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    I have been pending the thought of getting the Diablo books for sometime now. But know one has given me any feedback on it.
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    Quote from name="Sol Invictus" »
    I'm pretty sure (well, I hope) that Blizzard has its creativity under its own reins. The last thing any of us want is for Activision's chief guy to decide, hey, let's make Starcraft for consoles. As a Starcraft fan, that would suck!

    That said, I can totally see Diablo 3 being made for consoles, since the game only needs to be played with one hand they could easily modify the 360's controller to support it. Having inventory items stackable and take up a single slot instead of the Tetris nonsense in previous games helps big time, too.

    The only thing that worries me about a Diablo 3 console game is the Battle.net support. Will Microsoft allow it or is everyone who plays it on the console gonna be forced onto XBox Live? It's crap compared to what Blizzard has in store.

    Seriously, I wouldn't mind seeing Diablo introduced to a whole new group of gamers. It only helps to expand its popularity. So long as some executive doesn't decide that sequels/expansions to Diablo for the PC don't need to be made for the PC anymore because they're "not as profitable" or because "the PC is dead!"

    Judging from what Blizzard's executives had to say, I'm pretty sure they'll never let that happen.

    I believe at one time the original Diablo was on console. You could only play offline, because of the fact it was a PS1 game.

    Also, most games that do go from PC to Console; have a bad taste. It's just not the same, I don't think I could ever play any of the Diablo games on a console. The feeling of the game would be off for me.
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    Well, I was watching "Attack of the Shows" and they said something about Blizzard and Activision where joining together and that they are working on a "possible" Diablo 3.

    So I went to google and searched for Diablo 3; the first thing that pops up is this site. Diablo3.com. So I decided to join and check out the community; see what was up basically.

    So I am here now, and I would like to say, Hello.
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