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    remember diablo is about epic adventures where powerful demons are fighting powerful human champions
    I'm sorry, did you just call Amazons epic? Why can't they be epic? Admit it, if we were discussing the prospect of Witch Doctors in Diablo 3 before it was announced, you would have balked at the idea.

    EDIT I dreamed last night that Blizzard announced the last class was a Knight, which had some samurai and ninja influences thrown in there. It was pretty cool...
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    Another way you can look at the Pirate culture is through their democracy, where every man was worth their work and effort bar none. Even subjugated people and races were typically considered as equals. I forget the exact details, names and dates, but I read a very fascinating book on the subject. Pirates were more than just thieves, but also diplomatic, political, and F'ing clever. Henry Every is a good example, I think.

    I'm just fascinated by cultures that can come together and break apart at will; where individual ships can strike up impromptu alliances for mutual benefit, snag some swag and share, then be along their merry way.

    You guys are just letting the media warp your perception of a very fascinating culture and history.
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    Then your preceding post is a bit silly. I could have said, "A Witch Doctor throws a storm of toads at the Monk," to which you could reply "The Monk avoids them... and explodes the weak Doctor's head."

    Each class has something different and new to contribute; each has their weaknesses and strengths. The Amazon was arguably the least enchanted of all the Diablo races and relied of archery, speed and dexterity to excel. These are qualities that would be key in a Brigand. Moreover, they could use Trap weapons similar to Assassins.

    And we know that Sanctuary has reached gunpoweder technology. The Barbarians, who lived an insular lifestyle, were maybe a year or so away from it. Now, twenty years later and with the Barbarians in diaspora, that knowledge could have easily expanded outside their territory and strengthened the military of entire nations -- or just fall into the black market, where only the keenest minds see its advantages.
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    Who would win in a fight: a pirate or a monk who could punch you in the face after the dodging the bullet and make your head explode?

    Now you're assigning Matrix-esque abilities to these warriors. If you're going this far, why should anyone use any ranged weapons at all when Monks can avoid arrows, bolts and magic missile? If they're that dexterous then you'd never be able to hit them with a sword, either.

    Hell, Monks sound badass -- never have to worry about armor again. I really want to play that!
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    Pirates cannot make a very stable class without going against all lore and all fundamentals of the game thus far.

    Where is it stated that pirates do not exist in a world such as Sanctuary? You don't believe in thieves? You don't think thieves might take to the waters and plunder and pillage sea faring convoys, like those of Mashif?

    There is absolutely no DIVINITY in a pirate/thief,

    Your point being? There's nothing divine about Assassins, which follow the theme of humans eschewing magic. My Brigand idea just takes it a step further.

    and it would be hard to make a pirate without GUNS.

    Why? Because people can only be robbed at gun point? Right.

    Ever see the Assassin's Creed 2 trailer? Single shot pistol in Renaissance Italy and they still make it work.

    I go by my original statement that vigilantism belongs nowhere in D3 due to the fact that it goes against what pirates stand

    Even the lawless and evil should know that if everything is destroyed, there won't be people to steal from anymore. Not everyone does things out of the goodness of their heart. What did Shakespeare say? The greatest sin a man can commit is to do the right thing for the wrong reasons.
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    I could see a type of Pirate or Bounty Hunter character; a breed of human on the fringe of society relying not on magic or dark arts, but only by his wits and and ingenuity.

    For what reasons do the others have to fight against Hell? The Barbarian seeks retribution for the destruction of his homeland before his kind dies off; the Wizard combats the darkness with the most outre and taboo abilities to test herself and bolster her status in the eyes of others; the Witch Doctors struggle to maintain the balance between here and the hereafter; and the Monk fights solely to expel any and all demonic influence from the world, making it once more a Sanctuary.

    But what of the common man and woman? Where there exists no law, no order, nothing but a twisted and mutable code among thieves? Even the world of brigands and ne'er-do-wells needs defending.

    The Diablo Manual admitted that one driving force behind many quests was the acquisition of gold and loot. Maybe that's all some people need to drive them forward; hunting on behalf of some collector? Looting bodies to send money home to help out at the farm? Collecting trinkets and things simply for the pleasure of it?

    There are many ways to fight outside magic; bows and arrows, crossbows, gunpowder weaponry, traps and explosives, molotov cocktails; connections with the underworld to acquire items at cheaper prices...

    I think the Magical have garnered too much of the spotlight; let the common man prove himself in the face of the Burning Hells. We, ourselves, do something like that every day. ;)

    Why is it so absurd for a Pirate to call forth exotic birds down upon his foes? To scout the lay of the land with a trusted pet, affording him a measure of intelligence on his enemy and their movements? To snipe his enemies from afar with single-shot pistols? To sneak upon and backstab the unwary with concealed knives? The spin about like a dervish and fell all who stand near in a display of cold steel and bravado? Maybe even to curse enemies with loot they know to be cursed already? To raise the morale of his fellows and strengthen their dexterity and offense?

    The history and culture of the pirate is a long and rich one; it's more than an offshoot of a scottish accent where people go "Aargh"; and so much more than Jonny Depp.

    If the term "Pirate" bothers you so, then call 'em Brigands. :D
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    To fight on Sanctuary as another battlefield though? I don't feel so. Using the humans as warriors, destroying the Worldstone to "unlock" the potential for the Nephalem, is desirable for both sides of the Great War.

    This was a theory I had some time ago. I had originally thought, however, that the destruction of the World Stone would sever Sanctuary from the other realms, during which time the few surviving demons would be able to corrupt humanity. Once the veils thinned, they would emerge from the world as an unstoppable torrent of nightmare and destruction against Heaven, the Nephalem's powers re-awakened as they were released from the World Stone.
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    I rediscovered my Lord of Destruction manual and opened up to the first page, on which is printed a poem. I'll reproduce it here:
    So spoke the Wanderer, mindful of hardships and cruel slaughters:

    Each dawn, I rise alone, mired in ancient sorrows. Wretched and
    deprived of my native land, I have had my mind bound with fetter.
    For many years, I lay hidden in the concealment of the earth, buried
    deep in stone. From there, I went, abject and winter-grieving, over the
    surface of the waes. I sought the prison of my noble kinsmen.
    Sorrow is the cruel companion to the one who can afford few friends, and
    the path of exile attends this mournful spirit.

    And so this world, every day, is crumbling and falling. The rulers
    lie dead, deprived of revelry, bands of warriors lie fallen proud by the
    wall. War destroyed some, carried them away; a sorrowful man hid
    one deep within a grace. Thus the creator of men laid waste this
    dwelling-place, until the old works of giants stood vacant, without the
    noise of their inhabitants.

    So said the Wanderer, set apart in secret meditations.

    The kingdom of the earth is full of miseries, and the decree of the fates
    shall change the course of the heavens.

    Inspired by
    The Wanderer (Anonymous)
    from the Exeter Book, ca. 10th century.

    Should this information be valid, and not warped by Diablo, this provides some interesting information. It details his ruminations over the perceived betrayal of his homeland, Khonduras, as he and fellow Warriors were sent to war against Westmarch as Leoric was driven mad by Diablo's influence. It also reveals that the Wanderer we saw at the beginning of Diablo was quite himself, his antipathy and isolation not wholly part of Diablo's possession, but rather an innate, black depression.

    Diablo II: The Awakening hints that the Wanderer's name was Qarak, and was part of an order of warriors that called themselves Order of the Gauntlet.

    An NPC in Diablo suggests that The Wanderer either originates from or once visited Tristram. This may give us a place of origin for the character.

    Also, are there any mentions elsewhere of dates?
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    Hratli. Absolutely love the guy. Provides pretty good armor and weapons, and I love his gallows humor.

    "When speaking of the dead, it is best to remain... cryptic."

    lulz :D
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    EDIT: Hierophant! YAY!
    It would be pretty cool if the last class were one of the Children of Zakarum rehabilitated. :D

    Enough people go insane in Diablo; how about some sanity regaining itself?
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    Nothing Human and Anansi Boys.

    I just read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and American Gods. I swear the latter is slower than Jane Eyre but it gets pretty good. About a former inmate who gets entangled in godly affairs. ;)

    Neverwhere is the novelization of a series by the same name written by Gaiman. It's pretty entertaining. A sort of modern day Alice in Wonderland... in London Below.
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    Quote from "Ogen" »
    Could that be any more cliche'?
    Two words: Barbarian, Wizard. "Cliche"? Are you serious? Think before you bash.

    Quote from "Scipio" »
    But I would rather see some other skills than "beastmastery".
    Not a fan of Druids, then? Or Necros?

    Quote from "Valtonis" »
    aren't summons considered "pets"?
    Yes, I use the words interchangeably.

    You people know that if they debut a Hunter for Diablo that you'll love it. For all we know they'll be a secretive, nomadic tribe heiling from the barren regions, expert trackers and slayers of demons, wearing they skeletons as trophy and armor. There, that solves incorporating demons into the classes, too.
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    I'm going to tackle this from a much less analytical perspective, but delve more into the lore. All my assertions will ultimately likely be erroneous, but it's fun, so here goes...

    The characters, lore-wise, are not exactly "main stream". The same could be said of the characters in previous games -- they're all representatives of fringe groups. However, they are each known to some degree and accepted.

    The characters in D3 so far are, arguably, even more maligned. Witch Doctors have had next to no experience with the outside world; monks are feared for their awesome might; barbarians have fallen by the way side and may fit into the Barbarian stereotype even more so as unpredictable, raving nomads; Wizards are magical upstarts and ronins.

    These characters also represent a variety of ethnic groups.

    My thought is that the last character may be some form of hunter, a ranged individual with pets, perfect for long-distance attack. Ultimately a combination of Assassin and Amazon. Native American, perhaps.

    Yes, each of the character classes can do it all, but each is also specialized to fall into specific niches in combat. So far we don't have a specialized range option.

    That's my opinion.
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    These look impressive. The first Monk I create I'm naming Aang. :D
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    I think she's been around for a good time.

    I apologize if this point has been raised/dismissed, but I'm of the opinion Leah de Soto is somehow related to Adria. I was watching the cinematic and compared Leah's likeness to Cain's sketch. The two were remarkably similar -- the eyes, noce, lips. The glaring difference, really, is the poise and confidence in Adria's countenance. Both also wore peculiar pendants around their necks, though they were of completely different design.
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