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    Quote from name="dub Lucifer" »
    -your teacher is somewhat of a moron for not knowing that.

    What are you talking about...His teacher is the one that said it was impossible, diablo fenatic is the moron.
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    Quote from "Magistrate" »
    You can't view your total reputation points

    That is where you are wrong Magi. :o

    If you click the reputation button on your own post it shall tell you how many you have.

    I have 12.....
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    :necro: .
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    Quote from "Tag" »
    Well, I rather have 100 gurls that never speak to me than 5-10 gurls that are good to me and known me for a long time. yeah Bow Chicka Bow Wow

    And Why would you want 100 random girls? maybe there fat ugly and have huge acne problems.
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