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    posted a message on Why all the hype about D2HD?

    The only thing Diablo needs is a dark, moody, highly replayable 4th version.

    The WoW-like art direction and bland replayability of Diablo 3 simply needs to die at this point. Too many poor decisions have been made with Diablo 3 to bother with further expansions.

    Get a modern engine in play, get non-pay2win in-game transactions in to fund long-term development, allow us to trade, and give us greater flexibility to build or characters in creative yet viable ways, and build this best ARPG to date please, Blizzard.

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    Quin works with Curse, which owns this site.

    Basically, if you want equal representation for all, expect to work on partnering professionally. Quin is ahead of the curve there for all ARPG gamers.

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    If you find it hard to locate 10 enemies, just remake the game and get a better mob layout.

    You should need to do fairly minimal rounding up of mobs. I might need to make 1-3 loops around a room with gangway up to clump them before i Gangway in to Wrenching Smash and Rend.

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    After waaaaaay too many attempts I finally completed the the Barbarian Wastes Set Dungeon Mastery. I learned a lot over my attempts and did a lot of reading and watching of other's attempts.

    Here are my tips and conclusions:

    1) General Tips and Strategy

    Go FULL Damage and cool down reduction as much as you can without sacrificing damage. I had 1.4 million sheet dmg unbuffed, 50% CC, 550 CHD, 45% CDR, and 33% increased physical.

    DO NOT overuse Whirlwind. It will kill mobs you don't want to kill instead of using them Rends groups. Only engage with WW if you want to wipe the room. You do not want to use WW as a mobility skill unless you want to wipe the room. *important*

    Play aggressively (I cannot emphasize this enough). Do not hesitate or take too much time setting up 10 mob rends. Zoom around the map, kill small packs/singles instantly with WW and Gangway up to protect yourself. Use Gangway on large packs to setup an optimized Wrenching Smash, then Rend and immediately WW to kill off the mobs or Gangway to try to double dip another 10-Rend from the room.

    Gangway can be used both to enter a large pack safely OR push mobs into the "center" to clump them. Since a mob cannot damage you while being knocked back and you can keep Gangway up nearly 100% of the time, this is much safer than Furious Charge. If you are a charging master... go for it though. I tried both and instantly had improved results with Gangway.

    Watch for mobs your WW doesn't kill. I failed twice with one mob up because WW barely didn't kill it and I didn't notice.

    Also, develop a route and stick with it. You will start to notice patterns with mob positioning and quantities per attempt. This will help.

    2) Skills
    Rend - Ravage (for larger AOE)
    WW - physical rune of your choice, but I stayed with Blood Funnel
    Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash
    War Cry - Veteran's Warning
    WotB - Insanity
    Sprint - Gangway (this makes avoiding physical dmg MUCH easier as it's nearly impossible to be hit if its up)

    3) Passives
    Unforgiving, Animosity, Weapon Master, Boon of Bul-Kathos. The theme is max resource regen and max uptime of WotB.

    4) Gear
    I wore Chilank's Chain, Reapers Wraps, CDR+CHC+CHD rings, and Bul-Kathos's set. I cubed Furnace (to help take down elites faster), Leoric's Crown (for more CDR), and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac for more effective CDR.

    5) Gems

    Full rubies in armor, Diamond in helm. LvL 71 Bane of the Trapped, LvL63 Bane of the Powerful, LvL 70 Bane of the Stricken. Again the idea was to take down the "elites" ASAP as waller is one of the few things that can most commonly screw up a run.

    Credit goes to Empyrian for this video detailing the use of Gangway.


    Lastly, this is very frustrating for many people. Don't give up if you want wings. If you don't care about cosmetics or challenges, don't waste your time on this. It will eat up your time!

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    Blizzard really made the Wastes set dungeon "fun" by seemingly increasing the mobs attack speed since PTR. It's pretty easy to get hit now.

    What an evil objective.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4 not tomorrow oO?

    Why would you not announce something? Think about it for a moment. The most probable cause for silence is that there is uncertainty, and so instead of saying anything they are waiting for something to be confirmed before making a statement.

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    posted a message on Is a 2 handed build viable with barbs now ?
    I'm seeing some pretty inaccurate information posted here.

    1) Barbs have not been "nerfed into the ground". We haven't been buffed while other classes have. Wizards and Monks are in the same boat. I still have absolutely no problem doing T6 end game groups or solo with my barb using any of the 3 common set builds (IK, Earth, or Raekors). Yes, it not as easy as doing it on my WD.

    2) Two handed weapons are viable and do have a place. Maximus is one of the best examples. It actually works very well with a Seismic Slam build due to the high damage and slower attack speed. It also works well with Leapquake. The same is true when used appropriately for The Furnace. Mannercookie and several other testers have proven and documented this.

    3) Two-Handers are universally weakened compared to dual-wielding due to the issue with Crit Hit Damage and stat balance. There are many ways to fix this broken mechanic of the game and unfortunately Blizzard has elected not to take any of them to date. Perhaps in 2.1 or a later date. That said, if you have very good 2h weapon, it will compete with and in some cases outshine a dual-wield setup where attack speed doesn't matter and top-end damage does.
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    Use Seismic Slam. It is absolutely awesome now. Stack up some Max Fury items and Paragon and go to town.

    The Unforgiven passive is amazing now and Animosity synergizes very well with it. Superstition gives you much needed defense and Fury gen. This helps to quickly push you into a No Primary Attack build, which is optimal.

    Rampage is a very good passive as well. If I was starting fresh in RoS I would use a build like this:



    Frenzy or Bash for quick Fury recharge when starved. Try to stack an element and synergize with Seismic rune . Fire is a good goal right now.

    Seismic Slam is the best Fury dump we have now. Fire has a CC knockup + very high damage.

    Warcry - Charge for added Toughness and a quick Fury gain. Switch to Impunity if your All Resist is below 500 or so.

    Battle Rage - Bloodshed for dmg or Swords to Plowshares for healing (and Fury regen if you have Reapers Wraps -- should craft some ASAP)

    Wrath of the Berserker - obvious, but replace with Call of the Ancients - Ancients Fury once you have 4pc Immortal Kings set bonus

    Sprint - Gangway is a knockback which triggers Strongarm Bracers. It is also brilliant for moving through small mobs and breaking objects for extra gold and loot.


    • Obtain 4 pc Immortal Kings, 4pc Earth sets
    • Replace Frenzy with Seismic Slam as your Primary attack and add Avalanche - Volcano (assuming Fire build)
    • Hit 80%+ elemental damage (80%+ fire or physical is the most damaging right now)
    • Get Bracers! Reapers Wraps (Malthael drops - crafted), Strongarm Bracers (gamble from Kadala), Warzechian Armguards (gamble), Trag'Oul Coils (gamble), Nemesis Bracers (gamble). Details here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/bracers/#type=legendary
    • Get Belts! Chilaniks Chain (Might Belt gamble), Harrington Waistguard (Belt gamble). Details here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/belt/
    Whirlwind is now much weaker than it was at launch. Its only advantage is speed a low torment levels. You can move as fast with Seismic with the correct build and do more damage (and arguably have more fun).

    Completely a personal play style thing, but the days of WW ballerina gameplay are limited.
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