than post stuff that works etc. therefore you might feel like all D3 players have bad luck, which is not really truezor

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    posted a message on What is currently the best Barbarian build?

    I see you now found an ancient BB.
    I recommend you to do the following (if you did not so far) at the start of seasons:
    Farm bounty mats, find a normal boulder breaker ( you can insert a set item from IK and reroll the set 'till you get the Boulder Breaker)
    Now that you have the BB, take your mats/farm some forgotten souls in TX then re-roll the boulder breaker 'till an ancient drops.
    You can have an ancient boulder breaker in a few hours like this. Might not be amazingly rolled at first, but it will be ancient.
    The biggest issue I have at the start of seasons is not finding myself ancient gear, but finding Ramaladi's gift.
    By the time I hit para @200 ish I already have most shiz I need and ancient weapon.

    Sorry for the long post if you already knew :)

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    posted a message on <Flux> Casual Elite Squad Recruiting for WOW Legion

    Hello guys,

    We're a bunch of good players who gathered on the realm-cluster Jaedenar-Auchindoun-Dunemaul who want to expand our ranks with elite and fun players.

    We started forming a week ago, and we are in need of more players with end-game experience, preferably over 20 yo, gear doesn't matter, we are looking for mature, good players who used to kill end game bosses in the past.

    I used to raid with world top 10 guilds in the past, and my crew isn't that shabby either, we are looking for more to fill up our core, and become a competitive, yet relaxed environment. ( I used to raid in world top casual guilds in the past too, so it is possible to have performance in a casual manner, with the right people being the only condition).

    I'd prefer to leave an short application on our website : http://flux.wowhordes.com/

    We are not loot whores, I do not have a retarded friend to carry with you guys either, which in many guilds is a huge problem as well. If you're in for full content clear and know your class inside-out and can speak on a voip, give us a shout.

    See you in-game,


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    posted a message on DC/RIP question

    I didn't play for 2 seasons, but somehow I managed to rip due to dc in this one , first dc i got lucky, second one I ripd.
    Is it something usual nowdays in d3 with the dcs and lag spikes ?
    Lemme know so I know I only play at night... or on sc lol.

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    posted a message on I am baffled by Blizzard's incompetence

    I havn't played for 2 seasons and I find the game a lot more fun than before.
    I also don't see a huge discrepancy between solo GR pushing, where you won't play support for sure ( lol ).
    This might be because I play a vyr wiz now, and left my barb to rest a bit, and it's ultra fun to play as wiz in this season, no clue about other classes but I'll try them too in a bit.
    Leave your barb out for a few weeks and give it a try with wiz if u want to be deeps, I bet you will find it fun too.

    P.S.: Meta's and endgame content will most likely go around your favorite playstyle/class , since it's 4 classes max it will contain a limited amount of "stuff" to perform best. So I've learned I have to play different classes each season to fully enjoy the game.

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    posted a message on SEASON 5 - What Class?

    Relevant as I remember you, Drahque.
    I might buy a new desk and try the new D3 in the 15th. It looks a bit more fun than the last few patches that I lost the interest completley to play.
    Thank you for the first post, you da' real MVP. I just love it when people provide me with the info I would get from days of online playing ( because I hate PTRS so posts like these make my life better :)) ).

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    posted a message on Best Extracted Legendary Power for WW Barb?

    On HC, NEVER play with rend on WOTW set, it will kill you eventually.

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    posted a message on Area damage 2.3?
    Quote from Darials»

    Yeah but nobody stacked the area dmg before? Why now?

    Because maths is hard.

    People did stack area damage and got pretty high rankings because of that ( even rank 1 or world firsts ).
    We (hardcore tryhard community) knew and played area builds even last year. I didn't really know it's a secret, but I did see however how certain people swap the gear so it doesn't show the actual build and items they used. Now that won't be possible anymore so people might aswell just divulge the secret to the rest of the world.

    Here you can see clearly how even the best streamers are 1 year behind from the actual bad boys of the game, that play 10% of their time and own more.

    Another important reason would be because it's a hack and slash... and not many people make a fuss about stuff like this.
    I remember a video from 1-2 years ago with what quin did and even more in depth, but again, it's a hack and slash...people don't really like tryharding it, and not all the people know maths to realize when and how is AE good.

    P.S.: proof :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16T-_C-NK00
    It's just good marketing from quin's side :))

    Don't run into hate conclusions, I love quin and watch his streams often.

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    posted a message on World Rank 1 in 2-player Greater Rift Tier 64 (Seasonal HardCore)

    You guys just have to learn that this game isn't about competition and it's a hack and slash.
    There is the OPTION to play competitive, and I like to see videos like these, so congrats Drahque for the superb achievement.

    I got pissed and shizz too before but in time I learned to play the game in a healthy way, now I don't really care who does what in d3... as long as it doesn't affect me.

    All I care about is what paragon levels are the nolifers, new builds, rankings and so on, that I mostly take from this forum.

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    posted a message on An Awful (but fun) Barbarian

    Hehe :) you are still " young " once you try out all the skills and builds, you will end up like the rest of us with the xeroxed same build and gear :(.

    I too play separate builds for fun but never tried what you just presented so I wouldn't be fit to give an advice.
    To make things more fun use items that proc stuff both on yourself and the follower, it will spice things up.

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    posted a message on Stop the Spambots and Scammers.

    Still better than " Dissapointed with 2.3" one :))
    It would hurt the community to put barriers in front of new users, because we all where at certain points newbs here and prolly wouldn't bother to pass the security exam 12 and 3 to be able to post and contribute.

    I'm just sayan.

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    posted a message on Lost #1 EU HC Ancient Calamity to a DC. Time to go softcore in S4? :b

    The whole point of playing HC is the hype and riscs you take.
    Imagine how many people would exploit that option if it was there ...

    That's the pain to all newbies in HC... once you die a couple of times you get used to the harsh environment of hardcore.

    Thug life biach. #swagmoded3activate

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    posted a message on New consumable idea

    dongrimey69 :)) ye I read through the posts and 90 % of them where science fiction so I thought I'll drop in my genious ideea too.

    Gift on rings and neck is something the community discussed endless 1-2 patches ago. I'm pretty sure blizzard made it clear that they won't do that because of reasons tho :(

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    posted a message on New consumable idea

    Pfff , I would like to introduce a new system in game that makes you take conTROLL of bosses and other players try to kill u.
    Wouldn't that be a dream ? :))

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    posted a message on Hardcore Barbarian Questions
    Quote from Ratazzi»

    Here is the link to my barb that I am using based off your input....

    Hehe :) nice one . With that boulder breaker you will faceroll GR 50.

    So, as Ratazzi just wrote:
    20% physical on wrists
    WW bonus damage on boots instead of speed ( not mandatory) helm with bonus WW is a bit tricky on HC ,I prefer 1000 vit.
    Level up dem gems
    Reroll dat necklace with CHC CHD and STR or Physical
    Get CHC on the ring instead of vit.
    Preplace regen with 11% elite damage reduction,on HC it's one of the main aspect you need to cover.
    Not sure you need Boon of Bulkathos now, with the IK 4 set bonus, if you spam the battle rage for regen, you should be able to maintain 100% wotb and ancients without even using CDR gem in helm or that passive.

    DO NOT rush to GR 50+ ... take it slowly and I recommend you to play 3-4 times each level of GR before going further, to get used with the damage you take and prepare for the "o shit " moments in advance.

    If you cover these steps you're all set for GR 50 in a "safe" way ( assuming you don't think molten 'splosions will give you bonus progress :D ).

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