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    Usually you have to make swaps in gear/talents for good speed farm potential. The bash build I listed as well as the mat build that was just written would pull an RG in a minute for a good rift or so, 4 for a bad rift. Multi level/empty. I've had T6 RG up in 40s, which isn't awful for a crusader considering I'm used to 30s-70s on my dh/barb. Fastest pull was in a graveyard, 40s with a conduit pylon, and every last mob was dust eater. I'll never see that again, which is why I say 70s is more realistic and that's in an optimal rift. Sub optimal max time is 4-5 minutes, depending on number of levels and mobs.

    I've used a condemn and FoTH build for clears and I've tried several different rolands setups, it is really hard to match the double mobility of steed charge and bash. Not wanting to swap gears is holding you back bro, my dh/barb with gr setup lose around 1:30 on a t6 time with decent density. Swap to a speed farm build and RG's are up in a minute or less.

    If you don't want to swap around etc. that's a personal preference, if you like the foth skill that again is a personal preference, however you're slowing yourself down. That being said I can appreciate the fact you enjoy FoTH setups, I spent the first 5 months I played Cruz ripping up T6 with that skill and firestarter/darklight before the nerf that is. Fissure is fun to play with as well, you can get the whole screen to be an electric chair for mobs.

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    In a word, everything. Not trying to be a dick, you have some of the pieces for the build however there are several things that you need. For rings you need Unity/SOJ either naturally rolling socket or max cdr. You need Furnace (STR/DMG/CDR/SKT) or Heartslaughter, furnace is bis. For a shield you'd want STR/CDR/CC/Phalanx damage. Helm should be Akkhan, STR/CC/Phalanx/SKT.

    Chest legs should have all resist instead of the armor, look for a chest with secondaries that reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks. As far as secondaries go, you don't want gold find or + exp at all. Resist rolls, Health globe healing bonus and pickup are much more powerful and are often over looked.

    Ammy should be a legendary, Phys/CC/CHD/SKT is bis for phalanx, but STR/CC/CHD/SKT is fine. Your overall goal should be getting to 56-57% cdr, 60% physical damage,65% Phalanx damage followed by as much crit/crit damage as you can get on your gear. You don't end up with a lot of room for cc/chd so the rolls that you do get need to be near max. Hellfire ammy would be bis, followed by an immunity ammy with the stats mentioned above. Ess of Johan/Eye of Illich make for good equips as well, just make sure to try and target close to your character when using the ess so the pull will benefit your pain enhancer secondary.

    Passives are good, active talents for gr should be: Phalanx(stampede), AC: Prophet, LOV: Unstoppable,Iron Skin:Steel Skin, Steed Charge: Rejuvination/Endurance, and Provoke. Shield Glare can be subbed in for Provoke if you prefer. These are optimal for T6 as well, there is enough cc/buffing in parties between witch doc's, crusaders, barbs and monks that you should only need one cc. Phalanx stampede being that one ability.

    The diamonds in your gear need to be Rubies, highest cut.

    For T6 farming you can go with a Travelers Pledge/Compas Rose combo instead of the yellow/bkb ring you have, leave leoric's as is or search for that gg soj I mentioned earlier. Leg gems for leorics can be Bane of the trapped, Powerful, Pain enhancer. These are fine for T6. For Greater rift Pain enhancer, GOGUK(if below cdr of 56%) Bane of the trapped. If you get 57% cdr explore other gems beside Goguk. Good luck and happy farming : )
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    Valid points, as anyone who's played a Roland's build knows we are married to the Akkhan set for reliable wrath re gen, as well as toughness.

    One thing that really stands out to me as well is the Heavenly Strength debuff. We are as of present designed around 2h weapons, BOP, Furnace,FOTF etc. I shouldn't have to say it, but each build has its own place in terms of T6 farming speed/GR viability. Considering this the 20% damage penalty makes no sense to me what so ever, as 2h weps were buffed for every class that could use them not just Crusaders.
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    I agree, but what the op left out is that 100% of those 39% CW users are waiting on a Furnace. ; )
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