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    Ho everyone, i'm just looking for ppl to recruit for HS promotion (recruit a friend). Anyways if you want to be recruited you will win a pack just for accepting it and after you get lvl 20, I'ill receive a hero portrait. Here's the link: https://battle.net/recruit/KM5CSCM2F8?blzcmp=raf-hs&s=HS&m=pc .

    Also, we can be friends, I can give some coaching and help with any stuff regarding game knowledge. Thanks all.

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    Hi everyone, just want to share something i've been thinking a lot recently, about alts, is it even worth making one? I mean, if not for the fun, you will only be wasting more gold and time instead of playing with your main. It can be really fun to level and gear up a character, but, there really isnt a good side to it. So I have two suggestions that might be interesting (one i've already saw in the forums):

    First, make it possible to choose your drop specialization, like in WoW, that way I can farm itens for my alts on my main.

    Second, make alts have impact in the game, by adding some weekly stuff that can be done with all your alts.

    My experience is, I usually don't play more than 3 hours a day and I'm not very lucky when it comes to drop set pieces and good legendaries, so I find myself always tempted to make a new character and gear it up, so I really wanted that a good benefit existed on making alts.

    That's it, and Thanks for reading. =D
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