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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    It's really interesting that you guys came up with it after so many seasons and especially now that "appear offline" mode has been implemented.

    How can you honestly vouch for all players in your clan when there's even easier way to hide it?

    In my opinion you just cant stand the fact that a regular Joe can now bot and get away with it. Something that was only done by top players is common now and youre losing advantage.

    Not to mention the fact that so many of your players is using thud or macros even on streams....

    Hypocrisy lvl 100 :(

    To be clear: I also wish for ban wave. I just wanted to point out how foolish the first post was.

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    posted a message on easiest/most tanky build to finish gr90+ ?

    You guys seem to be missing epicly tanky N6M4 DH build. I strongly recommend.

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    posted a message on Fastest DH build for TXIII?

    Impale ofc.

    Someone show me vid of UE doing T13 solo < 2 mins (and im not talking about cemetary + 2 x Power)

    Imnpale dmg is so insane that you can even run with Boon/Avrice/Goldwrap and without caldesanns.

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    posted a message on Zodiac confusion.

    I know the post is old, but it's a ridiculous idea to use Zodiac instead of CoE.

    With Diamond in head, 8% CD on shoulders and Gogok, you can keep Vengence 24/7

    And what you called 'short burst of damage' is essentially the most important factor during high GR push.

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    posted a message on Multishot build question

    Confirmed. Due to bad luck I was playing with normal Yangs until paragon ~700. Tried other ancients bows/crossbows but I ran out of hatred extremely fast.

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    posted a message on Help with my DH. Can't push beyond 80 GR

    First of all roll Grenade damage into belt and pants. That's +30% dmg that is not additive to anything.

    Second of all, you're missing quite a lot of Crit Damage (Rose, poor amu, bad roll on CoE).

    All in all you're missing over 100% CD

    Also put Calamity to your right hand. Unless they changed it, the damage comes from character's right hand.

    Finally - start investing in Caldeon's. Even 70-80's give you huge boost.

    Would be nice to see a video. A lot of mistakes come from bad gamplay. Like focusing too much on trash, not skipping bad elites. Etc

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    posted a message on [Debate] Cheating in D3? What is cheating and what is not?
    Quote from sykotic»

    Quote from Venaliter»

    Quote from BlacKcuD»

    Quote from Venaliter»

    I really dont consider ThuD cheating. It shows you information that SHOULD be in game already; in particular, you're DPS and how skills/different legendary powers influence your character. ThuD is bending the rules to make the game make more sense / more enjoyable.

    Botting is outright cheating, and that's why I do not play Diablo 3 anymore.

    Just because you think it's ok doesn't make it ok. It's against the law (here blizz d3 TOS 2) and hence it is not allowed. This is a typical saying of any criminal hence, somebody using Thud is a criminal in the official sense.

    and I get that, in the strictest interpretation. But my argument is this: High level GR play is extremely flawed; the density and mob makeup is atrocious, and you NEED THud to actually complete most high level rifts because they are so broken. The definition of cheating is gaining an unfair advantage; THud just levels the playing field of a broken system.

    Sorry but your argument is ridiculous. THUD is CHEATING. How dense must people be not to understand this. It does not matter what you THINK should be a part of the game. IT ISN'T. Pure and simple. End of discussion. All the justification and BS "logic" you try and use to justify it does not change that fact. The definition is gaining an unfair advantage. You stated before that THUD is "bending" the rules, when its very design is breaking them. Allowing you to see things the game designers clearly never intended is breaking the rules and the TOS. In this sense you are gaining an unfair advantage over the game design, map design, other players who don't use it. and the RNG aspects of the mob types, and rift/ GR. Utterly sad that anyone can keep a straight face trying to justify this crap 1 page in let alone 7.

    The "debate" part of this discussion is simply allowing cheaters to try and justify why they cheat, and why we should not care.
    So pure and simple for you, right? But when you actually stop and think about it, and when you realize that Blizz has been silently allowing TH for years, you come to conclusion that you only have 2 options:
    - use TH and keep up with the competition
    - do not use TH and stay behind watching all the good fun passing you by hoping that Blizz fixes that, but we all know they wont
    If this is still simple for you, it means you're not interested in rankings, but then again why are you here discussing the issue that doesnt concern you?
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    posted a message on Diablo III [Urban]Dictionary

    Alson prefere CHC and CHD for crits.

    Imho CC=Crowd Control and CD=CoolDown

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    posted a message on Season 4, 4 man comp

    Did they finally remove perma stun (TIKI) or not?

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